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[REL] Renderware file converter

The Hero

Recommended Posts

PS2 Example please.

Very good tool by the way. 

Very good tool by the way, I wanted to do something that few did, a multiplatform mod for the PS2 map.I can do anything but dff.

Edited by boludoz
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You posted the exact same thing yesterday and it makes no sense. Stop.

Edited by guard3
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AXIS Motion Studio

i have a bunch of dff file now i want to convert into any RW version which is possible to import in 3Ds Max or blender...




Somebody know anything about it please reply


sorry for my bad english

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  • 1 month later...

good job, is it possible to convert animations from VCS and LCS PSP to SA PC ??

how can I do it?

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On 7/17/2020 at 1:11 PM, Pootispowse said:

Is it possible to convert pc dffs to the LCS android format using lcsconv? If so, how is it done?





Whenever I try to convert an SA dff using lcsconv I get a message saying the dff is missing chunk "ID_GEOMETRY". Is it correct that the tool can convert LCS dffs into platform independent formats, but not the other way round?

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2 hours ago, The Hero said:

lcsconv only converts FROM leeds format to standard RW. the other way around is not supported.

Thank you for the response. 


It's a shame R* decided to use such a bizarre structure for LCS. I would have loved to have imported some new stuff into it.

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Hi there! I registered on these forums specifically because I had been utilizing your tools to extract and convert models from a specific RW 3.7 game into an FBX format.

However, this seems to only work on the PS2 version of the game. While that's good for my own personal purposes, there are some people I know who would like to mod the GameCube version of the game, as it can be played online via Dolphin Netplay.

Do you know of any methods that can uninstance GameCube-formatted .DFF files so that they can be adjusted as needed?


When attempting to uninstance the DFF files or change their version, I get the following:

> convdff.exe -u -v 33002 0000_gc.dff 0000.dff
unknown platform 6
..\src\clump.cpp:132: Couldn't find chunk GEOMETRY
Error: couldn't read clump

I tried also converting the version in RW Analyze to and running the command again with this result:

>convdff.exe -u -v 34003 0000_gc_conv.dff 0000.dff
unknown platform 6
..\src\clump.cpp:132: Couldn't find chunk GEOMETRY
Error: couldn't read clump


Original DFF (RW3.7, GC): https://mega.nz/file/eAhBXYAC#FkNkHzQMrhw5YQz4YGUYZpoVHq3od25ffwNOeprd8DU

DFF Converted to with RW Analyze: https://mega.nz/file/SI5BxaoK#1NLHN5CHE56YFtm5PCleCleI80HllxYvBqXAzLnKoLA


If you need any more details, please let me know. I can also provide an entire dump of the game's files if you'd like, and provide details on what the folder structure represents.

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Unfortunately i don't know anything about RW on gamecube. I think some years ago someone asked me about the files of a spongebob game. I don't expect the format to be terribly complicated (unlike PS2), but i also don't really feel like reverse engineering it right now. If we had some documentation that would make the job easier and i'd be more inclined to do it.

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On 8/4/2020 at 6:23 PM, mc289024 said:

What is the principle of your tool? I also want to write a tool on my mobile phone

Why do you ask the same question repeatedly?

Ps:open source project


Edited by Zhonmoo
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  • 1 month later...

This thing still kicking? I've been using convdff on some models from a non-GTA game, and almost all of them won't behave. Most of the time, it finds the clump but can't locate a struct, throws an error message, and leaves me with no clue. I know the files are from a PS2 and initialized, and looking at them in a hex editor shows they've got bones and stuff. They're not named descriptively, so I couldn't tell you what they're supposed to be... 


This is a sample problem file and this one worked fine. If anyone could take a look at them, that would be amazing! I'm figuring stuff out, but I still get pretty lost when it comes to editing binary files.

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7 hours ago, The Hero said:

hm....i'm not quite sure what this file is. It doesn't look like a normal RW file for sure.

