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Jinx and Jeans' III Styled Peds

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A continuation of this post, I will remake him, some other unreleased peds and probably all the released peds so far, and also improve them a bit :)

Edited by Jinx.

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The Eddo

I have some ideas:


* Kazuki in III style (A bit older, Max Payne-like grimace on face, recolored\retextured suit, a different hairstyle etc.)

* Toshiko in III style (A bit older, a kimono with a different style and color, longer hair, a bit less fair skin etc.)

* Kenji in LCS style (A bit younger, a bit fair skin, some hair on head, blue suit etc.)

* Asuka in LCS style (A bit younger, red lipstick, longer hair, light blue kimono like in Advance etc.)

* Yuka (maybe, if possible) in both LCS and III style.


What do you think? But these models should not only available be in III format, but in VC format as well.

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I'm not interested in any, sorry. I tried Yuka sometime ago and didn't turn out so good. If anything I might consider Kenji, but not LCS style.


Also this mod is III exclusive. Nothing will be made for VC. If someone wants to convert these models, he/she must PM me first.

Edited by Jinx.

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