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Vice City - The Leftovers Fix

Igor Bogdanoff

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Doesn't matter anymore, I'll just use something else. Hope someone decides to redo this mod in the future, seems like it has a lot of potential.

Edited by MelvinSmiley
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Guys I need help the palm trees in the game now look like peace of paper after I install gta3.img folder from PS2 Feels Vice City Edition file
Is there any fix?



EDIT: I fixed it

Edited by Gonney
The bugs gone
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On 3/20/2021 at 5:40 PM, JackGamer said:

In the boatyard i dont have the pick up of money, any solution??

Have you finished boatyard's asset mission Checkpoint Charlie?

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3 hours ago, ChubbyB0b said:

Have you finished boatyard's asset mission Checkpoint Charlie?

I played it about 3 or 4 times, and i haven't have that pick up

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22 hours ago, JackGamer said:

I played it about 3 or 4 times, and i haven't have that pick up

Not sure what the issue is. It generates 2000$ after you complete Checkpoint Charlie. Maybe you can start a new game and see if it fixes the issue, if It doesn't I'm not sure what else besides reinstallation of GTA VC to try. You can also ignore the pickup entirely and continue to play because it's not that important of a place in game anyway. It only has one misson and generates only 2000$. I'm sorry If I'm not much of a help

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The links from Running with the night and cumin atcha live are broken please upload it again thank you so much

On 11/25/2014 at 5:02 PM, Sneed said:


Grand Theft Auto: Vice City - The Leftovers Fix
(An original idea by SpooferJahk)

For some reason Rockstar Games ported Grand Theft Auto: Vice City from PlayStation 2 to the PC platform with a potato and because that, the game has lost features and has missing things which has been seen first time in PS2. This mod will restore them with little modifications and some improvements by our part.

If you don't know what I'm speaking about, I recommend watching these Videos first.


*_CP_ *BeckermannDewitt *BEGINit

*Blackbird88 *EiF0hn *ermaccer


*fastman92 *Forever L *inadequate


*Jitterdoomer *JohnnyK *Kalvin *Mr.Jago


*Mugetsuga *Neo Anderson *niltwill


*R4gN0r0K *Silent *SpooferJahk


*The Hero *TJGM *Tomasak *Zera


CorePack - Last Update: 23/07/2016

Improvements - Last Update: 24/12/2015

Mega Mirror


Improved ped.ifp


PS2 Feels Vice City Edition

Flash FM with "Running with the Night"

V-Rock with fixed "Cumin' Atcha Live"

Mega Mirror

KCHAT & VCPR in better quality

PS2 Police Radio and Grenade sound SFX

(police.vb from PS2 is recommended alongside VBdec)

