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[IV] Extender 2008


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Hello all,

Releasing a mod called Extender 2008, a modification that "extends" gameplay abilities by allowing players to spawn a selection of vehicles, arm themselves with weapons, save vehicles, change vehicle colours, teleport, and more. Included with the modification are some basic security snap-ins to aid in prevention of lagging out of multiplayer sessions due to too many large vehicles.

This modification was written in light of more "causal" players who use modifications such as the Simple Native Trainer to spawn vehicles and make basic modifications to their vehicles, and more. Simple Native Trainer changes the server name to include the words "Simple Trainer", and while I agree it to be a step in the right direction by the developer, this usually results in abusive players joining such sessions and ruining the game. By contrast, this modification gives users more flexibility and instead, will only notify players of certain actions that may be considered unfair, such as giving weapons via a shortcut key during a multiplayer deathmatch. As a result, those who do not abuse the ability of having such modifications should not experience any issues whereas those that abuse the privilege, may be put in their place.

All files required to use the modification are included in the archive, along with the software documentation in PDF format, that has installation and removal instructions, information on how to use the modification, and a list of all shortcut keys and snap-ins.

This modification is designed to run as a standalone installation and is neither tested nor designed to function in parallel with other modifications. Support in not given in setups that fall outside of the boundaries as described in the documentation.

As a note, this modification is designed to run for Grand Theft Auto IV; the naming convention used for these modifications is to use the year of game's PC release (GTA IV: 2008).

Download Link: https://teamofweaponsandtactics.com/res/dir/misc/members/ClareXoBearrx3/software/Extender2008_Standard_1386.zip (Build 1386)
Screenshot: http://cloud-4.steamusercontent.com/ugc/26227254676547936/41FECA8A668FADC88B5BA9E608EBA75101691694/


- There was an unseen issue with the text at the top of the screen being squished/unreadable. I have fixed this issue and made numerous other optimizations in Build 1386 (link updated).
- For detailed updates, please see the included documentation.

· For credits, please refer to the included documentation.
· Feel free to report any found bugs or issues directly here and I'll address them as my schedule permits.


Edited by ClareXoBearrx3
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  • 5 months later...

Essentially, yes.


I don't support this anymore, however. I only support the updated 2008 R2.

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