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\\RED LINE\\ GTA V Cinematic Chase Scene. (PS4) (H


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Hey guys, I just finished my creative arts project for one of my classes. This was flimed on PS4 with the help of 3 other people. The video not amazing or anything, it's just cool to see whats possible in GTA. Let me know what you guys think!


EDIT: (Dec 3 2014) (Explanation of my intention) : This video is not meant to be broken apart and analyzed. Its just an attempt at making a cheesy 80's movie action chase scene. The style is what I am trying to emphasize. The chase itself is quite boring lol The camera work could have been better and it is pretty crappy (in my opinion), we just ran out of time. It was just difficult because we only had one game capture card, so all the scenes had to be done as many times as angles needed. You can imagine how annoying that must have been.


In the future I am thinking of making simpler videos (in terms of length and cuts) but have it more artistic. What do you guys think? Do you think its better to ditch the story and just focus on making it look good?




(UPDATE 2)(Dec 10 2014): I just wanted to ask if 5 minute video are too long. How long should I keep them so it's not too long for a cinematic video. I mean it looks cool but 5:00 is kinda too long, makes you kinda lose interest. I was thinking 1:30-2:00min, What do you think?

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Thank you sir!

We are hoping to start making music videos such as this one every week!

We would love to involve the community, let me know if anyone wants to help.

Our next video involves jets and is already underway. It will be simpler than this one, but it looks gorgeous!


Btw Please share the video and like it if you get the chance :D

Getting feedback (good or bad) will encourage us to make more!

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You guys did a pretty good job with the camera angles.
Did you guys use Snapmatic, or did you guys use First Person Mode?


I would consider focusing on both the story and making the video look good.
For the purpose of getting attention and good feedback, you might have to focus on making the videos look good, rather than focusing on the story.

You might have to switch up a bit for certain videos, though.


With the many difficulties that you had filming this video on a PS4, would you consider getting the PC version of GTA V?
It will probably have a video editor, and Rockstar may also hold contests for videos.

Also, what capture card did you use?

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Thank you Sting!


We used the Snapmatic cam so we can zoom in and control the depth of field (makes things look cool).


Yea, our next video is gonna be a cinematic of just jets flying in formation and through clouds. However its pace compared to this video is way slower. There are some shots in this video that are only 0.6s, compared to almost 4s per shot. I hope it will turn out cool!


YES!!! You kidding me, rockstar said they are gonna add a cinematic video maker/editor for the pc version. This will allow you to detach the camera and position it how you want.

I am just being very impatient, that's why I am recording on the ps4.


It is the Elgato Game Capture HD, ran me about 140$. I am pretty happy with it so far, I just wish the mac software they have didn't crash every 15 mins.

It also lets you stream directly to twitch. This way the music isn't removed automatically by the ps4.

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Nicely done. You really captured that 80s feel you were aiming for. Something like an old Muscle car would have been more fitting, but it's a good video nonetheless.

Superb work.

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Thank you Rami!


You are absolutely correct! I was planning on using a muscle car. Honestly I don't know why I didn't. I kinda just forgot about it.

The song I used was pretty much my inspiration for the video. So its got that cheesy feel to it.

This is the video for the song


I think the song really brings it together. I can't imagine what this video would look like with any other song!




Actually wanted to ask you guys something. 5 minute videos too long?? What should I try and keep my videos down to? I am thinking 1:30-2:00 max...

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Well, for some videos maybe you should make them short because it may drag on too long and lose interest.
You might have to make cuts to the music to make it shorter like how trailers for games and movies are made.


OK, it will be interesting to see what you do on the PC version of GTA V.

The video came out good in the end, even thought it was difficult to make.


Have you submitted this to the Rockstar Mouthoff email?
Maybe you can get featured on the Rockstar Newswire.

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