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PublicParkingEnt. CarShows

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Welcome and look no further. You have just found The Public Parking Entertainment. A community built from the ground up of a diverse group of players who enjoy kicking back, socializing, and meeting


Just a Lil bit       As always, Many thanks to the players who helped out.   Enjoy

Recommended Posts

~~ Show & Prove Car Meet ~~


~~ Meet ~ Cruise ~ Photo Shoot ~ Car Show ~ Drag ~~

Any car/bike is allowed EXCEPT high end supers


the car that you show up to the meet in is the car you have to drive, cruise, and drag in.

You CANNOT change it.

~ Message/Add Biggie Deaf on Xbox One so that you can join this and future meets

~ Join thru the in game GTA Menu

~ Check front page for car meet rules

~ Photo Shoot to flood the PPE Thread

~ Car Show to prove that you have the Best in Show

~ Drag Tournament to prove that your car runs as good as it looks

~ Just come thru and chill




Edited by Biggie Deaf
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~~ Show & Prove Car Meet ~~




(Best in Show)



(Drag Winner)




(2nd Best in Show)

Crisp600(nice arm)


(Drag Runner-up)

its FOOF


Edited by Sigma_yo
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Such beautiful cars yesterday, i wanna know what Brandon was running under that infernasty though :monocle::monocle::monocle::monocle:



Edited by Lil Kenzo
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Good morning. I'm the Galilee chapter president of DFMC. I'm proposing a business opportunity with you and your car meets. I'm offering for my MC to provide security for your events, we have extensive experience of handling security for these types of events. Our current contracts include but aren't limited to -https://instagram.com/gtafiveonline/ and http://https://instagram.com/oplaynskillz/


If you'd like to discuss more please don't hesitate to contact me through XBL, my GT is in my profile.

Thanks for the offer. We don't need security, and we would appreciate you removing your advertisement from our thread.


No problem. I'll take it down forthwith.

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