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What Grand Theft Auto game had the best story line?

Which GTA had the best storyline  

201 members have voted

  1. 1. Choose

    • Grand Theft Auto 3 (2001)
    • Grand Theft Auto 4 (2008)
    • Grand Theft Auto 5 (2013)
    • Grand Theft Auto San Andreas (2004)
    • Grand Theft Auto Vice City (2002)
    • Grand Theft Auto Vice City Stories (2006)
    • Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Stories (2005)
    • Grand Theft Auto Episodes From Liberty City (2009)

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Femme Fatale

IV, isn't it obvious?

Edited by SprayPaintedCraniums

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Cao Ang

EFLC, particularily TBOGT. It was a hell of a satisfactory finish to the IV series after liberating LC from the mob organizations that infected it, in addition to the diamond story that concluded with a bittersweet ending. I like to consider the special "The End" line at the end of the credits sequence as more of a final farewell to the SP Era.

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Even while i never played gtao(Sanctions in Iran) but really like gta v.

Heists,gameplay,missions all is awesome.

Gta iv last missions is good too

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For Me, GTA IV Has by far the most interesting, unique, compelling & complete story in the series and with the episodes it's even greater, the diamond plot is SO Well written and my highlight of the IV Saga, along with Niko finally finding Darko which is my favorite scene in the series.

(it also had the best cast of characters)



GTA V Had quite a good story, with some great moments like the bury the hatchet scene in the graveyard, which is possibly my second favorite scene in the series, but the story was underdeveloped and had potential which was not filled.



The older games all had decent stories with charm but were rather basic & simplistic.


the only story I disliked was The drawn out clusterf*ck In San Andreas, but even that had its moments.

Edited by FuckingYokel

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iiCriminnaaL 49

That one with the Eastern European immigrant.

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Voted for SA, obviously.


I'd rate them as such:







III comes close second, but I think it has a more realistic story, whereas SA story is so inclusive and diverse that it tops the list for simply being so enormous and having something for everyone.


VC is a good story, not at all realistic, but sort of works.


IV made an attempt at being a good story, but once it became a game rather than a script there were too many things which absolutely ruined it and made it laughable at times.


V is just all over the place. Relatively fun to play, but from the storytelling point of view - poor.

Edited by Lioshenka

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