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Edge of High Life [Mission series]


Recommended Posts


@Revolver1 - No problem, man. I'm here to clear things up about the missions, everyone is entitled to questions :) About the multi approach missions. I thought about it and I gave up on it because at some missions, the route points were bugged unfortunately. For example, ''Spinning merchandise'' mission. I tried to do exactly what you described. I set the route points for your team to go ahead and start firing and I left the player up on the hill to decide whether or not he wants to have a close-combat attack or a sniping mission. Unfortunately, when I tested the mission, the allies didn't want to move at all. The only way to make them moving was by ''Follow player'' function which kinda sucked, but..


@SatournFan - Yeah, well.. As I said, it's not really my style and while maybe they do look similar, they are still different people with obvious differences in skin appearance.

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Bugs on 2nd Mission, When i left the car to ring the doorbell, the mission fails... maybe you should change the objective to "get in the car" instead of adding checkpoint in the car and making the car 'Must Survive'? But overall, It's All AWSOME! :^: :cool:

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  • 2 weeks later...

I just found time to play this mission pack and I seriously enjoyed. I haven't played such a good mission in a long time. Keep up with the excellent work! :cookie:

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  • 3 months later...

Jimmy, I played EOHL and can says this MP is the craziest before The Runaway (the god of mp) GOOD JOB!!! 9.5/10


#almost cry when Thomas died


( We little bit sad The runaway 2 were not coming )

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Light Syde Riandy

Jimmy, I played EOHL and can says this MP is the craziest before The Runaway (the god of mp) GOOD JOB!!! 9.5/10


#almost cry when Thomas died


( We little bit sad The runaway 2 were not coming )

Why you didn't put what you said about thomas in spoiler since it is the most surprising moment in this MP?

And nice bump

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Jimmy, I played EOHL and can says this MP is the craziest before The Runaway (the god of mp) GOOD JOB!!! 9.5/10


#almost cry when Thomas died


( We little bit sad The runaway 2 were not coming )

Why you didn't put what you said about thomas in spoiler since it is the most surprising moment in this MP?

And nice bump


I don't know..



Edited by Khausar_Shahrizal
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Hey, Khausar, thanks a lot on your feedback and support. I'm glad you liked the mission pack :)

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Wow, I wasn't here for ages (literally). I was surprised to see you still making DYOM MPs :). I feel to play it right now.

Edited by Moryachok
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Light Syde Riandy

I can't see why this topic still need to going on, there's nothing need to be discussed since this MP is finished.

Edited by Rendy Specter(Riandy)
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@Moryachok - Thanks a lot, man. I appreciate your interest in playing this. Cheers :)

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  • 7 months later...
  • 4 months later...

Thank you, my friend. I will surely be looking forward to next parts of the walkthrough. Thanks for taking this mission pack as a walkthrough series :)

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That was fast, man. Didn't expect to see the next part today :D Thanks, looking forward for the next part :)

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Light Syde Riandy

I just want to say sorry that this MP is still far from 10/10, here's why:




- Even though I was bored during the first three chapters, the fourth chapter onward is what keeping me playing this MP until finish back in a year ago. Thanks to extended gameplay values.
- As always you placed the camera perfectly. Close to face, camera goes back to previous position after few cutscenes, everything...
- Very good story progressions.
- This MP offers some missions that are satisfying to beat due to each of their own difficulties.


- I maybe wrong about this, but in some missions you accidentally left some typos. Have you ever proofread your missions before you uploaded them?
- I just can't seem to pass "Federal Concerns" no matter what. The escape part especially. You should have just keep the guards patroling in their same spots instead of adding some new guards who are like 98% ready to kills you in an instant for every time I'm trying to cross the same path to escape as I enter the FBI room before. I haven't even for once create a mission that I can only pass for only once in my life because someday I like to replay those missions again just to bring back my memories with them.




Edited by Light Syde Riandy
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  • 2 weeks later...

I have been checking some of your mission topics today and i've found out that i owe you a few feedbacks (from which 1 of them i have already promised you). It's just for some strange reason, i'm pretty sure that i've played all of the Swiping Kings series, especially Swiping Kings: The Race Continues, but there is no feedback on it's topic. Since it was a long time ago, i will have to replay the missions and finally post the feedback (should be done soon). Wondering why i'm posting on this topic? Well, because the next thing will be this MP. I remember this being released in the time i was inactive so i didn't really pay attention to this one. I've played a lot of missions from this MP as far as i remember, but i don't remember finishing it. That's why, it took me this while to finally finish it today. Yes, i have played the last two chapters today to finally complete this MP and be able to give your the feedback as i've officially played all the 8 chapters.


