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Marty McFly's Workshop

Marty McFly

Recommended Posts



Fancy thread header is fancy.

Well, not really.

Anyways :p here's my workshop, you can find my existing mods (mods which already have topics on GTAForums will be just linked, no sense in posting the stuff all over again) and a few hints what I'm up to in the future.


Of course, my facebook page (see my huge ass signature) will be kept updated much more frequently than this but it's nice to have a place where all the mods are at one place without needing to google them together.



ENB Mods:

(sorted from new (top) to old (bottom)


  • [GTASA] Marty McFly's Graphics Enhancement (Topic / adfly link / direct link): A 0.248 based ENB which makes use of a completely rewritten postprocessing designed for maximum true coloring. Other ENB mods may use color tints, excessive DOF, stuff like that but this one uses only the timecyc for colors so the typical "ENB look" which many people hate isn't so intensive. Vibrant, crystal clear colors combined with very good performance (although 0.248 is using Skyrim ENB core -> ancient rigs, go home). May not work on Windows 8 / 8.1! SAMP not supported - may work or may not work.


  • [GTASA] ENB Z Finale (adfly link / direct link /
    ): Runs on old 0.076 core which means it's working for old cards and should run on Windows 8 / 8.1. Without lying, this is the most versatile ENB for SA ever created and probably one of the most customizeable graphical mods of all time. When installing it, you get the option to choose between 164 different config files, every single one of them hand-configured. The selection doesn't take long at all due to an intelligent folder system, you get a bunch of folders, make your choice, get to the next folder sublevel where you choose further etc. so that folder system leads you to the config whic his best for your personal taste. Logically, results may differ from the screenshots,which may use a different config than the one you chose - some people don't seem to understand that. If you need a decent SAMP ENB or have an older computer which may not run every shiny config, that's your #1 choice.


  • [GTASA] ENB X Finale (adfly link / direct link /
    ): The first 0.076 based ENB I've done. Wasn't the best HLSL coder back then, doesn't have so much options but I like it very much. A decent ENB but not the best one I've ever did, you're better off with ENB Z. ENB X and Z are like Vista and W7, the latter is what the former should've been.


  • [GTASA] ENB 4.0 Finale (adfly link / direct link /
    ): The last ENB I did with the old 0.075 ENB system. Performance hungry (well, it's 4 ENB dll's chained) but many people say, it's the most beautiful ENB and definitely the most popular one (over 140.000 downloads!) so it's worth a try for sure! I might even redo it on newest ENB generation since people totally freaked out over it and I never managed to create another ENB that popular (ENB Z is catching up but has a long way to go). Has a SAMP option but it's crappy. If you want my most popular mod with the best colors where I actually followed 100% my own taste, this is yours.


Texture Mods:

wow, that purple looks badass

  • [GTASA] HQ Road Textures (Mipmapped) for SF/LV & Grove Retex 0.3 (Topic): Some road textures I created a while ago. Never had time or interest to continue it due to two reasons: extremely bad UV mapping of 3d models (textures appear distorted everywhere) and I needed to do some for LS. No worries, Grove Retex applies on lanroads.txd and some others, too so a part of LS is covered. I'm currently planning to port them to GTA IV but my graduation is imminent so that will have to wait a while. Some very high quality road textures which fit SA's environment nicely (imho).


Other Mods:

everything that doesn't fit into the sections above.