Texture source





  Reveal hidden contents


Updated 23/07/2016

Fixed police station garage doors being white
Fixed bush collision in Starfish island
Fixed Teatro De Bell collision and cliping stairs behind it
Removed clipping part of curb by entrance to Diaz mansion complex
Fixed texturing of one of boat parking in Haiti
Fixed flying posters in Ryton Aide
Fixed flying plants near Diaz mansion and palm near Malibu club
Fixed collision of crane in docks (p.s. it became trap)
Added collision to fence in stadium
Moved generic.col from GTA3.IMG archive to vc\models\coll to actually apply fixes
Changed Skumole Shack windows to match PS2 version
Changed player9 and csplay9 textures to match each other
Fixed white texture of shadows on ship
Fixed collision of drug store in little havana and flying presription poster there
Added handles to Vic Vance's suitcase
Fixed Sunshine Auto Fences
Fixed path in front of VCN building
Fixed collision of Love fist poster
Fixed collision of road sings near Cherry Popper Ice Cream company
Fixed collision of Prawn Island mansions
Fixed collision of fire hydrant and sidewalk in Little Havana
Added collision of barrier on Prawn island
Fixed collision of wall in Downtown
Added collision for lamps of helipad in Downtown
Fixed collision in docks for path
Added collision to part of wall on Prawn island
Fixed rotation of sings near airport
Fixed gap on Starfish Island's bridge
Changed the material for man_grnd3.dff from concrete to mud
Added missing mesh to Hangar and wooden dock at the airport
Fixed the roof of the Cherry Popper
Fixed invisible walls of garage of Little Havana
Fixed lamp post positions around map
Fixed 2 barriers positions in Little Haiti
Fixed carpet texturing in Malibu club
Fixed collision of path near bank to be less grassy and more concrete
Fixed mall parking
Fixed graffity on buildings on Prawn Island
Restored black color of handles on suitcases in Docks cutscene to match PS2
Restored pillar of one salmonish building in Ocean Beach based on collision
Fixed ap_seaplanehanger1.dff (hangar) texture mapping
Fixed Vegetation vertex color: labiggrass.dff
Added missing face to nbt_hotel05.dff
Fixed misssing reflection for the pool using model above
Changed material around the pool above
Added missing face in seveneleven.dff
Fixed texture mapping in lhroofst07.dff
Fixed Avery's construction LOD always appearing
Better draw distance for top part of building near malibu
Better draw distance for Cherry Popper's interior
Added missing face to pool in movie studios
Fixed an untextured part and flipped some faces in Cherry Popper
Added missing faces to mansion
Fixed one way seeable fence near police station in Washington
Fixed one way seeable fence on building near mall
Opened Ken's and Martha's eyes on ig models
Changed beta race map to final one
Fixed neck color on Sgb and wmypi
Fixed missing parts and textures in Cherry popper
Fixed mid-air parts, missing stairs and lights on VCN building
Fixed destroyed Trojan's Vooodo mission interior being loaded with normal after mission
Fixed gap in man_frntstep.dff
Fixed Z-Fighting in Mansion1_A.dff
Fixed wrong texture in miamiland175.dff
Fixed UV mapping in lhavroad2.dff
Removed part of miamiland180 visible in hardware shop
Fixed wrong rgb on already fixed miamiland180.dff and miamiland037.dff
Fixed shadows in strip club
Added wmysk.dff new pair of rolles
Added 2dfx light in Downtown where they should be

Updated 18/03/2016
Added alpha on Rock City's glass back to match PS2 version (again duh)
Restored missing pool with bar near Vice City Inside Track
Fixed disco light for third time
Fixed construction site LOD always appearing on broken one
Changed one wire on dynamite from red to blue to have red and blue wires on dynamite
Changed brick texture on Printworks to match PS2 and also restored there alpha texture on windows
Fixed another missing part of road in downtown
Fixed large road signs not being lit
Changed Ocean Bay Marina to Vice City Marina to match PS2
Changed Elbee Chemists to Beale Chemist
Fixed Billboard not being lit in night and restored their lights in airport area
Changed Landstalker license plate from III to VC
Fixed badly placed aircon units along Ocean Drive
Fixed junction box section on road by the Hooker Inn
Fixed some sunken plants around hotel and one tree which was placed under the road
Fixed fixed glasses on Ken, Hilary and Doris
Fixed Mr. Vercetti outfit
Fixed reflection of the floor inside Vercetti Estate
Fixed reflection of the floor inside the bank
Restored Dispensary Vice Point window
Edited windows in Sunshine Autos a bit
Removed 2 added palms from Rafael's
Edited Vertex color of the vegetation inside the bank (hall, manager's office and 2nd floor) and Vercetti Estate
Corrected LODlBd1,2 and 3
Fixed scarbuildglas
Edited Texture glass_fence_64hv

