San Andreas PS2 vehicles:   While working on ps2refl I noticed how bad the PC vehicle models looked with it. They have many errors in their reflection information so I converted the PS2 DFFs to PC files. Enjoy these much better models. EDIT: the old conversion was wrong as well. Finally you get correctly converted models:   Notes: - This package only contains the vehicles from vehicles.ide, no cutscene cars or upgrade parts - They should be used with SkyGfx (due to the dual pass I implemented, make sure you enable it for vehicles), otherwise you will have alpha problems (e.g. the hydra's glass will be invisible). - They are not straight conversions but I gave them the PC collision data so you can still use them with stencil shadows.   Vice City PS2 vehicles:   Load with 'CDIMAGE MODELS\VEHICLES_PS2.IMG' in default.dat or gta_vc.dat. The most noticeable difference are some different body textures(the admiral for instance) and stronger reflections. Use SkyGfx to get accurate PS2 reflections.   III, Vice City Xbox vehicles:   Exact 1:1 conversion of all vehicles and wheels: