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[REL|SA] The achievement System

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It was 26th october 2004 when legendary GTA San Andreas came out. Ten years have already passed ever since.

Rockstar Games have announced an updated GTA San Andreas for Xbox 360, which has an achievement system along with improved graphics.

I've found a list of these achievements on Rockstar site (excluding 11 secret ones). After a short while I've decided to create an achievement system for PC version

Modification includes next achievements (names are original):

* Getting Started - Watch the intro
* The End of the Line - Pass the final mission
* Represent - Get any tatoo
* A Legitimate Business - Get all vehicles to San Fierro docks
* Pay 'n' Spray - Visit pay 'n' spray
* Bike or Biker - pass BMX and motorbike challenges in LS and SF.
* Beat the Cock - Finish the triathlon in Red County.
* Metrosexual - Spend 6.969$ on clothes and tatoos.
* School's Out - Finish all school (driving, boat and flight schools)
* The American Dream - Buy a house.
* Horror of the Santa Maria - Sink.
* What the city Needs - Pass lackey mission in San Fierro
* Savior - Reach maximal level of policeman job.
* Rescue a Kitten Too? - Reach maximal level of firefighter job.
* Yes I Speak English - Deliver 50 passengers on a taxi job.
* Tricster - Complete 'Cesar Vialpando' mission.
* Time to Kill - See all the titles at the game's end.



96% of achievements are done. It is 98% like the original ones. There are two differences though:

* Old saves do work.
* You can see your achievements via L + 1,2,3 key combinations. Just pick any of your achievements and see its status.

WARNING! If you have completed all these achievements before you've installed the mod, they will be mentioned as completed in completion stats!!! I hugely suggest you to start a new game or get these achievements on a save which doesn't have them yet!


Author: andre500

Download Link: Download

Edited by andre500

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its so beautiful...


I... must... stalk you now....

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Interesting mod. I'll test it out in a bit.


EDIT: Works perfectly. :^:

Edited by theNGclan

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Why'd ya take PingPang's (Frank.s) profile picture, out of curiousity?


Anywho, interesting mod. I'll test it out in a bit.

But... Nigel is free for anyone to use in any form :p





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I would love testing it, but unfortunately the link is down. 

Could anyone possibly reupload this? Or, even better, tell me, if there is a similar mod, which has the here missing secret achievements implemented as well?

Any help would be much appreciated.

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