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The Dedito Gae

if johnny had never become a meth-head.....

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As many people said, TLAD is a perfect ending for Johnny and The Lost.


However, if they still went to Blaine County, Johnny and The Lost still would be wiped out from Blaine County by Trevor unfortunately. (This is coming from a Johnny's fan anyway).


EDIT: FINALLY, I know how to use spoiler tag properly now, lol.


The Scenario WILL be much DIFFERENT though. Trevor already wanted to wipe out The Lost, but Trevor will need countless effort to do so. To be honest, I can see Johnny getting killed in The Third Ending instead of Wei Cheng. Think about it. Johnny kidnapped Michael (seems he's capable to do so) and Franklin needed to rescue Michael to give both Franklin and Michael a reason to kill Johnny. I'm not so sure if Franklin would be able to kill Johnny though. Michael though can kill Johnny with his shooting ability. [ / spoiler ]

Here's how The Third Ending would like:

1. Franklin kills Stretch (for setting up Lamar numerous times)

2. Trevor kills Steve Haines (for the obvious reason)

3. Michael kills Johnny (for helping Trevor and getting a revenge over the kidnapping)

4. And the Trio kills Devin Weston (for another obvious reason)


Edited by Prasdana21
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That would make a seriously good ending and a very fitting one. I can't see that weak-ass Michael doing it though. Either way, I hope it would involve a cinematic execution though, Johnny going down like a regular enemy would be a bit odd.

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I still see Johnny dying before Trevor goes to Los Santos, but again, it wouldn't be as undignified of a death and he'd die at the end of the "chapter", not starting it off.

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Eugene H. Krabs

Johnny would have easily tore Trevor a new one.

Edited by Cluckin' Bell

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Trevor would have been sucking his circumcised cock. ;)

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Scott Stapp

Trevor is a savage. No one stands a chance except Niko.


Had Johnny lived, he'd be your hookup instead of that dork Malc.

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Legion of Hell

Then we will never see that amazing, beautiful, well-writen cutscene where Trevor stomps that drug-addled, washed-up, nice personold wannabe bikers

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Johnny found out Niko killed some of his friends and went after him. That's how Johnny really died.

Edited by Gokuzbu

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Johnny would've killed his motherf*ckin' ass. Johnny's a real brother.

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