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[WIP|SA]GTA San Andreas Stories


Recommended Posts

The year is 1987, a year after vice city's story and the year Carl Johnson fled to liberty city after the death of Brian Johnson, Carl's brother. Now why did I bring up vice city? That's a good question. The answer is that Tommy Vercetti
the main character of vice city will be the main character of this mod. The story is that the Leone family was after him in vice city for unknown circumstances and he had no choice but to flee to san andreas because as you all know liberty city is that main territory for the Leones. Tommy thinks he is in the clear but he bumps Into sweet and the crew and that's where things get crazy. I have the whole story line made up so there will be about 30-40 missions approximately and the first mission might be called Off the Plane if I ever learn how to script at least the first mission.


Los Santos- 33%

San Fierro-60%(working on Doherty at the moment)

Las Venturas-0%

I am trying to port lcs

and vcs models from psp.

Player Models
Main Character-[working on] TOMMY VERCETTI



San Fierro hustlers(replaces SF Rifa)[working on] USING LEFT OVER FILES FROM BETA

Da Nang[working on] HATIANS FROM VC


Aztecas[nothing yet]

Mafia[nothing yet] Going to try Leones from lcs

I need a scripter, or some serious scripting lessons.

Vehicles(what I have sofar)


Helenbatch GT[LCS]


Phobos VT[LCS]


Polaris V8[VCS]




Sentinel XS[VC]


Mafia Sentinel[iII]






Gang Rancher[VCS]

(Renamed Rancher Classic)


Bobcat[WIP]Monster truck as a pickup truck.




FBI Rancher[VC]












Sabre Turbo[VC]
















Premier[VC/VCS](taxi without lights and random color)








So far I have only cleaned up two cars

the sentinel xs and the patriot.





Font-[working on] GTA IV STYLE


Radar Color-[not started] Black and white was un-fitting for the vibe of the game so im going with atlas style but I haven't started yet


Radar look-[working on]Square


Sounds-[nothing yet]


anims[working on] LCS ANIMS






I would add them but every time I click

ok after inserting the URL for the site

it just stay there and doesn't go away.

I even let it sit there for 5 minutes and still

nothing but I can give links.


Images at this location ----> http://advancedshoe.imgur.com/all/


NOTE: these images are DEFINATLY NOT all that I have done.



Days of Operation


I usually work on this during the week days [mon,tues,wed, and thurs] and only through

certain hours cause of school and usually im doing other things on the other days [fri-sun].

Edited by AdvancedShoe
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Very original idea. Thou hast images?

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My gta san andreas is broke, it wont even open upon clicking the .exe so I am trying to fix the problem.

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I doubt you did something... Repair your SA and show some pics.

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Fisrt of all I did make progress I will upload a pic from MEd shortly and secondly I have found the problem too, the gta.img was the issue, I had too many corrupted dffs and other files.

Edited by AdvancedShoe
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I have found the problem too, the gta.img was the issue, I had too many corrupted dffs and other files.

Did you plan to include them in the mod?

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Because it MIGHT be it.

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In VC have option of fake envmap. Could you use it ref map from LCS or VCS? That would be awesome :D

Edited by denis1379
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Silent- No I did a full re-install of san andreas and put my progress back into it and the game runs fine now.

SergeantSavidge- I don't even know who _F_ is, honestly.

denis1379- I tried my best to make lcs/vcs ref in enb config but this was as close as I could get.

Edited by AdvancedShoe
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Again, no pics, like before... Make your imgur account's pics avalabile to public.

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[quote name="Advance Shoe"

denis1379- better than less :) P.S Your image's not working :(

Edited by denis1379
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Ok they should be working now. Note some of these images are old and I've made more progress sinse them like Doherty, ive changes some textures.

Edited by AdvancedShoe
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If its minor or not ill post them, I don't care how important or unimportant they are progress is progress.

Edited by AdvancedShoe
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Azteca probably wouldnt exist (Replace with Marabunta Grande maybe?)

The Families would be the dominant gang (As stated on how the Families power waned after the 80s)

San Fierro Rifa would still be there...

Da Nang Boyz were actually a recent gang in SA (The game says they started coming in the early 90s)


maybe split the family and ballas sets into seperate gangs...



Temple Drive Families

Grove St Families

Seville Blvd Families


Rollin Heights Ballas

Kilo Tray Ballas

Front Yard Ballas


Los Santos Vagos

Marabunta Grande

San Fierro Triads

San Fierro Rifa



also if you add the mafia instead... they should be locked in a bitter turf war in LV... A bigger question would be why not just limit the game to LV and Bone County? and make a story from there

Edited by Ss4gogeta0
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Ss4gogeta0- My plan was to start the story off in San Fierro, where tommy gets off the plane and is taken to a safe house in SF by Kent Rosenberg. But LV is a more of a place where the mafia would be and the Leone Mafia are hunting tommy in this story so...

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Seriously, do you have any idea what you're doing? This looks like complete crap.

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i have a decent idea about what I am doing and honestly I can agree with you, it is not that great at all. I don't think I cant continue this cause of time and just the lack of work and effort. Its even harder when im working on a vc mod too.

Edited by AdvancedShoe
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