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Vice City glitch? (iOS version)


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So i am currently in the process of 100%'ing GTA 3, VC and SA. I started out 2 weeks ago roughly, and i was fairly stoked to put the finishing touches on VC tonight (on GTAIII i am missing 3 of the infamous offroad missions, and on SA i only played through the main missions as of now). However, i have run into an issue with the final puzzle piece, as i am missing 1 unique jump (the last of the 3 featured in the "g-spotlight" mission) and i was horrified to figure out that apparently a few people have run into this issue, and no immediate solutions were to be found... I have noticed Spuds have tried to help out a few people with this specific issue, and was hoping maybe you had any input or additional knowledge you have come by on the subject since... well, since the last time some unfortunate chump ran into this headache :D
Also OT; How do i backup my ios savegames?


Edit: Here is the save file in case http://gtasnp.com/45224


Update: I ran the save in "Never-Too-Late", however it did me little good as apparently it doesnt work entirely with iOS saves(?).. It showed me missing a few things such as paramedic and taxi missions (which i definitely have, bonuses from them aswell) and when i went to show missing jumps on map, it gave me 2 locations despite correctly stating 35/36.. I went and checked both to be sure and both gave me an "already completed" message... Hoping one of you with Uniquecall available can give it a look for me. Also if it turns out to be unfixable, is there any means of just activating the final jump with a save game editor or something, or would that just mean that i am boned?

Edited by Tjaldelama
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Well you could upload your save and i might look into it?


And i don't have an iOS device but i heard something about iFiles or iExplorer. You just browse to the Vice City directory, take one of the files called GTAVC1-9.b and back it up somewhere. And you can also choose that file and upload it at gtasnp

Edited by HeroBrineR007
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Ok. Unfortunately iOS saves are not compatible with Android i just found out...


So you have to wait untill someone can help you...


Have you tried Taxi cab with jump boost or Hotring Racer?

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Well i considered it, though i think it would be kind of a pain to get it up to that partiular jump... Also, i have been able to gain enough speed on a bike to go too far for the jump, so not entirely sure it would help... guess i can give it a shot :p


Update: Got a cab up there and was able to clear the jump a few times, this was a major pain in the ass and was by far the hardest thing i have done in VC so far... No result xD

Edited by Tjaldelama
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i opened a ticket with Rockstar, but all i have heard back from them was a default troubleshooting reply (ie. try closing other apps running in the background herpaderpaderp) so i dont think they are gonna spend any time on it... I would still greatly appreciate it if anyone with Uniquecall available could reassure me of the missing jump location, or if anyone had any info on enabling the final jump through software or similar... I guess next for me is reinstalling the app >.<

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Nah dont bother... I am well out of range of thinking this is any kind of inadequacy... Rockstar not giving a sh*t kinda took the fight out of me on the subject, If there is no way of toggling the final jump through means of cheating, then i guess i am done with VC..... Pretty sh*tty ending...

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Don't give up mate! It is NOT a bug so that's why Cockstar didn't reply well. You just have to jump far enough, and trough the right spot. The spot you have to jump trough is around as big as the checkpoints in The Driver, but invisible.


Try googling the exact spot and try again.


Anyways, are you gonna collect special vehicles in SA? It makes the game more fun :D

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Don't give up mate! It is NOT a bug so that's why Cockstar didn't reply well. You just have to jump far enough, and trough the right spot. The spot you have to jump trough is around as big as the checkpoints in The Driver, but invisible.


Try googling the exact spot and try again.


Anyways, are you gonna collect special vehicles in SA? It makes the game more fun :D


U mean like mission vehicles? Bulletproof cars and stuff? Nah i dont much care for them, also i already finished the story mission so that chance has passed, i might do another save for all 3 of them to collect special vehicles tho if i get bored... Regarding my issue, i am unfortunately 99,9% sure that there is nothing i can do... That particular jump isnt that difficult, and i have been able to gain enough speed to land on the next part of the roof (i originally thought that's what you were meant to do since it wouldnt activate). A handful of people have had this issue from the research i have done, and in all cases no solution was unfortunately found other than starting a new game. I tried deleting my savegame and putting them back on the phone with vc running (so no preloading was done), it did nothing.. I also had an older save with not as much progress done, but in regards to the g-spotlight mission i was in the same position and retrying did me no good... There seems to be an odd little pause before the insane stunt bonus occurs, indicating yet again to me that someting is meant to show up here. I am pretty disapointed, however i dont really feel like this takes away too much from my achievement, I was a huge fan of GTA2 back in the day as a kid, and GTAIII and VC was always innaccesible to me growing up from not having a ps2 or a pc powerful enough to run them at the time... It wasnt until SA had been out for ages that i finally had my OWN copy of a next gen GTA game, and i remember never having finished it 100%, so when i had the bundle available on appstore i reckoned it would be an ideal chance of doing something i have wanted to do since i was like 11 years old (and i still had an absolute blast replaying VC glitch or not) :D I am also missing the quick reload challenge at ammunation, so i figure i will save this as to not cheat myself of an in-game completion if i ever do manage to enable the jump through a trainer or save game editor. For now i think i am gonna focus on finishing III and SA and then who knows, i might actually have as little of a life as to restart my 99% save for a 10 year old white polygon t-shirt xD Then again, VCS might be out at that time and i intend to continue with the 2 portable ones so i dunno...


Update: I just went and finished the remaining rampages i had left in GTAIII, and would you believe i nailed Gripped! in the 3rd try and Ride in the Park in 2nd, so III is all done 100% now yay, now for SA :D I am still bugged about not getting my 100% in VC and i keep starting it up every few hours to give that jump a couple of goes but to no prevail, i am still wishing for one of you guys to tell me that it's totally possible to activate it with an editor :'(

Edited by Tjaldelama
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i did it... i got my 100% completion though editing jumps completed and percentage completed, then i went and finished the gun range challenge and received my 100% completion, i am so happy :D

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Sorry for the late response-- yep-- that jump can be buggered up-- that pause thing bothered me too--- has occurred on Android and IOS.


I do recall someone having issue with another jump in little havana-- same problem--- repeating it over and over and it finally registered-- was on IOS.


I urge anyone going for 100%-- do the jumps as soon as you can-- you can do them all except the first one out the building for G-Spotlight without doing any missions-- although the marina ones and the 2nd two g-spotlight jumps are a PITA to get to.




For anyone that wants to get all but the first jump for G-spotlight without doing any missions here is how you get where you can do the two downtown....


In order to get up on the roofs you have to get up on the downtown hospital...


Watch this video--




Skip to about the 2 minute mark and there is a stunt shown that will get you up there--- you need quite a run up to get enough speed to get up there... I have done this trick on both PS2 and on Android Mobile version.


The first jump is the one across the street off the hospital... to get to the other one you have to do the remaining G-spotlight jumps-- to get to the other unique one at the end.



To do the two marina jumps-- this video will show you how-- you have to steal the packer from the film studio... park it where shown and another should spawn back where you stole it from...



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