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Special Crate T-Shirts

Der Süden
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Has any tried getting them in 1-person invite only or solo sessions?

Yeah tried it for 2 hours.. got all the random events to keep switching from armored trucks to wanted vehicles, special crates usually drop after the latter.. didn't happen.


It did work when I was in a lobby with 3 others and so on.

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I logged in on my Xbox 360 earlier and collected two Special Crates and both contained the Statue of Happiness T-Shirt. I then decided to get on my Xbox One and see if I could get that item for my character on that console but it's apparently different across consoles, because on Xbox One I received the Pisswasser Beer Hat from a Special Crate.

I noticed on the Title Update notes that they mention getting a different item each day:


Second Chance Event Items

  • Players who missed out on getting T-Shirts and Beer Hats in Events this year will be given a second chance to try and get them, as well as a few new items with a new special crate dropping each day over the holiday period.

So what I'm going to attempt to do is form a list starting from today until January 5th (supposedly when the holiday period ends) detailing what items are received on what days on what consoles. I can only speak for myself when posting about Xbox 360 and Xbox One items because I only own those consoles. I'd appreciate any input and information regarding what items you've received and on what consoles.

  • Thursday, December 18, 2014
    All Consoles: Statue of Happiness T-Shirt, followed later on by Pisswasser Beer Hat.
Edited by JayTHM
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Correction OP, it's the same on all 4 consoles. The crate items change at specific times. Throughout the day it was statue of happiness, then at 7 PM (central time) it switched over to Pisswasser hat. It's the same for all consoles

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Edited OP to include both results for all consoles.

I wanted my Happiness Shirt on both accounts, but I guess that's impossible yet again. I give very little sh*ts about spending my free time chasing this sh*t down one more time. I don't know what kind of community Rockstar thinks they are providing their services to, but I along with many other people have to work tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day, and the next day. So if somebody wants to take over with a different thread keeping tabs on what items are being dropped, be my guest.

I simply do not have the time or patience, and will not be putting forth much of an effort into updating this. Feel free to either start another thread and help each other out, or continue posting here, or just keep it to yourselves. Whichever is fine with me.

Edited by JayTHM
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If they aren't giving out the Happiness tshirt anymore, then that's complete BS. I live in Los Angeles and have been at work since they dropped the update in the morning. Can anyone confirm getting the tshirt as of now?

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Yep same thing here got the hat. Damn I wanted to get the shirt first.


You and me both on that. Finally get the update on the 360 and they removed the statue t-shirt. I wanted that shirt so badly.

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Does Rockstar not think people work? They didn't even give a full 24 hours on the Happiness tshirt.

I am thinking it is going to change every 12 hours for the items. However with the delay of the update for the 360 users alone should have been extended. I know it was delayed on other platforms but the 360 I believe was the last one to get it and that rolled out around 5pm est I believe.

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What is this from again? It's on the tip of my tongue right now...

Me myself and Irene

That's Whitey.




I have the worst luck with these f*cking crate drops. I have never picked one up... NEVER! I always get f*cked out of it when I'm like 2 feet from the God damn thing.

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