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The rate the Snapmatic PICTURE above you thread!


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420/69 I'm the best no-scoper ever, and that was a fun time.






Count these two as one.

Edited by ApexReclaimer
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Really like the angle that car is on




Edited by xInfamousRYANx
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10/10. Been playing Dying Light recently, that reminds me of somehow getting trapped in a warehouse...at night.



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6/10 - Nice skyscraper photo but too much empty space makes it look like something is missing.



Rare Hearse + Proximity mine = Trap everyone falls for.



6/10 I get what you are going for but the actual picture is a bit sloppy. Nice touch with the plate though!



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7/10 Nice tornado!


This game is absolutely beautiful even on the PS3. Here is my first pic of GTA5's beauty that I took on the PS3.






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Amazing 10/10






8/10 that sh*t sucked to drive in in GTA Online just like in real life






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Looks kinda like staring out the back of a car. Like the power lines are the defrosters in a rear windshield. lol Neat concept. 9/10



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Kinda average but nice 7/10



I thought this was a bit ironic with the clean wind energy source right beside all the pollution and power lines.



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Nacho Z

I like the concept, in fact I took pretty much the same photo for the same reason once 8/10



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