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SOTW #99 - Entry


Recommended Posts


Welcome to SOTW, a friendly but competitive competition between designers to create amazing signatures and to be judged by our peers to obtain victory.

Read below for the set of rules and the deadline!

Last weeks winner with an awesome made Signature is Xyn. Congratzs Mate!





  • No Ripping - There will be no stealing or using someone else's work, claim it as your own, and use it in this competition.
  • Renders & Backgrounds - You may use renders, backgrounds, and other resources as long as they're not copyrighted, but you must put forth effect.
  • One Entry Per Person - You may only enter one signature. You can edit as many times as needed until deadline ends.
  • Forum Size - All entries must be a size that fits this forum - 500x150 pixels (or smaller)
  • Voting - You may not vote for yourself. You may vote once, with a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place vote.
  • Begging - There will be no begging for votes in any section of the forums or through PM.


Anyone is welcome to participate, just use your creativity!

This weeks Theme is: Freestyle

Make what ever you wish.

Deadline (Because of coming Holidays): 31.12.2014 - One and a half week of time

Edited by Toshio_maxoS
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Whats wrong with our wether in North-Germany :blink:
Thunderstorm, first rain and then Snow??? Thunderstorm and Snow in the same time?
C'mon :facedesk:


Without my effects



Edited by Toshio_maxoS
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Edited by android
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Why does this have an 11 day deadline?

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I can definitely improve this, but this splatterfox is enough for now.





Another edit!



Now with more splatter!

Edited by RedDagger
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Why does this have an 11 day deadline?


Holidays and some have not much time over the X-Mas time,

like Robton may need a little bit longer.


Just enjoy the holiday time with a lot of entrys this time :)

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Sure, I don't see the problem. As long as it's before the dead line :)

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