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Pc help


Recommended Posts

What kind of pc would i need to be able to play these games?

Rome 1 total war all the addons. X3 the reunion and all addons. Sim city 4.


What kind of cost would i be looking at aswell, any help?

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Id recommend a custom build PC if you are wanting a gaming PC. usually with buying PCs, you may have to upgrade components of it, therefore dumping more money into it.


price range varies from a few hundred to a few thousand (USD) depending on how dedicated you are at PC gaming


Try looking at the recommended PC requirements for the games you want (or just new games in general) and build/find a computer based on that.


Try looking at some computer based forums for better advice on hardware (processor's, RAM, etc)


If you're looking into a laptop, dont

tablet/laptop combo (ex Surface Pro)- fugget about it

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I dont have a clue about pcs lol

Just do what i did, Go to computers brand that you want website and add all the of the available upgrades they offered.




Go to a computer store (no best buy or officemax) so you a privately owned computer store/repair place and talk to them they are the best people to talk to since they know computers.

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or you might just buy parts separately and build PC by yourself, there are tons of guides how to do it - it's not that hard. This way you'll get the best deal.


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I dont have a clue about pcs lol

You could go to a tech forum or even ask the guys here for a PC with a set budget as well as any other things that you might want with that PC (OS,KB/M, display, wireless adapter, ect...).


After that it's just a matter of research to find out how to build it then.

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