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GTA Confessions.

Recommended Posts

I play GTA 5 even though I secretly loathe it...


I'm passing LCS and VCS for the billionth time...


I think Trevor is kinda handsome...


I hate GTAO simply because it's just a bunch of stupid kids playing it...


Rockstar dissapointed me for the first time ever with GTA 5...

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- I have almost every GTA on PC, but IV doesn't like to work. I built my computer to run GTA IV..


- I still play San Andreas on the 360 regularly. I still find the game is still fun to pick up whenever and just go, whereas the newer games it takes a little more push for me to play.


- Although I loved the 3D Universe, and I personally think it had more character, the HD Universe was necessary because we needed a newer update and a fresh cast.


- I HATE, DO NOT LIKE, and LOATHE GTA V's storyline. It was the only time playing through a GTA game where I actually didn't want to progress in the game. I felt like the more work you would put in, the more your characters would get f*cked over to the point where you can't even f*cking go into Los Santos. While I understand why in the story, it just annoyed me.


- I felt like III's atmosphere and detail just isn't present in the other 3D Universes. Yes, Vice City's atmosphere was impeccable and you very well felt like you were in the 80's, but III just felt like a grimey, dirty, and filthy Criminal Underground movie.


- I did not like IV for a real long time. I played the absolute sh*t out of it, and got tired of it. For the longest time, it pissed me off and I didn't like the storyline. I then played it over again a few years back and i'm back to loving it again. Even if the ending cutscene pissed me the f*ck off. I still remember to this day finishing the final cutscene and then just going back to Niko. Not unlocking anything, no weapons at the house, no armor or anything. After a few minutes and realizing that I got nothing, I got up, put my controller down, and said "this is f*cking bullsh*t."

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- I still play GTA IV after all this years and I have fun modding the hell out of it


- I fell in love with IV's Perennial


- I only like VC for the soundtrack


- I think Niko is the best protag based on its personality, but Claude is the best based on its appearance


- I always cheat on 3D era GTA


- I have no favorite radio stations in IV, basically, I only like a few songs from the stations, but not as a whole stations


- I think the most beautiful GTA female character based on the artwork is Joni from TBOGT, but from in-game appearence the winner is Molly Schultz

Edited by bundi2408
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- I always defend almost any GTA when someone says sh*t about it and says games that i hate is better (i sound like a fanboy on this one)

- Saying the modern pop is crap (yes it's really crap) and then listen to nonstopop FM in GTA V on Next gen a lot.

- Loving Gta San Andreas and CJ.

- Not caring if a kid plays gta online except if (most likely to happen) screams on the mic that will ear rape everyone else in the lobby.

- Playing gta games more than any other video game's on earth.

- Loving IV & EFLC Radio stations

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- I think the most beautiful GTA female character in-game appearence is Molly Schultz

Jeansowaty approves.

Edited by Midnight Hitman
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-I DISLIKE, remember, DISLIKE not HATE, the fact that in SA you are a "gangsta". I just can't get all that stuff.

-VC was my first GTA, and i still play it, "the realistic way" thingy.

-I really hate that Vice City hasn't got any side-activities.

-I still wait for LCS/VCS/V to come to PC. I watched the first 3 missions in V, but none of Stories.

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- I had to purposely fail "Wrong Side of the Tracks" just to hear Big Smoke's infamous quote.


- The only cheat I've ever used in GTA: San Andreas is "Jetpack" just to enter the Hidden Interiors Universe. I actually don't enjoy, or use cheats in the GTA series, and I just try them after I completed a game at 100%.


- I never kill working girls, or female pedestrians in general on purpose. Talking of prostitutes, I rarely benefit of their services.


- I almost never steal a vehicle on the road, I prefer to steal parked vehicles instead.


- Every time I die, or get busted, I load the last save game. The same when I fail a mission.


- The GTA series introduced me to most of the artists, and groups I currently like and listen to. I'll always be grateful to Rockstar for this.


- It took me nearly two months to find the last Hidden Package in GTA: Vice City. It was the Hidden Package No° 45 in this map.


- I've never owned, or played GTA: London, 1969, GTA: London, 1961, GTA: Advance, GTA: Chinatown Wars, and GTAV.

Edited by toxluv
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-I never bothered to complete 100% on any GTAs.

-I didn't like algonquin like most of the people in this forum.

-I love bowling in GTA IV.

-I started playing GTA when I was 4.

Edited by MarkyEvansy
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-I tried to play Advance but i'd rather fall asleep.

-I hate GTA V because of Trevor and how short and stupid the story is.

-I hate GTA Online because of how much rockstar focuses on it and because of the players, mostly british kids on the microphone or players wearing the fox mask.

