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[WIP|SA] San Andreas nights ( in detail)

Joel benjamin

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Hello GTA lovers I want to create a total conversion mod for GTA sa named San Andreas nights. So I need ur help to make this Mod.




1-Mission scripter ( me and anyone who's interested in making missions)

2- 3d modelers ( new houses and new buildings)

3- character modeler ( some new PEDs and new player)

4- animator (new anims or edit older ones)





Discovering the night life of San andreas.

Its 2013 and a man named James Hall comes to the city of sa from vice city he is a undercover cop finding the criminal who killed his friends in liberty city. Entering San Andreas He met a guy named Aaron tile at the airport . Aaron is a body guard at Andrew Paul's nightclub in los Santos a night life king. Soon James will befriend Andrew in a party. James then becomes rich and Aaron become jealous of his richness and he reveals that he had killed James friends.James Chases Aaron to the building top and kills him



Features I want to add


Night clubs can be accessed

Can drink wine

Hidden money around the city

At least 25 main missions


This will be possible only when u help me

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So what can YOU make? And did you make anything yet?

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Another day, another one of them South Asian teens jumping the gun thinking they can come up with an "epic 2160p HD 2015 modern mod" without realising the complications of coming up with a major modification.


To put it another way, don't even think about starting a TC if you couldn't even script or map things yourself. These things take years to develop, and crawling the web for mods and packing them as your "mod pack" is more of a poor move than genuine effort.

Edited by lpgunit
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OK, this is going nowhere. Come back when you learn the basics. And an advice would be to start from something smaller than a TC.

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