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[WIP|III] CRIMINAL: Liberty City (Total Convertion)


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Oh guys, how the f*ck I missed the party? :p


Cleary the OP is a noob. OP, modpacks aren't allowed here. And our party guys ask what YOU did for this mod, except the other people's work. We need to see what YOU did. If you don't have anything, then cya topic. :p

Edited by darthvader20011
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Mod Author:
TheAsl99: - Claude HD + Claude Clothes - Retextured Peds - HD Effects (Data) - GTA IV Remastered Radios for GTA III - GTA IV Retextured Weapons - Realistic Data

You said you made an HD Claude. Now you're saying you didn't. Make up your mind.

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If all you did was change a skin, there is no way this will be enough to justify using so many other major mods in this 'mod'.

Edited by TJGM
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Ignore others opinion mate. :miranda: i'm really cant wait to download this :cookie::cookie::cookie:

Umm are you stupid? This is a modpack, and you can do this too by downloading GTAGarage mods.


My opinion? TJGM (or someone else) should lock the topic.

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are you sure? I also help with model


not as public in gtagarage, if I say as I'd appreciate it, I like your sarcasm

Edited by TheAsl99
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are you sure? I also help with model

So because you helped with a model that probably wasn't yours and made like three new skins, you think you can just upload a huge mod like III HD and a bunch of scripts that you didn't create and call it yours? Doesn't work like that, read the Modification Rules next time you want to make a 'mod'.


Thread locked.

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Looks like I was late to a GREAT party :(

Edited by Silent
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