-Most of the missions in online are boring and it's bullsh*t i have to pay subscriptions for BOTH next gen consoles now, because of that i needed to make a new account for living in another country than the account was made for.

-I played GTA for a long time but just 3 years ago i bought IV and played a diffrent GTA than SA. Now i've played almost all GTAs(I didn't play the games between GTA 1-London-2 and Advance.)

and most importantly, I learned English from GTA.

Edited by RandomStunt
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- I like bowling and yoga and I hate tennis.

- GTA Online is more realistic than story mode.

- GTA IV is better than SA or VC.

- I don't like the Rail Gun.

- Rebel Radio is better than K-Rose.

- "Wrong Side Of The Tracks" isn't as annoying mission as people say.

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I think GTA Online's set up is great. I think GTA III is better than Vice City. I never played GTAs 1, 2, London, Advance and Chinatown Wars.

Edited by TheKillerDonuts
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I will post but just for the sake of adding to the conversation bc there is nothing I can post here that I wouldn't happily say somewhere else.


  • I like Red Dead Redemption better than all of the GTA games...including IV but it's close.
  • CJ and Franklin annoy the piss out of me. I'm not into the whole "thug" culture. In fact whenever I'm playing with Franklin, I don't even listen to the hip hop stations. GTA SA was a decent game though once CJ stopped with the "street" crap.
  • I think R* are too liberal.
  • I completed everything on GTA IV except exterminating the 200 pigeons...because...quite frankly I just didn't want to do it. Too many and too long.
  • I think Franklin was only added to GTA V to give it racial diversity.
  • Some of the things Trevor does literally makes me sick...like when you switch over to him and he's spanking the monkey before wiping the jizz on the wall. Also, wearing dresses.
  • Tommy Vercetti is way overrated. The voice acting is what made the character.
  • I liked bowling with Roman.
  • I think Michael De Santa has too many haters, mostly immature people who fail to see that Michael betrayed his friends for the best reason in the world. I have a family so I understand. Blood before water. Plus if you actually play the game to completion and really listen to the dialogue, stuff is revealed that may change your opinion on Michael.
Edited by American Alpha
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I hate British players on GTAO. Always annoying and full of themselves.

I hate GTAV secretely.

My favorite thing to do in Online is to roleplay as a murderer who kills annoying Brits or little kids.

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--When NG V came out i really started to love this game more than any other GTA but on the other hand i`m so pissed about it`s restrictions sometimes so i gotta take it out in this forum to feel better :rol:

- i absolutely hate heavy metal music but i just love Johnny at the same time

- i HATE security guards in V so much that i can`t find the words to describe it. I`ve even started to hate real life security guards because of that :/ . They are so f*cking dumb, lazy and rude.

-since i`ve started with SA i just can`t play 3 and VC no more no matter how hard i try. The camera in 3 and VC gives me a severe motion sickness. I`m more prone to motion sickness so it probably bothers me more than others.

- i`m the only one who plays GTA games amongst my co-workers in the military. The rest of them play only COD and i`m mocking them because of it.

-i`m disgusted by the things Trevor does when i switch to him (abusing people, throwing them off the bridges, eating from dumpsters). I know it`s just a game but i think R* crossed the lines when it comes to what he does to Floyd (you know what i mean). It`s just f*cking sick and it makes me wanna puke. Besides watching him take a crap, puke, piss and fart isn`t even funny but just disgusting. Not to mention watching his stinky pale ass on 60 inch TV. :*(

- Michael is my secret roll model. I`ve even started to use his own insults when i`m stucked in the traffic :cool: ("i just hope you have a proper hatred for yourself"- i live in non-english speaking country so half of the people probably don`t even understand me when i say it)

- RDR is better to me than all GTA games combined

- I liked CJ but i dislike Franklin. I hate every minute i have to play as him. He feels like a bad CJ`s clone and he has no real meanings in V. I don`t like his voice acting neither. And he is just too calm and relaxed all the time. He really doesn`t fit for GTA V.

- i was really annoyed by Roman and Brucie in IV, they were such a pain in the ass. Their constant request for babysiting them even made me smash my ashtray once

Edited by MrDeSanta
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-The only GTA I ever 100%'d and completed the story mode is GTAIII (Because I wanna play them in order, I want Stories games on PC)

-I sorta both hate and like GTA V (Weird, isn't it?)

-I hate fanboyism, no matter the GTA. (but, fanboyism,for me, means obsession, not just liking a game more than the others in the franchise)

-I am not annoyed by Roman, or anything.

-I liked Michael, as a character. Franklin was made just to satisfy SA fanboys, and Trevor needed more character development

-I prefer GTA III over GTA VC, GTA Vice City was too overrushed.