Guh. I was afraid of that. There's a lot of files that are just refusing to work with convdff,  and popping them open in RW Analyze shows basically the same thing as the error message - no struct. It basically can't read past the clump. If you've got any advice on further steps, I can do my best to follow.

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On 12/3/2014 at 1:28 PM, The Hero said:

[link to older programs removed]


I've written lots of RW-related code over the years and programs that convert various file formats.

Here are some binaries: http://aap.papnet.eu/gta/utils/librw_bin/

and here is the source https://github.com/aap/librw https://github.com/aap/librwgta


I usually don't remember what I changed since the last versions, so just let it surprise you.

Also do note that I wrote these tools for my personal use, don't expect them to be perfect in every regard. They do what I needed them to.



The version of the file written will be the same as the input by default (unless you set the version explicitly with the -v switch, see this for information on RW versions: http://www.gtamodding.com/wiki/RenderWare).

Some terminology:

- Instancing means converting the platform independent geometry data into a platform specific format that can be saved to a dff file (these dff files are called pre-instanced because instancing no longer happens at runtime). This is done in the PS2 and mobile games starting with VC and all xbox games. d3d8 and d3d9 pre-instanced geometry is not used by the games by default but the game should be able to read such dffs.


- Uninstancing is something the original RenderWare engine cannot do, but which librw can: it means converting the platform specific geometry back into a platform independent format again.

The -u and -i switches tell convdff to uninstance or instance a dff (note that not everything has been tested an implemented yet, expect bugs or problems).


Even non-instanced can be platform-specific (the -o switch sets the output platform, d3d8 being the default). Most noticeably ADC optimized geometry on the PS2 (to improve tristripping) and custom vertex formats on the xbox.


Example: to convert a ps2 file into the platform independent format and write it as version use it as


convdff.exe -u -v 33002 input.dff output.dff

To pre-instance a file into xbox format:


convdff.exe -i -o xbox intput.dff output.dff

I will implement more features in the future but the basic conversions should be working. I don't guarantee all conversions will work, i can't test everything. Please report bugs or unexpected behaviour.



- files with multiple clumps are not supported well, to split a multi-clump file, use the -m switch

- instancing and uninstancing of SA mobile dffs is not (completely?) implemented yet.



This thing converts, extracts and creates txds.

Check the usage for how to use it.


lcsconv, vcsconv:

These convert files from LCS and VCS respectively (dff, txd, mdl, chk, whatever, but no levels yet). VCS peds don't work yet because the hierarchy is f*cked and has to be reconstructed.

Thanks friend, people after years can modify their game thanks to you. One fact is that people use you tool and a modified "Col v1" with this https://gist.github.com/DouglasAntunes/094d837a740dfcc7c1f4314326a42cce to modify the dff for ps2.
A very useful feature for all moders in general would be that you add a function to reduce the polygons of the dff if possible.

Another piece of information is that there is no tool in cmd to modify col files.

Edited by boludoz
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On 12/18/2020 at 9:36 PM, TQU said:

Anyone else can't open the .exe files? It just opens the console for couple of frames and instantly closes itself straight after.

Same with me, I got this error:


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  • 2 weeks later...

I'm trying to use convifp.exe to convert some GTA Vice City animation files, and whenever I try to convert, there isn't any output for some reason

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convert how? convifp doesn't really do a lot, it's more of a skeleton that reads and writes ifp files without much conversion between.

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1 hour ago, The Hero said:

convert how? convifp doesn't really do a lot, it's more of a skeleton that reads and writes ifp files without much conversion between.

oh, my bad then

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Posted (edited)

@The Hero: Is it possible to add a new parameter to convtxd that does the reverse of the already existing "-g" parameter? Basically, what I'm asking for is an option that changes the gamma of LCS/VCS textures by -1.5 to make them look like III/VC/SA ones. That would be really useful for converting Stories-exclusive stuff from those games into Trilogy style.:)

Edited by Staunton Assassin
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