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SOTW #99 - Voting


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Welcome to SOTW, a friendly but competitive competition between designers to create amazing signatures and to be judged by our peers to obtain victory.
Read below for the set of rules and the deadline!


  • No Ripping - There will be no stealing or using someone else's work, claim it as your own, and use it in this competition.
  • Renders & Backgrounds - You may use renders, backgrounds, and other resources as long as they're not copyrighted, but you must put forth effect.
  • One Entry Per Person - You may only enter one signature. You can edit as many times as needed until deadline ends.
  • Forum Size - All entries must be a size that fits this forum - 500x150 pixels (or smaller)
  • Voting - You may not vote for yourself. You may vote once, with a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place vote.
  • Begging - There will be no begging for votes in any section of the forums or through PM.


This theme's week was "Freestyle":















Voting ends on January 3rd.

My votes:

1. D3L3TD
2. android
3. RedDagger
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Good job everybody but I can only vote for 3


1. Android

2. D3L3TD

3. Camil1999

Edited by SingingEwe954
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1. D3L3TD (Even though I prefer p3 > p4)

2. Toshio

3. Erratical

Edited by Xyn
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1: Android

2: RedDagger

3: Toshio_MaxoS


I couldn't make an entry this time because of lack of inspiration and because I got caught up in the projects. I'll wait for the next one. If no one comes up with anything better, I'm up for another freestyle comp :p

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1. Camil1999

2. Ducard

3. D3L3TD


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Here are the results, sorry if I tallied anyone's points wrongly. :)


1 - D3L3TD - 16

2 - RedDagger - 12

3 - android - 11

4 - Ducard - 6

5 - Camil1999 - 5

6 - Toshio_MaxoS/Erratical (tie) - 4


Congrats D3L3TD for winning the 99th SOTW. And 4th place for me on my first SOTW ain't that bad I guess. :p


What theme should we pick for the next week?

Edited by Ducard
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