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The Brightness Setting On PS2 Version

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I just want to know your opinion on this subject. Do you think that darkening the whole game was necessary? I was so disappointed when i saw the PS2 version in my tv for the first time. Because the official screens from PS2 version were beautiful and more like PSP. The bright and colorful setting of the game was the main selling point, and knowing that the GTA III's graphics are / were widely criticized for being dark and dull, i don't know why the hell they would do this. (Imo, GTAIII has the best atmosphere, so dont get me wrong there)


Take a look in here, although the weather setting may differ between the versions, its easy to see how much the game was darkened for PS2..


PSP Version


PS2 Version



Also, they have done the same with VCS, and the game became a gamma-ridden dark piece while the PSP version was just beautiful..

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Vice City criminal

I think Rockstar tried to go back to his GTA 3 roots with the PS2 version.
For me, I think it was necessary since the it shared a similar atmosphere to the original Liberty City. Don't get me wrong, I Liked the PSP version as well but all the brightness killed the fun for me sometimes.

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I think that dark and gritty atmosphere belongs to GTAIII, and it should stay that way. Believe me, the bright and colorful graphics of LCS defined the game. So i can never say that i enjoy playing LCS/VCS on PS2 with reduced brightness setting..

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ofc GTAIII had its unique atmosphere with LC, but when it comes to LCS, it just doesnt work for me. Also, ive tried LCS and VCS with PSP emulator today and i hate PS2 versions right now. I mean, the games are so bright, colorful and fun to play, PS2 just wasted their point by making them so dark..

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