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Samsung Galaxy S/Note - Leaks and Discussion


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GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900
HSDPA 850 / 900 / 1900 / 2100 - SM-G925F
LTE 800 / 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 / 2100 / 2600 - SM-G925F
Expected announcement in Q1 2015
Expected release in Q1 2015
Super AMOLED, 1440 x 2560 pixels, 5.5 inches (~534 ppi pixel density)
Corning Gorilla Glass 4
TouchWiz UI
microSD up to 128 GB
16/32 GB
microUSB 3.0
20 MP, 4992 х 3744 pixels, phase detection autofocus, LED flash, HDR, [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] main camera
5 MP, [email protected], secondary camera
Android 5.0 (Lollipop)
Snapdragon 805/810
Fingerprint sensor (PayPal certified)
IP67 certified - dust and water resistant
Water resistant up to 1 meter and 30 minutes
Charcoal Black, Copper Gold, Electric Blue, Shimmery White
You may use this topic to discuss all Galaxy S and Note devices as much as you would like. Follow all GTAForums rules and please have respectful discussions.
What does everybody think? I know these Samsung devices release almost yearly.. but I figured we start the conversation early.
I personally think they need to improve the TouchWiz UI a lot. From my experiences, it lags my Galaxy S5 with 2GB of RAM. I've also had a greater battery drain while using it. I switched to Google Experience Launcher.
If they're going to size the phone at 5.5 inches, they will also seriously have confliction issues with themselves, as the Note 4 is 5.7 inches. I think 4.8-5.2 inches is the sweet spot. This will definitely be an interesting device to look out for.
Edited by android
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So it's still a phone but now with a ... 2000s computer and some (probably incorrect) hi-def screen? Seriously, I've owned an S4 for ~1.5 years now and the "most exciting" thing for me was that I could use a custom wallpaper (kitty!). I must be way out of the loop on these smartphones... I actually get about a week of battery charge/use as well...


Anyway... I agree on the size issue. Getting too close to their other products can cause some confusion, especially if there are some "key" differences (price, stylus...) that will make people a bit indecisive. That's why (well, sometimes) you are only given a few options when shopping; giving people too many options can instead cause people to chose none... Also, if it gets too big, people won't be able to put it in their pockets... (Though, I can already see it now... "Apple Pants: They'll fit your new super-sized Iphone 8. Only 300$")


I'd like to see if this phone will have the ability to use GLONASS & Galileo networks (not yet, at least...) with GPS in order to get better positioning data. Not that important, as if I really need a position I'll use a proper receiver, but useful if I just need a quick "where am I" reference. It should, based on the previous versions, but where the world is now, who knows...

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Already? Wasn't the GS5 released a few months ago? And Q1 2015?...really? Anyways, seems like a nice improvement. Camera is an improvement, 3 GB of RAM is great, and screen size/resolution is a nice step up. I sort of agree with the "sweet spot" for screen sizes, somewhere around 4.8-5.2 inches seems ideal. Personally, I think smartphones should stay somewhere around the 4-5.5 inch screens. Any bigger or smaller seems a little off for a smartphone. But this looks a little promising. TouchWiz...I don't know what to say for TouchWiz. I personally haven't had any issues with TouchWiz. So meh. Improvements to TouchWiz would be nice. I hope application support is better. I know that some applications are great on Android/Samsung phones, but then other applications are complete garbage compared to their iOS/Apple counterpart. Lag, bugs and glitches all over the place, and some apps refuse to even open or function. Ugh. And knowing Andriod/Samsung phones, it'll be filled with bloatware. Whether it be random applications like Uber, Flipboard, etc., or the ridiculous amount of applications and stuff forced in the phones from carriers, like Verizon, Sprint, etc. Which you can't usually remove. And speaking of carriers, I hope features and apps don't end up being removed or something. I wanted that download booster. Also, I really hope things like the OS and bloatware don't take up too much space this time around. ~6-9 GB of a 16 GB phone will be gone due to OS and bloatware. Blegh. Other than that, I wonder what else the phone will have.


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I hope the 5.5 inch screen isn't true. The only thing I want from a phone is crazy battery life and up to date specs.

Edited by Nick1020
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If it does turn out to be 5.5 inches, they're only digging themselves a bigger hole. Either everyone will buy the Note series, or everyone will buy the S6.. It's all going to be one major event of self conflict.


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I wouldn't even buy a phone with a 2K display.. 1080p on smart phones pleases me very well.


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