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SOTW #98 - Voting

Recommended Posts


Welcome to SOTW, a friendly but competitive competition between designers to create amazing signatures and to be judged by our peers to obtain victory.

Read below for the set of rules and the deadline!



Rules and Guidelines

  • No Ripping - There will be no stealing or using someone else's work, claim it as your own, and use it in this competition.
  • Renders & Backgrounds - You may use renders, backgrounds, and other resources as long as they're not copyrighted, but you must put forth effect.
  • One Entry Per Person - You may only enter one signature. You can edit as many times as needed.
  • Forum Size - All entries must be a size that fits this forum - 500x150 pixels and 80 kb in size*
  • Voting - You may not vote for yourself. You may vote once, with a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place vote.
  • Begging - There will be no begging for votes in any section of the forums or through PM.

* = does not apply anymore since the forum update of 2013



Anyone is welcome to participate, just use your creativity!

If you are a member of a gang, or group, fellow gang/group members are not allowed to vote
for you. This is to keep the competition fair and comfortable.


Entries so far:











Voting ends Decemer 13th

Edited by android
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Voting goes as follows (and also in the same format):


1 -

2 -

3 -


You fill in the spots next to the dashes with names of creators of the signatures you like the most.

Edited by android
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I should explain that 1 = 3 votes, 2 = 2 votes, and 3 = 1 vote

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It says voting ended on the 13th in the OP, but f*ck the police an ting




1. RamiV2


2. Toshio_maxoS


3. Janky

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Xyn - 21

D3L3TD - 19

Janky - 6

RamiV2 - 4

Toshio - 4


@Ermac - your votes do not count because they were posted after the deadline.


Congratulations to everyone ;)

Edited by android
  • Like 3
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It looks like this comp is dying, maybe a freestyle themed one is what we need to get things going again :p I'm up for it, anyone else?

Edited by Robton
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maybe we could play with a freestyle theme for #99, anyone for it?


Yes please. That would be nice again...


I missed voting but... if I could have voted for my self... I wouldnt do so... lol


Doesnt count but that would have been my vote


1. D3L3TD

2. Xyn

3. Janky


Congratz to the... not for me known yet... winner lol

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