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GTA Confessions.

Recommended Posts


Share your true feelings about something in the series that you didn't have the guts to say...Get it off your chest.


I never liked GTA III...There I said it.

Edited by Tikhung
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Drunken Cowboy

I feel like you made this thread to say you don't like GTA III without directly making a thread called "I don't like GTA III."...


Oh, and I "collected" all the strippers in GTA:O when I still played it.

Edited by Drunken Cowboy
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I have many, many GTA confessions. Just too many to write all of them right now I'm afraid.

Edited by UshaB
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The Dedito Gae

Nah, don't have any.

then why post?

-i prefer to play with Trevor than with Niko, i just have more fun with him.


I prefer Niko though.

Edited by Midnight Hitman
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I feel like you made this thread to say you don't like GTA III without directly making a thread called "I don't like GTA III."...


Oh, and I "collected" all the strippers in GTA:O when I still played it.


I have nothing against GTA III or GTA III fans. In fact, I don't even think that GTA III has fanboys.

Edited by Tikhung
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Officer Ronson

- I'd rather drive an ambulance than a police car for some reason.


- I think most of San Andreas' activities are not really fun and are actually too frustrating.


- I like the Police Maverick better than the normal maverick.


- In IV I would mostly let people live, in most games actually I aim to let people live if the game allows me to.

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King Vercetti

I hate the rpg elements of San Andreas.


I think CJ was a stereotypical jackass.


I like Trevor but hate how Rockstar seemingly made him edgy just for the shock value.


I can't stand the government angle of GTA V and how prominent it is to the story.


I think Liberty City in GTA IV was very detailed and life like, but grey and boring at the same time.


If I didn't like Niko as much as I do, I would have never finished the horrendously long campaign in IV.


I also hate how short the campaign is in V.


There, I tried to include several games in the series so I could keep my complaints balanced. Lol

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Algonquin Assassin

-I've never completed any GTA without cheats.


-GTA IV is the only GTA I've bothered completing to 100%.


-I've owned GTA IV a total of 3 times. I bought it on PS3 on release, but traded it in. Got it on 360 and I missed it so much on PS3 I bought The Complete Edition in 2013.


-VC is the only GTA I have on PC.


-When I first got GTA III after a couple of days my dad tripped over the PS2 controller chord whilst I was playing it causing the PS2 to fall and smashing on the ground. The GTA III disc was stuck inside. We got it out, but boy I was angry considering it was only a few days after I got it.


-I paid (and this is no exaggeration) $180 AUD for the UK version of VC on PS2. I only paid that much because it was before the Aussie release and it wasn't censored.

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Algonquin Assassin

I have never completed Vice City or III. :blush:

If it makes you feel any better I haven't finished SA, VCS and LCS.

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I never actually completed VC or SA.

I've never attained 100% on a GTA game.

I always watch the cutscenes in full.

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I've never did 100% in any game (The max was GTA V 70%)

I don't like strange and freaks from GTA V

I Like Trevor,except for his "superman" moments (Kills entire MC from other GTA,Kills anyone on his way,saying he's going to kill his traitor friend but doesnt)

I never finished the story of GTA2

I love every GTA except Advanced and Chinatown Wars.(I've played both and disliked,also never played GTA 1

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Queen Elizabeth II

I liked the graphic and atmosphere of GTA III better than GTA VC. When I first player GTA VC I was like "Umm.. isn't this game newer than GTA 3? Why is it so ugly". Now I don't care.

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I think Vice City and San Andreas are overrated

I don't own Vice City

I like playing GTA realistically. e.g Taking a train, doing taxi/towing jobs every day mon-fri.

I think IV has the best story, and V has the best gameplay.

Edited by EpicPonyMuffins
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I have a lot:

- IV had sh*t driving, especially bikes


- GTA 1 gets boring...


- I've never 100% on any GTA


- I didn't bother finishing GTA III, I got upto that mission were you have to lead those Colombians to the Yakuza


- I got stuck on the 'Death row' mission for 9 years on GTA VC


- I got my sister to complete the 'Demolition man' mission on GTA VC


- I beat SA with cheats, sorry but I had trouble completeing "Sweets Girl"


- I've never been Busted as Franklin, Trevor, Niko, Claude and Johnny.


- I don't consider GTA Advance canon.


- VC has the best story, gameplay and characters of any GTA.


- The only reason why I bothered to complete SA in the first place so I could unlock the 'Saint Marks Bistro' mission so I could goto Liberty City.


- I used to hate IV like everyone else, now I actually find it good, nowhere near as good as V or VC though ;)

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I have never finished VC or San Andreas. VC mostly because I enjoyed free roam better and SA because the FLIGHT SCHOOL MISSIONS ARE f*ckING BULLsh*t

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I may interpret this as controversial opinions


Only VC was great. Every other GTA game has failed to create the same buzz, no matter how better graphically and physically they get.

GTA 3 was almost as bad as San Andreas

San Andreas final 1/5th of the game was pretty good.

Liberty City is boring. Please, I dont want to go back there again.

