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GTA SA vs. GTA V  

337 members have voted

  1. 1. Which GTA is Better?

    • GTA V
    • GTA San Andreas

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Posted (edited)
5 hours ago, Lioshenka said:

Overall, GTA 4 was a big step back. GTA 5 was a big step sideways, whereas SA was a huge leap forward for a man and the humanity.

I am sure there are more, if I remember - I'll edit.

Nicely put man, the way I see it as well. I somewhat think that 'realism' is to blame here. Don't get me wrong though, I don't have anything against the realism, what's more I always welcome it and not to involve GTA IV too much into this, but simply chronologically looking back starting from IV onwards, I think that either half-baked realism or even worse, wrongly implemented realism was the exact reason which brought the franchise sideways and back and made HDU games weaker, quality wise in regards to gameplay. It's like Rockstar wants to sacrifice fun for realism and that's simply wrong, cause even the realism can be fun when done right. Lol, you know how they say; he who sacrifices fun for realism, deserves neither :)

In my eyes that's the greatest weakness of the entire HDU not only V, it's the characteristic hardwired into the entire lineup.


Just one simple example:


Weapons in V - their appearance and looks are of the high aesthetics and somewhat decent sound and visual animations which is heading towards some kind of realism, but you won't find many differences between different weapon tiers - maybe only if you compare pistol against the grenade launcher or a sniper rifle. Impact that different firearms leave is barely distinguishable. Every assault rifle or any other kind of automatic weapon simply sprays the same spot no mater the fire rate. Add half-baked AI to all that and that entire aspect of gameplay neither looks realistic, nor fun, it's more of a unnecessary hustle or simple grind. Totally sad for a triple A title.

Edited by ChengizVlad09

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2 hours ago, Lioshenka said:


  • You can get into the army base and steal a tank or a Hydra. Until now I am not sure if this can be done in V - I get killed just after I pass the army base gates.

It is possible to steal a hydra (or whatever it's called in V) if you drive in fast and go directly to the hangar that contains one avoiding tanks, and are then lucky enough not to get blown up by a tank when stealing it/driving it out of the hangar and avoid the missiles coming after you as you leave. It's a bit of a pain but do-able. I don't know if you can steal a tank though, don't think there's any parked and I haven't been able to steal a moving one. The only option I've found is to buy a tank, then one will spawn infinitely in your aircraft hangar.


I agree it's much better being able to steal them reasonably easily in San Andreas, and also just that you can survive in the army base for longer. More fun to steal a tank than buy one that's for sure. Plus the fact that tanks are actually fun to drive and aren't stupidly slow and hard to control and don't get blown up super easily. 

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Back in the early 2000s GTA was a bullet train,every year a new rockstar game came out with more features,GTA san andreas was ridiculous its sticks out from other PS2 games.GTA 5 is also big but it does take a step back on content,there are plenty open world random events but they get old very quick,and the world starts to feel empty.

San Andreas on the other hand has so many dynamic open world mini games it has more content than even some recent open world games,the gang territory stuff,the drug cars that leave san fierro,ambulance,vigilante,taxi,pimping, dating,driving school,buying assets,the caligula heist(probably the first proper side mission in any open world game),dancing,lowrider,the rpg stats,learning fight moves,thriatlon and races.That game was f*ckIN NUTS.

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