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Special vehicles Garage on PS4


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Hi Guys


I have finish the story of GTA V on my PS4, but when i go to the garage and wants to get a special car in the garage i get this message.

"Special vehicles can be collected here. Visit Playstion Store to find new downloadable content"


Anyone who know the solution to this problem?

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Do you have the content required for special vehicles? There's a few in DLC, a few from returning player content and one from being a member of the Social Club.

The only dlc i have for ps4 is for the 500k for "preordering" the game :O

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The only dlc i have for ps4 is for the 500k for "preordering" the game :O

Can't remember if it was an update or DLC, but I was thinking about the additional racing variants they added of current cars.


I haven't actually played the enhanced version, so I coouuld be wrong...

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Sorry, I wasn't clear, plus it turns out what I said was a bit wrong anyway.


Basically, the special cars are specific bonus cars that you have to unlock one way or another. If your PS4 is connected to the internet and you've downloaded the latest patches, and there still aren't any, try linking your account to a social club account, as this grants you a special vehicle.

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Now i have connected GTA to my social club account, and now i only have 1 car in the garage and it is the Elegy RH8. But is still missing all the others special cars.


Do i need to complete all the ? missions to unlock the special cars? On my PS3 i only have to complete the story missions.

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All the special cars on the PS3 version were added in normal traffic to the enhanced version, so they're not counted as special cars.


The only special cars are the elegy that you have, cars gained through returning player content (I think), and cars added in future updates/DLC.

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okay, but it was nice to have the monster truck and all the other special cars in the garage. GTA for PS4 is really missing that part.

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Well, now that you've got a social club account and you've presumably played the prologue on PS3, you should have the returning player content. In that case, you can do the stock car races - if you do all of them, you get a (different) monster truck as a reward.

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  • 1 year later...

I can't access special vehicles on PS3 in Franklin garage (haven't tried others). I've read that Space Docker is gonna be there and since I lost it I wanna get it back via special vehicles.

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