From what i've seen, this is your longest MP (not counting the most recent release, The Invisible System). And is probably the most ''atmospheric'' MP of yours that i've played. For some reason, it gave that vibe which i firstly experienced while playing San Andreas for the first time. I can't really describe it. Regarding the story, this is probably the most in-depth MP that i've played of yours. Although the story progression is phenomenal and the MP contained more intense gameplay than your usual MPs, i felt that something is lacking in this MP. I didn't know what exactly, but i've always felt ''this could be added there and/or this could be done the other way around.'' So after reaching the first few chapters, i lost the vibe that i experienced in the early missions, and this more or less became a ''Jimmy Leppard's typical MP'' to me (not like it's bad or something, just saying). The biggest difference between this and your previous MPs (apart from the stuff that i've already mentioned) is difficulty and intense gameplay. There are some of the mission that i just didn't expect to go that way. Turnovers were great! Since most of your MP's are mostly story-focused, this one was great for a change (even thought there is still more % of story than gameplay, you can clearly see the difference). Gameplay is really good, especially in the later chapters!


Overall, this MP does it's justice and it's still hard-in-your-style or how should i put it. Anyway, despite there being more pros than cons, i will give you 9/10 this time. I know it's low compared to the other ratings that i gave you for previous MPs, but this is how i honestly feel about this one. Still, this is a very high rating, isn't it?


And as i've already said, even thought i have played the Swiping Kings: The Race Continues, i (possibly) forgot to give you feedback, so i will have to replay at least few of the missions to remember the whole thing (since it was a really long time ago) so i will be able to give you feedback.


And last but not least, The Invisible System. I'm very well aware that this is the latest release and i haven't touched it yet. I will leave this one for the end (after Swiping Kings: The Race Continues feedback). It may take a little while longer to give you all the feedbacks since i have other stuff to do in life, but i will try to get it all settled before the release of The Quarantine Zone.


Once again, sorry for late feedbacks, but like they say

, right?
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Wow. This really surprised me in a very good way. It means a lot to see you wanting to ''settle the scores'' from earlier, even if it's been a year or longer (Swiping Kings). Thanks, man. :)


I love the detailed explanation you gave in this one. What you might find interesting is that I understand what you mean completely and I agree. Even though I'm satisfied with the way it turned out and even though I did everything I wanted to do with it, there were a few times a few months ago where I had looked back and saw some points in the early chapters where I could've gone more in-depth or even in a completely different direction. One of the things that really stayed like a sore point with this is that I maybe killed Dwayne a bit too soon, at least I think so. There are a few more things like that, but yes, I absolutely agree. But then again, my satisfaction with the way it turned out was justified once this won the award for the mission pack of the year. I'm really proud of that, more so than with ''The Runaway'' to be honest. But that's just me.


As for the gameplay, you're correct about that too. Once I started writing the script for this one, I wanted to make it more ''GTA'' style, more gameplay, more characters and use the plot itself to tell the story between the characters, but through gameplay aswell. And I'm really happy I managed to do it well as people were satisfied with it, you included now when I read your comment. I respect every designer here, you aswell obviously, so it feels good you recognized my effort in that too :)


Yes, it is my longest mission pack, but like I said, I wanted ot make it more ''GTA'' style and with that and more characters comes more chapters. The Invisible System is long cause of the points of view since you're playing two mission packs in one there as the points of view are different, but they overlap in some missions. Without the points of view, it's nowhere near the length of ''Edge of High Life''.


As for the rating, I really appreciate it. 9/10 means near a perfect score and it's really humbling to get a rating like that from a respected designer like yourself. You said you enjoyed it, that's what matters to me :)


Song kicks ass by the way.


Cheers man, looking forward to reading other feedbacks. :D


By the way, since you said you will play ''The Invisible System'' soon too, I will just warn you to read the first post in the official topic as the chronological way of playing the missions there is the most important thing.

