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San Fierro Underground [Storyline]


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Storyline status: FINISHED!




San Fierro 1990. City of drugs,gang violence,cartels,mafia.Crime is all over the place. Thugs are using the situation to profit anyway they can. From small time pickpocketing to robbing entire bank convoys. Whole system is corrupt and city officials themselfs are using the situation to profit. Mayor force in city right now is Mexican drug lord Julio Cruz along with his corrupted officials that work for him. Cruz was dominating force in SF for few years and gained fortune smuggling. Right now new gangs are forming, each one trying to get a bite of the action. Local thugs Layne and Fred, who are friends since childhood are trying to profit robbing people on street. Their lives change after one unfortunate incident...






Layne Allen


Protagonist of the storyline. Small time thug. Born and raised in SF. Knew Fred since childhood. Cunning and fearless. Has no problem getting his hands dirty. His lack of experience and empathy for people are considered his weakness. Lover of Japanese bikes, and racing.

Fred Young


Is childhood friend of Layne. They went through lot together, saving each others lives couple of times. Fred is known hothead, incredible driver and lover of Japanise bikes, not a fan of guns, but if needed its not a problem for him. Fred has his fingers deep in life of SF. He gets information and along with Layne commits robberies.



Nikki met Layne during a race couple of years ago. They got close to each other and eventualy started dating. Their relationship was kinda strained lately,but their feelings never faded. Nikki is a motorcycle fanatic along with Layne and Fred. She used to work around bikes since young age and learned a lot about them. The currently works at a garage fixing cars and bikes alike which is owned by Michelle Meyers.

Julio Cruz


SF drug lord, controls almost entire smuggling and drug dealing operations in San Fierro. He gained wealth while he stayed in Mexico. There he organised his own drug cartel. Taking out his competetors he became the leading force in Mexico. Business was ripe for taking in USA so he moved to SF and gained powerful friends in city officials including Kenny Veron. He brought his brother Ricardo Cruz to SF who became respected police officer (Thanks to his brothers money and influence). Julio seeks to keep his business flowing while he manages it with hand of steel, while keeping city in chaos. Julio is merciless and cunning. Not afraid to get his hands dirty if needed, but he prefers to keep his hands clean. He is usualy calm minded but when pissed he becomes a deadly to everyone around him.Known to be paranoid.


Ricardo Cruz


He was born in Mexico five years after his brother Julio. Ricardo always looked for inspiration in his brother. Unlike his brother Ricardo was keen on making in life using brute force. He trained under lot of famous and respected trainers and fighters. Julio brought his brother with him to SF and offered him to join police ranks for Julios profit. Ricardo accepted without hesitation. He is excelent brawler almost best of the best. Not very bright, but obeys every order given by his brother.


Kenny Veron


Was born in midwest where he lived untill his early 20s. He became involved in politics. His job made him move to San Fierro in 1970s. At first he did everything to help the people of SF untill he realised that he achieved nothing. After nervous breakdown he had a change of heart. He reached for Julio and offered his a business deal. Currently Kenny is congressman for the city and in free time avid golf fan. Kenny is very inteligent and calm person. But his mind is full of evil plots and destruction.


Carl Ferret


Carl Ferret is a bankrupt businessman that owned the Brown Streak company. He bankruped after getting into dept to local dealers. In order to save the company he was fired and left forgotten,homeless and broke. Carl vowed revenge. He swore to himself to get back on feet and destroy his own employees. Carl is known to be psyhotic sometimes. Known liar and manipulator (Reason he made it big in first place). Besides he is a coward (Sole reason he didn't betray Layne in first place. He was afraid of getting murdured).


Cheng Fu


Cheng is the leader of SF Triads. Just like most criminals Cheng is fearless and little nuts. He leads his gang in path of gambling as a way of making cash. Although he doesn't mess with Mexicans Cheng isn't afraid to mess with them. Since Layne lives in his territory (Chinatown) Cheng is fully aware of Laynes exploits and moves. He later on indirectly bribes Layne to help him fight for his side.





Gun expert.She is old friend with Layne. Janice would often take Layne on shooting ranges and teach him to use all sorts of guns. She works as a repair person for firearms and in freetime experiments with firearms trying to make her own weapon to sell to army.

Chief Tayler


Chief Joseph Tayler is current hightest ranking cop in SFPD. He is a honest, kind and brave person. He has been doing his job successfuly for over 10 years. Tayler is a thorn in Ricardo Cruz's side. Ricardo cannot uphold his promise to his brother without removing Tayler from his position.

Officer Knight


Officer Knight is a veteran in the SFPD. He joined around 20 years ago. He was openly against Ricardo joining the SFPD since it was obvious that Ricardo is a mindless brute. He isn't afraid to say what he thinks.


Mexican cartel:


Lead by Julio Cruz. Current HQ in San Fierro. Most powerful and influential organiastion on west coast. Controls 80% of drug trafficking that passes through San Fierro. Mexican cartel was created from lot of separated organisation in Mexico. Even though that its called 'Mexican' it had lot of members that aren't Mexicans, some even never been there themselfs. Julio Cruz made Mexican cartel after rising in power in one previous organisation. He killed his own boss and named himself boss of the organisation renaming it Mexican cartel. He fought all competition destroying them anyway possible. With every destroyed organisation Julio got more recruits. He build his power on fear. After few years Mexican cartel was most powerful organisation in Mexico and controled whole state not just the drug flow. After business started to dry up Julio decided to relocate the cartel to San Fierro which was paradise for drug dealers. Five years before the storyline takes place Julio arrived and took over the town with force. Thanks to cartel city is under high crime rate and goverement is helpless when it comes with dealing with the situation. In year 1990 power of the cartel is starting to diminish and lot of smaller gangs are trying to get a piece of action.


