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(Sort of) Faked AO for vehicle mods in GTAIV using Zmod2


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Ok, I've figured out that you can use the prelit colors tool in Zmod to correct the specular problem that

GTAV vehicles (or other vehicles) converted to IV/EFLC have, and works well enough to simulate the faked AO

that R* used on IV/EFLC cars.


-Make sure all the L0 meshes are visible except windows and lights (they don't need shading and they mess up

the shading of the other meshes anyway). Also, extras that sit on top of other parts (like hood scoops and

rear spoilers) should be done separately. Shading on a trunk due to a spoiler is ugly when the spoiler isn't

on it.


-Go through the vertex properties of all the meshes you want to apply the shading on and make sure the

"normals" box is unchecked and "diffuse color" box is checked.


-Select all of the meshes and turn selected mode on.


-In the tools panel go to Surface>Paint make sure it's settings are as follows:

Pressure: 50, Soft Shape: checked, Alpha Only: unchecked.


-Now go to Surface>Paint>Prelit Color. Change the settings to as follows:

Force Colors: off, Brightness Only: on, Detect Shadows: on, Strength: 50


-Go over to the "top" viewport and click anywhere.


NOTE: Once the process completes, you might get an error saying a mesh (or meshes) has no normals and that

the tool wasn't applied to it. If it's a mesh you wanted shaded, click the undo button, go to the meshes'

vertex properties and uncheck the normals box, then reapply the Prelit Color tool again. If it's not a mesh

you wanted shaded, just ignore the error message and continue on to the next step.


-Once the shading process is complete, switch to vertex mode and select all of the vertices of every mesh

that was just shaded.


-Go to Surface>Paint>Color and click the box to the right of it to open it's color menu. Select a near-pure

white color (around 250,250,250 is a good starting point)


-Click the "Fill Selection" button once. ONLY ONCE! More than one will pretty much wipe out everything done

before this step.


-Switch back to objects mode and go back thru each meshes vertex properties and check the "normals" box

(leave the "diffuse color" box checked).


-Repeat the process on the L1 meshes (if you're using them).


This isn't a perfect process by any means. It's not exactly what R* did, but it gives decent results in my

opinion. I do suggest saving the scene (with a different name) before applying the white color in case it's

too light or dark for your tastes. If the white used isn't to your liking, open the other scene and apply a

lighter or darker shade of white to try.


This also works on parts like wheels, just make sure the wheel is the only part visible and do the Prelit

Colors from the view that faces the front of the wheel.


As an example of how it looks, here's a pic of GTAV's 9F Cabrio (converted to IV by Cromchen) that served as

my guinea pig for testing the process. Turned out decently, I think. Sorry, no "before" pics. My internet is

too slow to upload pics at the moment.



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  • 8 months later...

I don't understand why no one replied to this. It's a good point because I like it when a modded car fits in the game but each car mod has a different look.

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  • 3 weeks later...

And I assume that the vertex paint tool in 3DS Max should do the trick as well, yes?


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  • 2 months later...

Wow, forgot this was here. Actually, Max has much more powerful and accurate tools that do a much better job than my half-a$$ed process. Google "bake vertex color AO".

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