-I like GTA Advance's story

-I hate GTA Online because all those 10 year old squealers. If you're that young and small, just shut up or be more mature!

-I like to play GTA more realistically, having some rules set in my mind, that I should obey, unless if I have many cops on my ass

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My favorite thing to do in Online is to roleplay as a murderer who kills annoying Brits or little kids.

Sometimes i hear annoying British kids playing with their mic. that's the worst part.

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My favorite thing to do in Online is to roleplay as a murderer who kills annoying Brits or little kids.

Sometimes i hear annoying British kids playing with their mic. that's the worst part.


One day, while playing GTA Online,I've heard a kid saying: "Mommy! Can't you see I'm playing? Piss off!"

His mum said something about taking his Playstation away, but, he kept on saying "Piss off!" to her.

Oh, stupid little brats these days! He didn't knew how to play anyway.

Edited by HazzardX
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90% of the time I drive following road rules.

I don't follow speed rules but I stay in the lines and rarely drive on the wrong side of the road any more like I used to. I also feel bad now when I hit another car and kill the driver. Especially when they die in the horn and it doesn't stop. I've never actually cared in any game before GTA V.

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I never beat III, VC, and LCS.


I used cheats to beat SA.


Roman was not annoying. He was likeable.


I didn't like the "gangster" crap in SA.


I didn't always like IV. When I first bought it I just rampaged and used cheats. Then one day, I played through the story and it pulled me in. Niko was starting to grow on me and I cherished IV forever and still do.

Edited by maxpaynefan
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- Every time I fail a mission, die, or get busted, I load the last save.

- I have never used cheats in any GTA

- Have always lost interest in playing after beating the main story, never have achieved 100%

- I have yet to play the expansions on GTA IV, try GTAO, or LCS or VCS

- I feel like GTA III's limited soundtrack is better than the soundtrack in either GTA IV or GTA V, but Nine is god ending song was a little redeeming for GTA V.

- GTA III, SA, and VC introduced me to a lot of music I may not have encountered otherwise.

- I like SA, but hate CJ. I can't understand becoming so rich and then deciding to try to save the hood, I'd be like f*ck the hood. Sweet too should understand.

- I think GTA V would be a better game without Franklin and more development on Trevor and Michael. I can't understand why Franklin tolerated Lamar's bullsh*t for so long.

- I can't stand how depressing Niko or the realism of GTA IV, but feel like it did get recreate the feel of NYC. Niko shouldn't tolerate Roman's bullsh*t even though its his cousin.

- When playing the tanker mission in SA a few days ago I redid it 5+ times as I kept overstearing, crashing and loosing the tank.

Edited by G4Vi
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- The only GTA i completed 100 % is GTA IV and EFLC

- I never completed SA for 100 %

- i only play first 10 mission of VC

- i think gta III was hard

- at first i play gta iv because of physics only ( now i play because story , and everything in it :D )

- i liked gta v only because of trevor

- Niko and johny IMO , was the most badass protagonist

- somehow i dont care even if johny got killed on GTA V

- i hate franklin.

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I think San Andreas is too long, Vice City has some unnecessary missions and loses focus midway through the game, Liberty City Stories has unplayable controls for me, and GTA IV has zero replay value.

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- I have never completed VC till now.I was a kid and I was playing the story when my computer crashed one day and I finally needed to format it.


- I had a pirated version of Gta VC bcoz I was very young at that time and didnt knew what pirated and real version of games meant.


- I have used cheats in all Gta's


- When I was young I played VC to kill people and see hot girls around the beach which were semi naked models and used the cheat "Fanny Magnet" many times. :blush:


- I love Niko more than I should.


- Michelle from Gta IV is Kinda hot to me.


- I installed the hot coffee mod in Gta SA.


I have said it all ....

Edited by Cristiano Ronaldo 7
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Niko, Packie, Little Jacob, Franklin, Wade (if you got him off meth) and Ryder would all be handsome or downright hot if they were real people. Tommy would probably be quite good looking too, although he's too old for me.


Yes, I know this sounds pathetic, but I don't care. It's the kind of thing I'll admit on the internet but I'd deny it all day in real life.

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I loved watching the dancer in The Lost's clubhouse, using the AK-47 or the phone to zoom-in. Wish there was a club in real life that played Death Metal and had dancers.

I also liked playing a bit as the Angels Of Death via trainer, once raiding The Lost clubhouse as payback :lol:

Call From The Grave brings out the most powerful and strange emotions, best goes with the mission Bad Standing executing Brian right when the solo starts. It truely is the best song ever.

Edited by B Dawg
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