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4K TV's


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I recently picked up a Samsung 4K TV and I'm curious if anyone else here on GTAForums has one.


For me personally, I previously had no plans of picking up a 4K TV as the prices have been very high and I didn't think it was necessary. After viewing a 4K TV in-store, my mind was changed and I took one home for Black Friday.


The current selection of 4K content is extremely low but what is in 4K, looks absolutely amazing. I've recently been watching House of Cards & Breaking Bad in 4K and it looks fantastic. For example, the first scenes on Breaking Bad S1: E1 that showcase the desert are honestly breathtaking in 4K.


So, who else has a 4K TV and what do you think of it?

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I also bought a Samsung 4K a few months back. I went to the store with the intention of buying a 1080p TV, but after seeing the difference in quality and not wanting to have to upgrade again in the near future, I made the jump. The only disappointment I've experienced thus far is buggy software and a lack of quality apps. The hoops you have to jump through just to get a third-party developer app installed is ridiculous. I'd imagine an Android based TV operating system would be much more enjoyable than what Samsung currently ships with their sets.

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Personally, I do not have a 4K television. I'm happy with my 22 inch, 1080p VIZIO :D I saw LG, Samsung, and Sony 4K TV's at Best Buy finally, when I went to purchase a tablet.. I was simply blown away. The quality is just outstanding and I was mesmerized.


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  • 2 weeks later...

it's interesting.

size dependent, the flat 4ks are around 1000-1200 dollars, the curved ones are more like 1,500+


having watched curved and flat 4k's side by side, I know that I was annoyed by the curved picture.

it's sort of like a throwback to the early days of bigscreen TVs which were actually internal projection.


because just like with those old units, the curved 4k requires the viewer to be sitting exactly front / center for the best lighting and picture quality. as soon as you scoot off to the side or stand up (like ANY other seat in a typical living room) you lose picture quality.

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