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? for IRL motorcycle riders...

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The bikes in GTA5/O are capable of maneuvers a real bike can't duplicate. But, especially with the 1st person view, do you find yourself so immersed that you wreck because your brain forgets this fact, and rides the GTA bikes like real ones?

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GTA bikes feel like pacman going through its maze, no weight transfer. IRL bikes handle nothing like they do in GTA V, other then the fact they have extreme acceleration.


Edited by Ninja_Gear

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They're just too damn sensitive. And pretty boring to ride too.

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The steering is, how shall I put it..too light and there's no feeling of engagement between rider and machine. Sounds too weak, and most of all.. WAY too slow.


But what do you expect in this game?

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What I'm talking about here is, in game, you dive into a turn at speed, find yourself headed toward the back of a car (and not because of target fixation), and end up crashing into that car because your brain thinks that if you turn in tighter you'll tuck the front wheel and crash, but if you try and straighten up and brake you'll go into the gravel and crash? Even thought the game bike is quite capable of pulling off either of those maneuvers? After 20 years of riding IRL I still find my brain defaulting to real would physics instead of video game physics.


And yeah, the sensitivity needs tweeking. I goes from "slightly lean in" to "knee dragging" with little in between.

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dead goon

No. I would never ride like that.

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What Ninja Gear said is pretty much spot on.


The turning circles on the bikes in GTA, coupled with sh*tty braking mechanics make it impossible to even suspend disbelief. Nothing like the real article.

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