Edited by Jimmy_Leppard
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  • 9 months later...
On 1/1/2015 at 10:27 AM, Jimmy_Leppard said:
Chapter 1: Home coming
1.) Introduction -
2.) Familiar detour -
3.) Tailgate -
4.) Eager trigger -
5.) Better safe than sorry
6.) The lineup -
7.) Hold up
8.) Modern role model -
Chapter 2: Awakening the team
1.) Nostalgic mindset
2.) Back to business
3.) Honesty -
4.) Scoring champ -
5.) Package deals -
6.) Setting the ground
7.) First takeout
8.) Liability

I hope you don't mind me giving you feedback on a mission pack 5 years after its release. It's amazing how solid your writing
is! The way you write characters and plots makes the MP feel like a TV series. I can see that you are one of the people that
influenced the way everyone makes missions in this forum. 
Now for the feedback part. I'm sorry because it's kinda messy. Pretty new to the community and the whole review thing, but I'm
trying to improve. The review gonna be about chapters 1 and 2 since that's how far I went so far. So here goes:

(+)Some of my favourite moments were when Dwayne blew up frankie's house and the little stealth mission with Thomas searching for
the keys. What I like about the Dwayne scene is how he goes:" See this house with the balcony? it will disappear now". Also, I
thought it was just gonna be a gta-styled side-quest mission that's not so relevant to the main plot. but the fact this mission
was used to introduce one of the main antagonists -if not THE main- of the MP, it blew me away! 
The little stealth mission is where I get biased. As I'm a big fan of stealth. So, really enjoyed it. 

(+)The little romance suprisingly works! The interactions between characters, in this case, Scott and Tanya, showcase your skills
in writing dialogue very well. Just as expected from a very experienced OG DYOMer like you! Generally every character is
distinctive enough in their chosen words. Most of the time I didn't need to look at the names in the dialogue to know who says

(+)While the premise is simple. The story is well written and the flow of events was engaging most of the time. It's gotta be hard to make such an expanded story like this without getting carried away with subplots and filler material. But you did managed to find the balance. 

(+)Thomas's character is so great. He's funny, he's bold, he always gets himself into trouble, and he's a bit naive. And the skin
chosen for him encapsulates that perfectly! It's always entertaining to see him interact with Scott. As for other characters, nothing stood out to me in them yet. Scott is good enough as a protagonist but nothing special about him that I know of yet. Other characters are not explored that much yet. Especially Billy, but it's understandable as he just recently got back on the team.

+Great use of animations! Apart from the overused talk animations, other animathions were used so well. I recall one scene where Thomas sarcastically says something like " I'm And the cutscenes, while not so dynamic, the angles used in them are well put.

-Alot of driving: Granted, It gave the feeling of familiarity to the Mission pack. After a couple of missions you can almost
drive to Thomas and Nate's houses without looking at the map. And Los Santos eventually feels like home. It does become kinda
annoying though. I'm not a fan of driving so this opinion may be subjective. But Some difficult missions were already hard to
deal with and the long, silent driving sessions weren't helping. Also, the 6th or 7th mission in chapter 2 had me driving from
Thomas's house to Nate's far house 2 times, man! Com'on!

-Some exhaustingly difficult missions: The 1st mission in chapter 2, alot of high health, no headshot, and extremely accurate
enemies with little to no cover and one helpless ally (Dwayne). Seems the trick is to blow the cars near them? but I couldn't
get to their gas tanks without being spotted by them and getting rekt. Again the issue of the driving section kicks in here. I
honestly had to skip this mission because it seemed impossible to finish. 

-The 2nd mission of chapter 2. Breaking Billy out was way too easy than anticipated. And it boils down to 2 reasons IMO:
 Firstly, The team said they needed Dwayne for the plan, and then they complained that he didn't show up, which implies that the
plan  will be alot harder to excute now that one of it's elements is missing. Yet when actually excuting the plan it felt like
that dwayne wasn't needed at all, and the plan went so smoothly. 
Secondly, since the mission is to break free an old friend and an important member, it could've been a bit more climatic than
that. Especially since it was being built-up to for like 3 missions earlier. Other than that Billy is a very interesting
addition to the cast and the ending of the mission with Garry threatning Scott and Thomas was chilling! 