  • [GTASA / GTA IV / Skyrim] MasterEffect ENBSeries shader suite (Topic): Want to add some more effects to ENB but don't know how? Ever had the problem that you wanted to combine some cool effects for ENB but had no HLSL coding skillz needed for that? Want to know how those people in the Screenshot thread create their screenshots? Here you go. MasterEffect (short ME) is the biggest available shader collection (bigger than any other ENB shader collection, bigger than SweetFX, GeDoSaTo's postprocessing, OBGE, almost everything). Currently working on merging stuff with CeeJay.dk's SweetFX so it's available on other games, too. Download a random ENB from GTAInside and the chances are 90% that a version of MasterEffect is used. You will never need another effect.txt because it combines every shader you can imagine which is possible to do with ENB. Something I shouldn't need to explain for an ENB modder but anyways: it's for 0.076 but you can use it on any other ENB version for any game, too, although GTASA 0.248, GTA IV and Skyrim versions have other versions of postprocessing which do the same like MasterEffect way better internally. You can use ME on them for sure, things like Depth of Field or bloom or tonemapping are better off in their respective shaderfiles than in the effect.txt which comes last in ENB processing. If you are an ENB modder and need to overhaul your graphics and the default ENB shiz isn't enough, give it a shot.


That's it. Hope to add more stuff to that list but everything I do takes so awfully long...

Edited by Marty McFly
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  • 4 weeks later...

I'm not too much of a fan of ENBs, but I still gotta admit those clouds look great!

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I love the cloud shader, that is really something! But please do not disable the standard 3D clouds as they are very important when flying and when going to the mountains. I hope both can be used together.

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No high performance impact at all, it uses almost no texture fetches so it runs fairly fast. Basically multiple pseudo random generators chained, that's all. First screenshot accidentally contains fps counter so see yourself.

Also they fit every time of day (disabled them for night):




Edited by Marty McFly
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No high performance impact at all, it uses almost no texture fetches so it runs fairly fast. Basically multiple pseudo random generators chained, that's all. First screenshot accidentally contains fps counter so see yourself.

Also they fit every time of day (disabled them for night):




Saw your volumetric fog shader a while ago. Couldn't you use it with clouds too?

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@alayanrole: Strange, in minecraft noone complained when SonicEther used 99% same looking clouds.


@TheGreg: I'm not sure if I got what you meant, do you mean if both shaders can be used together or if clouds can be done like volumetric fog (which isn't the case since fog is height based and ignores xy world position)?

Edited by Marty McFly
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Well, I captured those screenshot when I was looking for placed to record the video so this must be nonsense as usual or your eyes tricking you.

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  • 2 weeks later...

The one with the black suit is Juliet Starling from Lollipop Chainsaw, there is a rig by icemanstudios but I re-rigged it on myself and retextured it to black (suit is pink by default). The other one is Aela from Skyrim (a follower you can find in Whiterun), also rigged on myself. No link for these, I don't share my skin mods anymore since people uploaded them on russian sites which I detest.

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  • 4 weeks later...

Those clouds can sure get low.

But yeah, great work thus far!

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  • 1 month later...





GTASA ENB based skybox:




GTASA with GTA V shaders - rayleigh fog, chromatic abberation, shader-generated skydome, circular depth of field:



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Like you put a cloud wallpaper in photoshop on screen-2...that's how good dat is......

when people start thinking that is fake....then for you work..no dictionary book to describe how this look... smiley-happy025.gif


My Opinion..I don't like GTA V Graphic

I think you can do very well.....

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  • 2 weeks later...

I tried cubemaps, loading these into shader works but sampling these in the pixel shader returns 0 so I guess texCUBE support is bugged. About reflections, since the data retrieved from the DLL is flawed (heavy floating point inaccuracies) worldnormals are noisy and grainy and flicker all the time so technically - yes but in reality- no.

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  • 4 months later...
  • 2 months later...

Thanks for your ENBs Marty McFly !! :)


I was wondering if the ENB Z would work on my system :


Zotac GT 730 GDDR5

Pentium G2010 @ 2.8 GHz

4 GB Ram

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  • 2 months later...
  • 2 weeks later...

As discussed in the screenshot section. If you don't succeed in making 3D clouds (allowing to fly through them), then please consider an ini-option for reenabling the standard clouds.

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I have to disable them in the timecycle and the skydome overrides them anyways as they don't draw to depth buffer (luckily). Won't happen, sorry. However I tried a few cache aware volumetric density algorithms so I *might* be able to make volumetric clouds run at a playable fps rate.

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