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The Trailer Thread


Recommended Posts

Richard Power Colt


Just came out, can't wait to see it. Love the cinematography in this.



Gosling's directorial debut? Everything about this screams Winding-Refn. The lighting (especially the use of red and green), the soundtrack, the trippy visuals and bits of the dialogue could all come from a WR film. Gosling's spent a lot of time with him and it certainly seems to have rubbed off. It looks like it could be really interesting, but my concern is that it'll be him trying to do too much in his first venture into directing. WR used that particular style (I've seen it referred to as "neon-hell") for only Drive and Only God Forgives because it was appropriate. I'm not saying it's inappropriate here, but it really looks like Gosling has taken the approach that if it works here it must work there, ignoring that although WR's other films have the same feel (see Valhalla Rising and Bronson) they don't have the same look.


E: sh*t man, even the f*cking poster is aping Only God Forgives:





Speaking of NWR, I can't wait for his new movie the Neon Demon. It has perhaps by far the coolest title for any of his films and it's probably gonna have the same visual style as his last two films judging by the name.


Oh and I should probably post a trailer. This movie looks like it could be interesting. I don't like the rap music in this trailer tho:



Nice to see Johny Depp in a role different from a lot of his work in the recent years.

Edited by GTAandStuff
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Richard Power Colt


An Angry Birds movie sounds pretty dumb and obscure in concept, but frankly I would say that looks better than most video game movies(that's not saying a lot tho).

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Mr. Scratch

This looks f*cking great.




My girl Olga still out there kicking ass.



Edited by Mr.Scratch
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Richard Power Colt



Had no idea they were making a 3rd one. I haven't actually watched the 2nd one yet, but I enjoyed the first one quite a bit so this gets me excited. Not sure how I feel about the movie having a CGI Bruce Lee, apparently they couldn't find a suitable actor. Gonna be interesting to see how it turns out.

Edited by Nutsack McQueen
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