Updated 24/12/2015
Fixed a collision bug in North Point Mall
Fixed building site LOD appearing on normal map
Fixed alpha of railings in downtown
Fixed bad texture in building site
Fixed Ken's Hilary's Delores's missing glass in glasses
Fixed railings and bridge texture in nbeach
Fixed in aparment 3c: not being able to see through the windows, areas being flagged too dark, collision bug at top of stairs outside, glass handrails not being visible from inside
Fixed stripper starts dancing before Tommy sits so he can't enjoy her show so much
Fixed traffic light in haiti
Fixed plants on rooftop in downtows
Fixed missing pool reflection at Vercetti Mansion
Added collision to Two-Bit Hit shovel
Restored rattling gate sound on Starfish island
Fixed underworld car wreck near lighthouse
Fixed Diaz model: skin texture and lazy arms
Restored Funeraria romero texture from PS2
Uncensored public parking sign telephone number
Fixed Phil's detonator texutre and TNT
Restored Farmacia central texture
Fixed wrong wall texture outside the Beach Patrol HQ
Fixed basketball net texture
Fixed glass and floating flower in Sunshine autos
You remeber the restored window in one shop near North point mall from last update? Ye now it's even more PS2 (or may i say PS4?)
Fixed some other plant's prelight
Fixed Disco's exterior light being turned on even during day
Fixed gold flags collision
Fixed water tower near disco collision
Fixed one static aeroplane on airport appering in first cutscene and colliding with other plane
Restored squalo red interor
Restored PS2 billboard texture
Added roof to LOD building in downtown
Added collision on crushed car cube in Phil's place
Non-solid objects now have collision
- Aircon units
- Cableboxes
- Alarms
- security cameras (downtown hospital)
- vents
- fixed collision on the learjet + radar
- firehose behind od_bigshops2
Fixed missing collision on downtwon hospital wall
Restored PS2 whitewash walls and green gate texture in starfish island
Fixed transparency issue with downtownS pharmacy glass
Removed alpha on Rock City's glass to match PS2
Fixed white box on billboards
Fixed b&w calendar in Phil's trailer
Fixed Sanchez's brake light
Changed boatyard Speeder and Reefer texture to ingame ones
Fixed smash bar blue texture to right one
Uncensored lhlightshopa256

Updated 17/11/2015
Fixed one random texture in haiti (haiticent.dff)
Fixed missing face on green building in Little Haiti (miamiland171.dff)
Fixed appearing lods in docks and downtown, when they shouldn't
Fixed Cuban Hermes collision - the damages to the right door went to the left door.
Fixed texture mapping on Cuban Hermes
Fixed Rio rotor
Flatbed is now colorable like on PS2
Fixed missing yellow stripes on pizza boy
Fixed Ammu nations windows in downtown (this time for real guyz)
Fixed Ocean View hotel shadows being actually shadows and not just simple missing face
Fixed Sunshine Autos bended glass
Fixed cut top of fence near Malibu
Fixed vegetation in front of Malibu club and in Movie studios
Added missing windows to food store near North Point Mall
Fixed signs and other object in and around airport
Fixed fences by Sunshine Autos with grass on concrete
Fixed opaque window in Cherry Popper factory
Fixed shadowing in one building where French courier escapes
Fixed fans in Tommys hotel room, which were completely untextured
Removed a bit of wall under bridge to Prawn Island
Mall roof is now semi-transparent like on PS2
Fixed textureless fence around upper floor of building used in "Loose Ends"
Changed "George's Bug" aircon to original PS2 "Frietrieh" one (litthabg1.txd only, others already have this)
Added LOD billboards around map
Fixed hole in Hyman Condos garages
Fixed dirt being seeable on hotel in Ocean drive only when too close
Added concrete tower to LOD building in Downtown to match nonLOD model and also to support 2DFX lights
Fixed Lances cop in-game texture having closed eyes
Fixed Cortezs yacht speeder not having collision at all
Fixed one deformed wall on Standing Vice Point
Added VCPR and KCHAT in better quality

Updated 7/11/2015
Fixed drugstore exterior in Haiti
Fixed texture mapping in some legs areas on ped: bfypro, bfyri, hfymd, hmyri, wfypr, wfyri, wfysh, wfysk.
Fixed removed hole from prostitute leg
Fixed WMORI's head mapping
Fixed Washington Beach Ammu-Nation roof
Fixed LOD of city seen from mansion and its missing textures
Fixed bugged fire escape railing
Fixed missing dirt textures (miamiland037.dff + miamiland180.dff) + door (littlhab1.txd)
Fixed WK Chariot LOD texture
Fixed bank roof