Well, I'll definately continue playing on this MP. But I'm not sure if you're ready to read paragraphs after paragraphs of words about your old projects. Also I probably won't say anything new that hasn't already been said before. So let me know if you're interested in more feedback. :)

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Holy crap! This mission pack was awesome! I first played it last year but I never got to finish it, I simply stopped at Episode 5 and for whatever reason I didn't play anymore (not because I was bored out, I just stopped playing GTA SA suddenly) and 2 or 3 days ago I remembered about this and decided to play it all over again. I loved it here's my review, it contains SPOILERS, just warning, so here it goes:


Story: The story was very good and well written and in my opinion it's the strongest point of this MP. I loved the characters, protagonists or antogonists, my favorite antagonist in particular was Conrad Turner, he's focused, mysterious and pretty funny I have to say. Honestly, I think he's smarter than Garry. Garry has eyes all around the city and could have put them on watch for anything or anyone unusual and keep track of them, then send an army to them but he just decides to send two guys to kill five (except at the 4th mission of Chapter 8 :().


I also liked how tension builds up every mission and how certain stuff happened suddenly, like, when I first played it I never expected the plot to get that deep. Around the time I first played this MP I was pretty new to DYOM and I thought this was just about some robbers or whatever but suddenly bigger guys step into the picture and unexpected stuff begins to happen.


Missions: I also enjoyed the missions but I just think some of them weren't necessary at all, like the Package Deals and FBI building one, it didn't make much sense to me how Thomas just went inside the FBI building without being seen the moment he's inside. Sure, Nate disabled the cameras but inside would be swarmed with FBI employees and they would've seen him the moment Thomas went inside. It also got boring sometimes you had to drive to a place faaaar away then have a cutscene in there, a little shootout and have to go aaaaaaaaaaaall your way back home and it just ends there. Sure, I understand how you wanted players to have freedom like you mentioned in an earlier post but I just thought that rather than having to go drive all the way back home from far away then just having a "to be continued" or something unimportant (like characters just saying two words and ending), the mission could have just ended there. But I understand what you were trying to do there, so I don't have a problem with it, sometimes I enjoyed driving and sometimes not to be honest, but I liked them. Episode 8 was my favorite by far because it was just straight to the point rather than keep driving to have characters talk, when a cutscene could have been used instead, where you did that! :)


Conclusion: It was a nice experience playing this mod, sure there are it's cons like I mentioned, where a cutscene could have been used instead but excluding these, or some moments characters were kind of dumb, like, Thomas could have just told the car dealer (forgot his name :/) and persuade him that he wasn't joking to possibly prevent a tragedy rather than "oh you don't believe it then ok lol" and how the take team didn't even checked if Conrad actually died at all, knowing he faked his death before he could (and actually did) do it again, they could have gone back and simply leave a bullet in him to make sure, but no, let's just leave him there, he will die for sure lol. Even though, it was an awesome MP and I really enjoyed playing it, especially for the intriguing story. So my rating to the MP is 9.7/10. I also see that you done other missions packs so I'll definitely try them out, and thanks for an awesome MP!

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@Aymunz Hey man! Thank you on a very comprehensive and detailed review of the first two chapters! By the way, your review style is awesome. It seems like you've been doing it for years, so no worries there! :colgate:


I don't mind the review at all! Of course you're free to post your review of every chapter if you want or just post one big review after you finish the whole mission pack. Every person here has their own way/style of giving feedbacks and I'm ok with all of them. Whatever suits you best! :colgate: I'm very happy that you like the mission pack so far! I tried to do a real GTA style mission pack, so that's why it has 8 chapters. If you like the mission pack so far, then hopefully you will like the rest even more because the first 3 chapters are slower paced than the rest of the mission pack. :colgate:


Now, to address your (+) sides of the mission pack - What makes me really happy is that you're able to grasp the subtle things! That tells me you're very invested in the mission pack and that's exactly what I'm always hoping with each of my projects. Thomas surely is a fan favorite. It's my favorite character of this mission pack as well. I had a lot of fun creating it and putting myself into his shoes to decide where to go next! I'm glad you like the supporting pieces of the mission pack (use of animations and dialogues). I always put a lot of work into those things, so I'm always happy to see that it paid off!


