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[The Bstards MC PS4]


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Hey! Here's what The Bstards have been up to this week.

  • We're organising an "open to all" Bike Meet for next week. Spaces already filling up and we hope to turn the lobby RED with red-themed clothing and vehicles. Crew allegiances will be left at the door, although there may be some blood spilt afterwards with a post-meet TDM. Hit me up for details.


  • Like an angry mosquito we're always on the hunt for fresh new blood...
  • New members have been added to our support crew on both PS3 and PS4. All are striving to become a Prospect in the near future.
  • Newest prospect TiiMeP is well on his way to becoming a Bstard and has recently joined the Prospect crew, after showing he was Bstard material in a club record 24 hours!



  • We've also been paying close attention to some of the other crews out there...
    • Hell's Anals RPG Club - yes, they were a real thing at one point. Look out for these guys, if you see em, expect an RPG to come whizzing past your ears. Their aim is sh*te, but that's ok because they have explosives and bullet proof helmets.


  • "Sons" crews - there's a definite lack of creativity out there, with hundreds of Sons Of Anarchy style crews clogging up the Social club rosters. As one of the NPC's says: "you uncreative piece of sh*t!!". Come on lads, be original.



  • We remain Elysian's finest. Go down to Elysian Island in any Free Aim lobby and all you'll see is Bstards holding court :)





Thanks for taking the time to read this far ;) If you're still here and would like to join our drunken band of vagabonds and sharp shooters, let me know on here or PSN. If kik is your thing, you can find me on there as well.


see you online!


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Just to let you all know that the Bike Meet has been rescheduled and will now take place this Thursday May 12th at 22:30 GMT.

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Reminder for anyone interested in joining the Bike Meet tonight @ 22:30 BST


PM me for an invite to the lobby.






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I hope I don't break any forum rules by posting up some pictures of the bike meet last night. Thanks to all who joined. (We had The Damned; The Bstards; Ravana; Black Hills and Iron Breed. )


Interested in joining The Bstards? Get in touch. :)







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Platform: PS4

PSN: messidona704

Social Club ID: messidonaaa

GTA Online rank: 215

Country and Time zone: United States; Pacific Time Zone

GTA Experience: I know a lot, but there is probably still things I need to know.

Current or past experience with any other crews: Yes, a mafia

Tell us a little bit about yourself: Easy learner and I follow directions. I know a good deal about free aim, and I'll make a good addition to the crew.

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Bstards still recruiting.... and hosting bike meets / tdm's / general free aim supremacy ;-)



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Platform: ps4


PSN: Unanimous47


Social Club ID:Unanimous47


GTA Online rank: 501


Country and Time zone:US CST


GTA Experience: been around since launch of ps3

Current or past expierence with any other crews: Lead my own MC for over a year.. Work got crazy and I passed it off to my VP and he ran it into the ground


Tell us a little bit about yourself: I am looking for a club not only for myself but three other guys all over age 21. All over rank 200 2.0 k/d

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Platform: PS4


PSN: Shifty_Nifty


Social Club ID: Shifty-Nifty


GTA Online rank: 214


Country and Time zone: UK & GMT


GTA Experience: Playing Online Since Launch


Current or past experience with any other crews: No past experience with MC though I'm fond of the MC crew ways and a big bike fan.


Tell us a little bit about yourself: looking to play online with a crew and have fun

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Hey there


Just to let you guys know - we're open for recruitment. If you're not familiar with The Bstards - take a look at some of the posts in this thread - we're a well established MC with a lot of experience and a strong brotherhood.


If you're interested in being involved - get in touch here or on our twitter.


We're enjoying the new bikes at the moment. Gargoyle is my personal favourite:






see you online ...





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We're organising a Cliffhanger/Gargoyle run on PS4.

Want in?

DM us your PSN ID on twitter (or PM me directly in here)


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We never did have that Gargoyle meet. Maybe we'll have more interest now that DLC is on the way. Let us know if you're interested ( or want to join an original MC with lots of history!)

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Word on the street is that The Bstards have been recently been spotted hanging around Elysian Island... 


Free Aim Evangelists rejoice

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