Updated 14/10/2015
Auntie Poulet in purple dress like on PS2 xbox and mobile and not like artwork
Added window to ammu nation in Downtown
Dynamite has now clock texture
centralresac1 has now fixed alpha for tree
cl_vegbits has now fixed alpha for tree
Uncensored censored plates in bb_barroom.txd & bb_barroomtrans.txd
LH_PWInterior2 has now texture of shadows for interior
wfyg2 changed to match PS2 version model
Fixed neons on ocean drive hotel
Slightly changed gunbook1 to uncesor it to match PS2
Added missing kb_vodka_64_256 texture to propbarstuff
Changed pw_poster2 & pw_poster1 to match PS2
Added missing Bow_Drug_neon & Bow_drug_packets to chem
Fixed missing glass in Rock City
Fixed railing textures
Fixed Coach texture
Fixed cut off texture in od_bphq
Fixed alpha of wenifall_black in od_bigshops2
Fixed fan texture at airport
Sloppy removed doubled door in club
Added PS2 reefer
Added PS2 predator
Added PS2 tropic
Fixed badly streched carpet in mansion
Added missing roof to mansion above stairs
Fixed missing water by Mercedes house
Fixed missing H for heliport by Mercedes house
Fixed missing H for heliport in Washington where Hunter spawns
Fixed trees placement all around map
Fixed railings in front part of mansion
Fixed sea corpses placement
Changed Jezz IG texture to match PS2 and CS model
Added missing texture to soap dispenser in Apartment 3C (only appear on xbox version, another example or R* Vienna altering R* Vision)
Uncesored some more censored textures (posters in Little Haiti)
Changed Jumpside texture from Ocean Bay Marina to Vice City Marina
Changed Wok & Roll to Wok & Wok
Changed Tec9 model to match PS2

