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PublicParkingEnt. CarShows


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Welcome and look no further. You have just found The Public Parking Entertainment.

A community built from the ground up of a diverse group of players who enjoy kicking

back, socializing, and meeting up to show off their cars at small events hosted by the founders

and members of the PPE community. If you are the casual player that enjoys parking up, cruising, or

gaming realistically, maybe you like to be the passenger and photograph the happening or record

the events while showing off your ride. Regardless of which you have found a growing community

that has smaller groups within so continue to scroll down and get a glimpse of what PPE ls about.






We have a YouTube Channel and will often have videos made by members of PPE.

If you have a video made from one of our car shows dont hesitate to post it on the thread.

We also have a playlist for our members that we would be happy to fill with PPE carshow content

so let us know.




How to get in?


Join Public Parking Entertainment


Add/Fav Vincent CvC or other active hosting members

(Fav to see when he appears online for a car-show)


Set your socialclub privacy to crew&friends

(so you dont get kicked by accident)


Turn on crew update phone notifications

(In Game under settings/notifications)


Check this thread or look out for an in-game crew message

with car-show details!




if you have a friend who may be interested

Let the PPE know so they can join in on the entertainment


Always be prepared and know what

you're getting yourself involved with

​take 5minutes and READ the RULES!!!

​Click the link below

>>>The System<<<

​We will know if you don't because you will stand out

The Founders

Vincent CvC




EL Chubito

Now continue scrolling

to get a better perspective

about Public Parking Ent.

Edited by HunterGatherer
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Well looks like ya made it to the bottom of the 1st page....

So now you see what Public Parking Ent. Is all about, Next you should

hit up Vincent CvC... Meet the Crew... Show up to meets calm an chill and you will get noticed fast.


Welcome to the community

Enjoy your stay

Edited by HunterGatherer
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