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HD Carl Johnson for GTA V


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@thafablife - sorry it's not. I made a character on the character creator which was as close to CJ as I could and then spent 10 mins in Photoshop to make it resemble him further.

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So will not there be SA version? Not even as a ped?

What's the point? HQ models look bad in 3D era games anyway.


There are many HQ models of peds for 3D era and many of them do look better than the original, even without special shaders and lighting effects. Many people use them and I'm sure a HQ CJ for 3D era would be appreciated. Perhaps someone could work on a era 3 version if the 3ds "source" files were available once the model is finished.

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That is really impressive. He looks good for an ugly guy. :D

This mod is coming along nicely!

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Yeah CJ wasn't exactly a great looking character haha I think he looks a bit better in HD though

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Almico, its looking like 2015 is your year buddy. CJ looks great, and that's putting it lightly lol. Your years of hard work and consistency will definitely pay off.

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@ I love CJ - We will see what happens after this one is done.

@ Platinum Card - Thanks for the constant support

@ PhillBellic - Thanks :catloaf:









Edited by almico
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Thanks man :) Those eyes are just place holders at the mo.. But remember this.. CJ doesn't like drugs.. And remember this... Emmet is the place for kush, He's always got high quality merchandise, and he's been proudly serving the community for over 30 years.

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CJ lookin' like he about to make all of the Family O.G's bow down.


I like the muscle def because it's how I used to play as him... Just a few visits to the gym...


But what about you guys?



Edited by almico
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Looks awesome, you should make his eyebrows more pop out according to the texture, make him bigger shoulders and biceps :cookie::cookie:

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I wouldn't change a thing. I think the body builder look in the original SA was a bit cartoony (Like the incredible Hulk). This one is certainly better with the right amount of definition.

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Already changed his brows and hair last night. Working on some fine details at the moment.


I don't want to make him in to a tank so I agree with platinum card.

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