Updated 29/09/2015
CSJuggz changed to match 1st PS2 version model
CrewA changed to match 1st PS2 version model
Fixed Alberta Hotel windows alpha bug
Jmoto texture changed to match PS2 version
Fan texture in mall fixed
Fixed crane top in docks
Fixed badly placed aircons in docks
Added some tools into Bunch of Tools (Washington Beach) & Screw This (Little Havana)
Added mall flags on North point mall
Grenade pickup behind washington police station changed to tear gas to match 1st release of PS2 VC
Wfysk & Wmysk skater texture fixed
Mirror in malibu club mirror some more
Fixed floating carpet in hotel
Fixed unreacheable outfit in Havana
Fixed floating payphones in Washington
Fixed floating gate displays in airport
Fixed parking gate at airport
Added Malibu Club props to match interior
Fixed fences behind Malibu Club
Fixed Rock City
Fixed Sunshine Autos
Restored PS2 weapon names (English only)
Fixed whole vegetation pre-light
Fixed untextured airport car park fence
VCIA changed to EIA to match PS2
Added PS2 loading and splash screens which are in higher quality
Added Jocksport with texture combined of PS2 and PC
Fixed palm collision
Fixed deformed fences at airport
Fixed shifted Gate A at airport
Fixed missing ceiling at airport
Changed bench Mean taxi texture to match PS2
Fixed underworld beach hut
Glass pane escalators at Airport and in NPM fixed
Added missing aircon texture at Laundromat
Fixed pizza windows (i think every pizza need 'em)
Fixed some wooden planks
Fixed allahu akbar rockets shooted from Hunter
Fixed lighthouse and its beam
Fixed some railings at back of mansion
Fixed Police station in Washington Beach
Fixed Mansion in Prawn Island
Fixed Police station in Downtown (Mainly heliport)
Fixed bridges
Added luggages to docks as on PS2
Fixed many things in mall
Fixed El Nuevo Siglo Supermarket
Fixed Cortez yacht
Fixed invisible doors in Prawn island
Newstand improved to match better GTA3 model
Fixed guard house in film studio
Changed coach texture to match PS2 one
Fixed hotel where you chase that guy with chainsaw
Changed railing texture to match PS2
Changed white door texture to colored one to match PS2
Fixed Ocean View shadowing
Changed aircon texture from Georges bug to Frietrieh to match PS2
Changed bar at Ocean View hotel to match PS2
Changed Deli shop where they sell donuts to match PS2
Changed unbuyable property icon color from blue to red to match PS2
Fixed plants and lamps in Ken's office
Changed Rock City texture to match PS2
Fixed beam from G-Spotligh
Fixed invisble rock
Changed gate texture in film studio to match PS2
Changed + Fixed hud textures as well as weapon textures and models to match PS2
Changed some bottle and other textures to be uncesored as on PS2
Changed undercover cop to black to match PS2 (reversed Michael Jackson)
Fixed bugged idle animation for several weapons
Removed textureless sign from Marina Sand's hotel
Fixed flying ventilation in oceandrv
Fixed missing light in helipad light
Fixed half sunken barricades at Hyman Condo
Fixed semaphore that was on house
Fixed floating palm tree in front of Vice Point Langer Hotel
Fixed floating news stands around airport
Fixed floating barriers in Little Havana
Changed Interglobal posters to match PS2
Fixed Pay 'n spray sign that was hidden right in Dan Houser's a*s
Changed cab calendar texture to be in color to match PS2
Fixed building site
Removed broken LOD.
Removed non-lod from LOD world.
Removed beta building from super LOD.
Increased draw distance of LOD building that isn't in a super LOD so it can be seen anywhere on map.
Removed the "ghost tower" from super LOD.
Fixed the corona shadow colour of lamppost2, so it now matches the colour of the corona.
You can now see window lights from tall buildings at any distance.
The spotlight and corona in downtown is now visible from any distance.
Fixed a corona on ocean drive that was originally meant to be a smoke cloud
Fixed a collision bug by the bridge outside the film studio, players can no longer reach the second island this way.
Fixed the neons outside Malibu
Fixed Avery's construction site, it's draw distance was too low.
Restored missing interior objects that were present in PS2 version (Thanks to Silent)
Fixed the interior for both construction sites, the draw distance was too low on both of them compared to the non-LOD mesh.
The night-time windows on the Chariot Hotel now appear at the same time that all the other night-time windows do.
Adjusted pointlightrange and shadow size for white street lights as they were too big before.
Adjusted pointlightrange and shadow size for bollard lights as they were also too big before.
Moved the plants slightly in the Ocean View Hotel so they no longer clip through the wall.
Fans now reflect in the lobby of the Ocean View Hotel.
Removed coronas from the doors of the hospital in Little Hati.
Fixed some hotel textures
Fixed guns and posters in Ammunation in washington
Fixed guns in Ammunation in mall
Fixed glass in toolshop in mall
Fixed missing poster in Ammunation in mall
Added mall shadows to match PS2
Fixed toolshop in Washington beach
Fixed missing white parking lines behind Cams Can Openers
Fixed Tracks in Sand On The Beach
Fixed Starfish Island Arches
Fixed crates and changed their texture to match PS2
Fixed Howlin' Petes Biker Emporium
Changed Phil's phone number to uncensored
Fixed missing golf textures
Uncensored Laundromat phone number
Some brands recolored/uncensored
Changed CS audio of The driver from The Message to In a Big Country
Butcher poster is back baby
Fixed Little Havana Shop
Changed Hotel's poster to match PS2
Changed particles from reuse GTA3 one to PS2 one
And of course greenwall1 and 2




  Reveal hidden contents

Updated 24/12/2015
Added other pack of varios weapon textures with black dots changed to transparent one

Updated 14/10/2015
Renamed to VCLF improvements
Added better bins
Added better bollards
Added better newsstand
Added varios weapon textures with black dots changed to transparent one

