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Android phone problems


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(I know I could have posted this in the android thread but I feel this deserves it's own thread.)


So, my phone has been actinhg fishily over the past few weeks. Unknown apps like SAAVN keep getting installed automatically. The phone hangs like 5 times a day and there is severe battery drain. (especially while using Wi-Fi)


I have only 3 apps installed. The rest are pre-loaded. I don't even have any games and have a lot of free space left.


It has a quad core processor and 1GB RAM, so I am not sure why it is hanging. It hangs when I use chrome.


I ran a virus scan with AVG and it says everything is fine.


I also can't watch youtube videos on chrome or use some apps because it says "Unfortnately X app has stopped" which is annoying. Already tried the 'force stop' trick to fix this, no luck.


It's running on the latest Android OS.


Here are the full specs of the phone:




Cheers, any help would be appreciated. :)

Edited by Ducard
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Reboot your phone into Safe Mode and check if you're still facing the same problems. You won't be able to use any apps though. If your phone is still struggling, then you need to take it to a Micromax service center.


If that's not the case, then I can only recommend a factory reset. Also, if you have an external memory card, it would be wise to format that as well.

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Since you have only three other apps installed, I would do a system restore. You can find the option to reset your device within your system settings.


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Well, I have a lot of photos in there, so I am not so keen on doing a system restore. I know I can back them up but how long does a system restore take?

Edited by Ducard
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I was wondering why my tablet's battery was draining pretty fast(8-10%/hr). Android OS taking up 45-50% of the battery usage, while idle the last few days.


I ended up on an android post saying that an update to Google Play services(6.0.something) is bugged or something and is causing it to not go into full suspended mode.


So they figured out to uninstall the updates to it, mine was 5.0 or so and I have gone back to my normal drain(1%/hr) while idle.


I'm sure it made it drain a lot while in use too.


So just try and uninstall the updates to google play services for the battery drain, I'm not too sure about the hang-up.

Edited by GTA3Rockstar



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