I got stuck on 'The Driver' mission VC for almost 2 months before fluke winning

I have never used a cheat in San Andreas in my entire life which is odd, considering it would have been useful to spawn a car in the country side

The mission Wu Zi Mu pissed me off because I would fall into the river and have to swim for 5 minutes to get back up

Liberty City Stories is vastly superior to GTA 3.

In SA, the mission where you have a guy on top of your car to extract information, was one of the hardest missions in the game for me.

Edited by helpplease
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Ulrich Kirsch

I have not played IV yet, mostly because my current PC is crap. But I'll buy a new one very soon and will wreak havoc in Liberty City


Although the characters from SA are stupid and unfunny (except Woozie, maybe, I enjoy playing it so much, the gameplay makes it worth it. Also I'm so fdamn pissed that the buccaneer spawns only in SF. You know, I like junk cars too!


Sometimes I play GTA for so long, I forget to do my homework


I must admit that most activities of GTA series are childish imo, and therefore not worth playing - colelcting oysters/hidden packages and such.


I may not play V, it looks quite childish as well.


I hate so much Vercetti's default outfit, he looks like a silly tourist wearing that. I use a trainer to change the clothes to Mr Vercetti outfit


I've never installed any mods on my copy of VC, Installed a couple of car/weapon mods on SA, but quickly removed them.


I never liked III, but finished it twice. I was so curious to know the storyline


I've never liked any song of any radio station featured in a GTA, I actually like ''You make me feel'' but they cut it from V.

Not that Iit makes any difference

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-During my first play-through of GTA San Andreas, I couldn't pass the Flight school missions, so I had to download a save file in order to skip it with the N.O.E. mission. But now, I pass them so easily that they make me laugh every time.


-I cried at the ending credit of Vice City during one of my play-through.


-When I discovered EFLC, I was so excited to play it that I started TBoGT first, spoiling myself an important part of TLaD story.


-I never could kill Dwayne in IV.


-I never played GTA 2/London/Advance/Chinatown Wars.


-When I finally finished the "Demolition Man" mission, I rushed the entire game because of my happiness (First play-through).


-V is the only game where I failed so many missions/died some many times.


-During one of my play-through of San Andreas, I failed the "Cesar Vialpando" mission three times.


-I was scared of playing GTA San Andreas for the second time because of "Wrong Side of the Tracks".


-At first I wanted to play GTA IV only because of its ragdoll physics.


-I know every song of GTA III by heart, even some moments of Chatterbox.

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Speaking of Flight school missions in SA...


-I thought the flight school in SA was easy and helped me learn to fly in SA, SA's flight controls were pretty hard to learn without the flight school.

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- The first playthrough of VC I did was on mobile...

- I played GTA III on mobile aswell, got halfway then gave up cause touchscreen controls are stupid

- I've only beaten SA, LCS and VCS once and with cheats

- my first playthrough of GTA IV I used cheats every second

- I find GTAO fun sometimes

- I find SA and V to be the most overated outside the forums

- Yusuf Amir is my most favorite character in the series, Niko is second place

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The Dedito Gae


To write my opinion. No matter what subject, no matter what topic I encounter, I have a perspective. By exposing my view It unveils to everyone else what my outlook is, like yours and like every other gta community member wishes to announce :)

you didn't wrote your opinion, you didn't wrote anything , you just wrote this:

Nah, don't have any.

it's like i'll posted "i don't have anything to say on the subject", if i don't have anything to say i just don't post at all, simple.

OT: i never finished San Andreas, i got stuck in the last mission as a kid , deleted my save and never bothered to finish it.
-i prefer Tommy Vercetti to Scarface.
Edited by Midnight Hitman
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Speaking of Flight school missions in SA...


-I thought the flight school in SA was easy and helped me learn to fly in SA, SA's flight controls were pretty hard to learn without the flight school.


The controls are awful. It literally took me over a month to finish these missions and when I finally did I felt like I've accomplished a life goal. The thing is, the missions were an unnecessary stretch. I don't understand why we needed to pass them in order to progress the story line.

Edited by Cornerstone
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-The first GTA I completed without cheats was GTA IV


-I think GTAO can be fun when you have cool players that suit your style


-I can't count how many times I completed GTA III's story


-I think Tommy V is the most badass protag


-At first I didn't like GTA IV but since I logged in here, MVC and others IV fanboys conviced me to replay it and I like it now. Thanks!


-I think GTA Advance has a good story


-I think Trevor is sometimes funny


-I never completed to 100% any GTA


-I played at least once every GTA

Edited by JayJay35
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El Tigre chino

i hate top down view

i dislike first person view in gta 5(never will use i)

i love the challenging missions of the 3D era because they would make me rage quit and go outside

sometime online is fun i mean i never experience the bullsh*t that other player have to deal with

i love mini games

i love the social commentary satire (gta 5 not so much )

Sometime i get irritated at the sex jokes

love well plan missions

hate scripted mission (gta 4 get a pass )

love the humor not in gta 5

i love to replay and to find out jokes i didn't get before

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