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I'll be honest, Los Santos doesn't look just spectacular with the snow, but I will tell you what does... Blaine County.


When I first loaded online yesterday (when it actually worked lol) I spawned in Los Santos, and I wasn't too impressed. Don't get me wrong, it looked great, better than last gen, but nothing to make you say "wow!" What really impressed me was when I ventured into Blaine County.


Walking up the "nature trail" behind the Observatory was impressive, but when I went up the hill at the end of the trail, my jaw dropped. Snow everywhere, trees were covered, just the whole area looked great. I snapped some screenshots using the built in screenshot function on the Playstation 4.
















For my grand finale, I present to you "The Sunset".




Sorry for the overload of pictures, I'm just a sucker for detail. ;)


P.S: I have a video of me walking up through the nature trail, to the top of that mountain if anybody wants to see it.

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Some really amazing pics here guys, well done and thanks for sharing. I had enough time to grab a few of my own and just enough time on Xmas day to grab that mask so I'm thankful for those of you who've taken the time to share your time and experience with such a (shamefully short) event. Merry Xmas!!!

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I spent most of my snow time flying above Blaine County in my trusty Duster.
Here's the takeoff from SSA at dawn :

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Some of my favorites:











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If the snow comes back for New Years Eve and New Years day, I'll have way more pictures.

Anyway, I mostly drove my Sultan for the duration, tearing up Mt. Chiliad.





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