As for your (-) sides of the mission pack - Yes, I absolutely agree. Every time @leoncj and @AznKei do the video playthroughs, I use that time to also evaluate what I could've done better when it comes to the technical terms. The whole idea behind this mission pack, like I mentioned already, was to make it a GTA style mission pack and so that's pretty much the only reason why some totally unnecessary driving sequences were added to the missions. For example, in the real GTA game, you have to drive to the markers to start the missions, so driving during the beginning of certain missions here emulates that. It's like, the mission doesn't really ''start'' until you reach Nate's place for example because in a real GTA game, that would be like ''Nate's mission'', you know? But all in all, yeah, I went overboard in a few places :colgate:


When it comes to the really hard missions, I think I explained that in one of my earlier replies here - basically I wanted to break the momentum here and there every once in a while. I felt like having one extremely hard mission after a few easy/medium ones was a fair game. But I'm aware that not everyone likes that type of stuff and that's fair too (you can use cheats if in those cases, nobody's gonna know :colgate: )


And lastly, I know exactly which mission you're referring to and that mission gave me a hard time, man. It kept crashing at a certain point (before the sniping part) and I had to ''adjust'' several times, it became a nightmare to finish, so I had to ''improvise'' a little bit. Basically, the original plan with Dwayne was supposed to be to have Dwayne drive the big truck to the garage to block the building's view of the van and then driving off immediately after Thomas had hijacked the van with Billy in it. However, due to Dwayne not showing up, they had to leave the truck there, which could've been a problem (fingerprints), but let's imagine that Thomas had gloves on. The mission itself wasn't harder to execute due to Dwayne being out of the picture, but it was ''harder'' for Thomas since he had to do Dwayne's part (driving the truck to the garage) and his part (hijacking the van). The mission was also supposed to have a short police escort chase scene after the van got hijacked, but the problem was it kept crashing, so I had to ditch it entirely.


All in all, I'm very much looking forward to your feedback upcoming feedback(s?) and I hope you have just as much (and more) fun playing the rest of the mission pack! Cheers :colgate:



@zBadBooyBR Hey, thank you for your detailed review as well! I know the feeling. GTA San Andreas has a hot/cold streak with me too. I'm glad you got to finish the mission pack after all :colgate: I'm really happy that you liked the characters and the story! I also think you're the first person who liked Conrad the most, that's cool! :colgate: Conrad does have more experience in the ''dogfight'' kind of way of life on the streets as oppose to Garry, that's for sure. Garry is more of a ''Don Corleone'' type of a guy in my mind. Conrad is more ''hands on'' type because he was a gang member himself at one point.  Also, yes, I really used the first 3 chapters just for build up and to set up the rest of the mission pack.


To the ''Missions'' portion of your review - I'm kinda sad that you didn't like the Package deals mission, but it's preferential, of course, so it's okay. I like to experiment with stuff like that sometimes and I wanted to try to make a stealth mission even though GTA San Andreas mechanics don't really enable the stealth part to be as polished as I would've liked, but I was satisfied with the way it turned out. I agree, the mission wasn't really necessary for the story, but like I said, I like to experiment sometimes, so that was more for fun and variety rather than simply serving the plot. Ah yes, the ''Federal concern'' mission - the least favorite mission of this mission pack to almost everyone. I absolutely agree that I went way overboard with that. I got carried away. The level of difficulty on that is ridiculous. I even failed the mission several times during testing because you have to time it and it's just… eh. It was also a stealth experiment and… yeah. It's a black sheep of this mission pack, for sure. :colgate: I covered the driving part in my reply to Aymunz, so no need to do it again. I agree with your point, that's all there needs to be said about it.


To the ''Conclusion'' portion of your review - That was funny to read. It showed me that you're also very invested into the mission and that's really what any designer can hope for when working on a mission pack. Thank you for that. As far as the mistakes that Thomas and the gang make during the mission pack, well, they're humans just like me and you. And we often times make rush decisions, wrong choices etc., but also it depends on the person and situation. For example, you mentioned the Conrad situation where the gang should've killed him. Yes, exactly! But they didn't because the warehouse was on fire and they had to cope with the fact that they may get blown up if they don't get out ASAP, so the ''survival instinct'' prevailed, plus they thought the explosion would be big enough to kill everyone inside, including Conrad. They were wrong and that's the beauty of it! I don't really want my characters to be right all the time and make al the right choices. It's not fun that way. But, to be fair to them, try putting yourself into their shoes. If you were in a burning warehouse which was about to explode, would you have risked staying in there any longer than you had to just to kill someone who could get blown up anyway? Think about it. :colgate:


I think this was my longest reply ever! It was very fun reading your reviews, guys. Thank you very much! Feel free to play my other mission packs as well and give feedbacks if you want! Cheers!

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27 minutes ago, Martin_Strada said:

It's awesome how people still care about this awesome mission pack.

I know, it's crazy. I'm really grateful for it. It's been years since anyone has posted anything in this topic and then to see two new comments within hours of each other, I was really surprised. :colgate:

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