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The rate the Snapmatic PICTURE above you thread!


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Do Bad On My Own

5/10 Sun fall with the full moon is the only thing saving this from a 0/10. I hate jail even in games.


Trying to land the stunt jump and landed on the billboard. Forget your "Stunt Jump Failed" Rockstar. This is "Stunt Jump Passed" in my book.


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7/10 could use maybe someone walking to either car or plane in a nice suit. maybe a filter to give it a little more atmosphere besides just the nice jet and nice car.



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Is this The Guy?

7/10 I don't know why but I would have loved it more in black and white lol. Or used a filter to make it a little darker



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Do Bad On My Own

5/10 Mountain is beautiful car is ugly. Is that ski's on the top of the roof? If so it fits the theme well.



Caught the sun coming up at the perfect moment. Believe it or not there is no filter on this picture just the magic of lighting.


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9/10 awesome shot.


Made this a few weeks ago in the capture creator.




10/10 I was unaware it was possible to take pictures in the capture creator. The opens up some possiblities.




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Nice shot, uphill perspective 9/10


I don't mean to be insulting here, but I'm curious as to why the quality of this is so poor? Even last gen snapmatics don't look this poor - it's almost like it's taken from a different game altogether :blink:


Is it an actual snapmatic or an image taken straight from your tv screen?

Edited by OurJud
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10/10 Awesome shot, I wonder if the baseball bat stayed as clean as it was when this picture as taken...


Two pictures, I'm sorry I just couldn't choose which one to post :(


Just relaxing




Late night dip:


Edited by xGeoThumbs
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eh pretty basic shot. 6/10







Ballas vs Families


does this just happen naturally in single player? never seen this sh*t.



Edited by Keegeroo
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