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Recommended Posts

Program is simple. It allows you to seek and change parameters of vehicles (and other entities), without restarting your game. Use hidden/unknown/forgotten vehicle parameters that never made it to Scripthook / Scripthookdotnet. Tweak multiple cars at the same time in real time, and make new variations of existing models. No need to edit game files! This script was made from scratch, after lot of research. Special thanks to HazardX and IV:MP crew.





Demo files


IV:MB Gearbox example


What it can do?


Read and write GTA IV vehicle memory addresses directly from Dot.net. At the moment, you can edit parameters of vehicles. Change position, size, suspension of any of your wheels (each wheel individually), mess with RPM, engine volume, make manual gearbox, change headlights intensity, customize indicators, change max number of passengers, etc. Pimp your ride, or find its limits!









Read before you use


Your game might freeze, malfunction or crash at untested memory offsets, so author can't take responsibility for any malfunctions. It works great with all EFLC cars, while certain car models, bikes, helicopters and boats might have different offsets. Always credit the author of mod, solution or hack that you intend to use in your projects. When you use MemBiter in your mods/videos, make sure to put link to this webpage. DON'T use this tool to make mods for $$$$! Don't re-upload with ads!


How to use it?


You just need to reference MemBiter.dll in your Visual Studio project, and you can start hacking! With few simple functions, and a valid Vehicle handle (or its memory address), you are good to go. Tell MemBiter where to search, and when it finds something, be a hero, change some values! There are many undiscovered offsets, so its up to you to explore your game beyond limits, and share your findings with the community. There will be more precise description, and list of offsets should be updated on this page regulary by the community.




Some vehicles have different parameters at certain offsets, even they share most of parameters. It is known that regular cars have different offsets than sport cars, bikes, helicopters or boats. In any case, use at your own risk.


If you are OK with this you will also need:









Edited by iriedreadlock23
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  • 2 weeks later...

Great release doc :beerhat:, How would I edit the mass of the vehicle though? nvm i thought you were using CVehicleInfo(http://www.gtamodding.com/wiki/Category:GTA_4)


Update 1.1

There is also new feature, that enables you to read/write parameters for other entities as well (peds/objects... ).

Does this mean I can edit peds DecisionMaker parameters?

Edited by AgentWD40
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You should be able to edit any parameter, as long as you pass the right address and offset to MemBiter. Regarding DecisionMaker, you might want to check PedIntelligence. It is located at:


CPed address + decimal offset (548 to 552)


Check more information about PedIntelligence at CIVPed.h

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  • 2 weeks later...

change max number of passengers

What would happen if you were to change that parameter while in an MP game? Would the other players be able to get into the extra seats (or not be able to get into the now limited seats)?

Edited by LetsPlayOrDy
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Mod is untested in Multiplayer. Unless its not against the rules, you would be able to achieve something like this. As you can see, all new peds are placed on vehicle's 0,0,0 position. To add new seat offset, we need to access CVehicleInfo. It would be great if someone would share CVehicleInfo memory address for EFLC.





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Its easy to install. Extract MemBiter to game folder, download mods to scripts folder, play...


IVMB Gearbox is a plug and play script mod that uses MemBiter.


Here is source code of other examples





Edited by iriedreadlock23
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  • 1 year later...

New version of IVMB Gearbox, comprehensive GTA IV manual transmission mod and handling editor, is available at GTA Garage. It's a tool for any racing game fan, for realtime editing and testing of more than 200 vehicle handling and physics paramters (otherwise unavailable in ScripthookDotNet and game scripts). Tweaking these parameters will make your GTA IV gameplay unique. Create smooth hydraulics animations for lowriders, or just boost your engine power by single key press.


Some of the new features include:


* Editing individual gear ratios (up to 8 gears)

* Editing handling.dat parameters without reloading game

* Editing wheel size/position, engine audio and other car parameters

* Adding custom animations (hydraulics, lights, signals...)

* Use multiple custom handling settings for one car (switch by a key press)

* Adding custom effects to exhaust



Edited by iriedreadlock23
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Eager to try this version, hopefully it won't throw exceptions :p


Do you have any plans to support 1:1 input mapping for DirectInput devices and add some kind of force feedback?

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Yes, ikt, its planned to add DirectInput devices configuration. Regarding exceptions you noticed, I was adding new handling editing features, so few previous versions were broken for some game versions. Currently i am finishing n new release with lots of improved code, and bug fixes, which is again compatible both with EFLC and IV, and will be out soon.


Driving with analog gamepads and wheels is gonna be way better in new version 1.2.1. Also, a small editor (standalone app) is gonna be included for easier tweaking and key mapping.

Edited by iriedreadlock23
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