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PROOFED & RARE vehicle discussion


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Actually, you could get the AP Packer and AP Sultan at the same time with ONE Cheat in the past and the DP/EP/FP/MP BF-400 separately with ONE Cheat. But yeah, for those AP Patriots, you probably need to use a Cheat to get them. I won't bother with these, lol...The BP/EP/FP/MP Patriot is good enough for now.

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AP Packer, AP Sultan, FP/EP/DP BF-400, H Patriot (Useless, i made the discovery :D), DP Leviathan and Mutant Greenwood.

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He's already known this stuff for months. He's only been gone for like a week. Idk why he does that, though. Disappears, then comes back randomly lol...


Last I heard was when the DP Leviathan was discovered and the Heavy Patriot...

Edited by Militia
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He he he he a lot of us oldies LOL we sometimes are here, we just don't reply as much as we used to, we are letting the new gen take over our testimony LOL just joking I'm really not here as much as I wanted because I really don't have the time, but I try at least be as much possible on youtube and from time to time to check on the news here.

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I knew it. I f*cking knew it! They never respond, but when you say one word about them they crawl out of their hiding place in the woods!


xD I'm glad you're back here :D

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