Local Thugs:


Local thugs is name for lot of smaller organisations operating in San Fierro. They are all small time. Making cash dealing on streets and stealing. They also like to trade arms time to time. Local thugs are not problematic party while they operate individualy, but could become a giant force if they somehow united.





Bikers are a state big organisation. But they don't answer to one leader. Each part of the organisation has its own leader and its own way of earning cash. They are mostly thiefs and dealers. They love old school bikes and shutguns. Bikers are known to be very violent when someone messes with their bussines.


Russian Mob:


Russians are don't have any real presence in San Fierro. they mostly smuggle arms from Russia and sell them in USA. Their main area of pressence is Los Santos where they are mayor force. In San Fierro they send squads sometimes to deal guns to local thugs. They mostly mind their own bussines. They aren't intrested in San Fierro drug trade.




Triads have been around for a long time. Hanging out in Chinatown these street thugs can be serious problem. They make their money owning betting shops and lottery games. They mostly stay out of SF drug scene and don't interfere with Mexicans since Julio doesn't have intrest in gambling bussines. Not yet that is.



All chapters together ready for downloading: http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/35871


Chapter 1: Street Kids: http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/35293

1. Ripoff

2. Money for nothing

3. Trouble

4. Mr.Cruz

5. Take it easy

6. Thing we love the most

7. Repossesion

8. Don't mind me

Chapter 2: Go with the flow: http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/35447

1. Intro/What's next?

2. Sea Food

3. Our turf!

4. Not while I draw breath

5. Typical brutish

6.​ Truck stop

7. Guilty if I say so

8. Expanding

9. Help us,help yourself

10. We mean business

Chapter 3: Money: http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/35770

1. Intro

2. Fallen Businessman

3. Piece of cake

4. Closing the deal

5. Ride on the wild side

6. Just visiting

7. They all fall down

8. Message for an old friend

9. Ripe for taking

Chapter 4: Breaking the ties: http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/35870

1. Intro

2. Ending the contract

3. Lost hope

4. Rampage

5. Serious firepower

6. For our lost ones...

7. Outro

Progress (More detailed)


-My current pace of making missions is 1 mission at a day.

-I have rough sketch how storyline is gonna progress and whats gonna happen. Its not decided 100% yet.

-Ending of the story is decided and I can proudly say I'm VERY happy how it should look.

-If this storyline lives up to my expectations I might even do more storylines that connect to this one and its characters (Think about it like 3D GTA era characters. Not HD. Not yet!)

-I've been around for a long time. I used the name Nyhhichi. Not realy active, but some of you might remember.

-Stoyline is gonna contain 4 chapters around 7-10 missions each.

- As of 14.1.2015 I might have to slow down my development proces due to preoccupation with other things in my life that matter more to me than DYOM. Missions are gonna come no worries. It only might take a little longer to make them. Expect Chapter 3 to be finished and uploaded before end of January. I'll try to stick to 1 mission per day rule as much as possible.

-24.1.2015 Today I start working on the last chapter of this storyline. Its gonna be grand, its gonna be epic. I just hope I don't get lost in the mess :lol:.

-25.1.2015 2 missions are finished and ready (Intro and first one). Today I spend lot of time making the longest objective wise mission (yet). And after 75 objectives I'm proud to say it works as intended and it didn't crash a single time. The ending chapter is gonna be epic

-29.1.2015 Unofficial (playable) last mission is created and only outro for the series remaining. This is it! Tomorow(30.1) last mission is gonna be created. I will test missions and storyline myself to be sure that there are no fatal crashes. After that upload follows.

-30.1.2015 ITS DONE! All is done. I just need to test them one last time and Its gonna be uploaded. I will also make a arhive with all storylines together for easier downloading. Expect that to be up sooooon.

Final Words:


I want to thank everyone that has visited, played, rated, commented on my work. Feedback is appreciated highly.


Thank you once again, and have fun :)



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I somehow love it, watching from the trailer, thats clean and cool, i am going to play it and give you feedback soon.

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Juice the Joos

This looks awesome! Especially the trailer. I will play this, I don't exactly know when, but I will.

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Well... i feel interested after saw the trailer, might be worth if i play these but soon, so good luck with your first storyline :^:

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Next part of the storyline is live

Chapter 2: Go with the flow can be found at DYOM site. Link can also be found on this post

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Progress is going well. Right now missions that are coming are more complicated that those in other chapters, so it takes more to make them.


Also I wanted to share a pic from the mission I was working on today. Enjoy!




Edited by Nyhhichi
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Chapter 3: Money is live and ready for downloading!

Link to the storyline can be found on this post or dyom website.

Give it a shot, play,rate,give feedback.

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Chapter 4: Breaking the ties is live!

This is the last chapter of the storyline!

You can find all chapters together at this link http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/35871

I finaly finished my first storyline! I wanna thank everyone that played and provided constructive feedback (No one yet. Shame on you! :) )


I will probably come back again with new story, but first I'm gonna take a little break and in freetime work on new project. Love ya guys.


Big love...Aflien(Nyhhichi)

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