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Which H.265/HEVC video encoders do you recommend?


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I have recorded 700 hours of GTAO gameplay which is 95% of all my GTAO gameplay on Xbox 360 since Day 1. I have also recorded about 100 hours of GTAO gameplay (100% of all gameplay) on Xbox One.

All recordings is either in; 30 min format, 1 hour format, or 1 hour and 30 min format long. And all of these recordings is in 1920x1080p resolution, 30 frames per second, and video bitrate is 20 Mbit/s. Now they are taking over 8.000GB on my server out of 24.000GB.


This is a lot of video, and each recording is in H.264/MPEG-4 Advanced Video Coding (video compression format). This is because the PCI capture card creates each recording in this format.


Now I want to migrate over to the new format H.265/HEVC (High Efficiency Video Coding), which is the successor to the H.264/MPEG-4 AVC format.


All recordings in this new format can be twice as small, for example 1 hour of recording is taking for example about 8GB with the old H.264/MPEG-4 AVC format, but if it is using the new H.265/HEVC format, the same recording can now only take 4GB instead without any quality loss. It will double the video bitrate compression, and still keep the quality. I can save 4.000GB (4TB) by doing this


So which H.265/HEVC video encoders do you recommend? Could x265 be something or maybe Cinemartin Cinec 3.X?


I'm new to this stuff with encoding video, therefore I'm asking You.


Regard, PalmIsland!

Edited by PalmIsland!
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I did check it out and it can be used for my purpose, but however I can't get an full version as an private person. You need to be an company in order to get this software I think. But definitely an good suggestion.

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I have now tested this out.


First I did go for the x265, but I did use the GUI version, found Here. I did use this software on a 26 min long MP4 video format file. This video used H.264/AAC video and audio codec. The file size is 6.39GB.


It used over an hour to encode this video file into an MP4 video format file with H.265/HEVC video codec. File size was reduced to about 600-700MB. But the problem was it took long time, and the video and audio was no longer synchronized.


Second, then I did use the Internet Friendly Media Encoder.


It did also convert the test video into an MP4 video format file with H.265/HEVC video codec. File size was reduced to about the same, around 600-700MB from 6.39GB. It also took over an hour to complete, and the video and audio was no longer synchronized again.


Later then I did retry this with the same program (IFME), but the output video format file would now be MKV instead, with H.265/HEVC video codec. File size was reduced to about the same, around 600-700MB from 6.39GB. But it took 2-3 hours to complete, and the video and audio was not synchronized again.


Thirdly, then I did use the DivX. This package included "DivX Converter" and "DivX Player".


The test video was now encoded into an MKV video format file, with H.265/HEVC video codec. It took 30 min to convert this video, and the file size was about 500MB. Again, the video and audio was not synchronized. So DivX seems to be the best solution of those I did test.


The problem here is that it takes very long time to encode these videos with an Intel I7-975 Extreme Edition (quad core 3.33GHz) processor, and with 12GB DDR3 RAM with 1866MHz, and the program was stored on the 1st 500GB SSD, and the video was stored on the 2nd 500GB SSD. Both SSD is 500GB Samsung 840Evo (540MB/s read and 520MB/s write speed). Also the encoded video seems to have video and audio synchronization issues, which requires more work to re-synchronize the video/audio in a video editor software, unless it was because of the test video (no V/A issues on the test video, but the capture card did record the "lag" from the game, maybe this lag is causing this?).


And the CPU will be working on almost 100%. It will take an 1 hour to encode an 1 hour long video file with DivX which means it will take over 800 hours to encode the whole database with the GTAO recordings. This will destroy this 5 years old computer, so it is just better to buy new HDD with few TB, it is cheaper to do it this way, than destroying the computer, and to replace it.


But this may be good to do if you want to save disk space on HDD if you can't afford new HDDs, and if you only have a few videos.


Also you can control the source files in the video with MediaInfo, to compare video quality etc.


Anyway for other who want to do mass video encoding then I recommend that you find an H.265/HEVC video encoder which support "GPU acceleration". This way you can use your GPU to encode the video, and it will be much faster if you have a powerful multi-GPU solution on your workstation (NVIDIA: Scalable Link Interface (SLI) or AMD: CrossFireX).


But the best solution would be if you had access to an GPU server, this machine would have finished this video encoding very quickly with power full GPU acceleration. SuperMicro have some good super servers for this task.


I did reply to this thread one final time, so maybe others can learn from it if they are interested in this new H.265/HEVC encoder in future or something. This encoder does work, it does reduce file size with 50% at least, and the quality will be improved.

Edited by PalmIsland!
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I've never used this (as I have no need for it) but the people who brought you VLC have released this - x265


"x265 is a free software library and application for encoding video streams into the H.265/MPEG-H HEVC compression format, and is released under the terms of the GNU GPL."


Tell us if it works!

Edited by TheMckeever
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