Updated 29/09/2015
Added barriers in washington parking lot and little haity and downtown
Added glass to Funeraia Romero and butcher store
Added windows around Nbeach
Added bushes by Moist Palms Hotel
Added bushes by Ocean View Hospital
Added bushes by some building in Downtown
Added windows to some nbeach pharmacy
Added bushes behind mansion
Added barriers, newpaper stands near aiport
Added window to Ken's office
Added window to some store in Vice Point
Added bushes to North Point Mall car parking
Added bushes to Hotel where you chase dat guy with chainsaw



Improved ped.ifp


  Reveal hidden contents

fixed walk_fat so the left arm doesn't twitch between the first and last frames
replaced the death animation for getting shot in the stomach with one converted from GTA 3, as it looks more visually interesting
fixed RIFLE_fire so the last frame matches up with the idling animation and the weapon doesn't slide out of Tommy's left hand
fixed one frame in the minigun/flame thrower animation where tommy's arms twitch to the left
imported some animations from PS2 including the weapon idling stances, some woman walking animations, and the middle finger gesture which now an "up yours!" instead
created a new idle animation for the rocket launcher, so it matches the others and isn't just one plain pose
fixed one of the death animations so the last frame is exactly the same pose as a normal corpse and isn't off
replaced one of the jogging animations as they were originally both identical, female joggers now jog like in san andreas
added an idle animation to the knife so it isn't just one pose, made using the fist-fighting stance
modified the talking, head-scratching, taxi-hailing, and waiting animations so the legs can move independently, allowing for peds to scratch their heads while running or talk to each other while roller skating in place
replaced the female idling stance with one converted from GTA3
added finger movements to a handful of animations that lacked them, for the head-scratching animation you can actually see their fingers move up and down!
modified some animations to reduce leg-jiggling
run-stopping animations have been redone, they are now based on sprint_civi instead of run_civi and the transition to the idling animation has been made smoother
the pistol-firing animation for cops has been changed so it isn't identical to the python one, the legs now stay in one place





*Open Limit Adjuster
(it's red because it's needed to run this mod)
(requires Ultimate ASI Loader, which is already included in WS fix and Skygfx)

If you run into crash near Gash shop in North Point mall center open limit_adjuster_gta3vcsa.ini and in [VCLIMITS] change EntryInfoNode = 3200 to EntryInfoNode = 30000

*Ped Speech Patch




*Potent Tear Gas

(remove vcpd_ps2_teargas.cs from VCLF/cleo)


*Updated SCM

*Vice City Widescreen Fix

*Mouse Wheel Radio Changer



DISCLAIMER: All modifications have been tested and are working correctly, but anyway I don't take any responsibility for damage that may appear after or while installing of one of the various modifications. Install at your own risk.


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this mod is a f*cking mess it will screw up ur game 

0/10 dont download it

  • KEKW 3
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On 3/28/2021 at 8:38 PM, ryder4 said:

this mod is a f*cking mess it will screw up ur game 

0/10 dont download it

It works but this mod needs a map fixes mod

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On 3/30/2021 at 1:43 AM, JackGamer said:

It works but this mod needs a map fixes mod

Those mods can't work together as far as I know. It causes hilarious bugs like sea rocks on streets. Better alternative is to use map mod from page 91 (Garpown provided PS2 Map) at least until this mod gets a remake or new update.

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On 9/23/2020 at 12:02 PM, Garpown said:

VCLF is full of bugs at this point and is missing some textures and model fixes which are still broken. The mod needs to be updated or just use something different which I will recommend.


First, get the OpenLimitAdjuster script and set ExtraObjectsDir to a higher value. I set it to 356.

Then, use only this: http://aap.papnet.eu/gta/ps2_map_vc_new.7z

Remove these 2 textures from it: hai_hoj.txd & lhaitiblksick.txd because they appear textureless sometimes. Other than that, you won't have any more bugs with this map mod.

Oh and if you want fixes for vehicles too: http://aap.papnet.eu/gta/ps2_vehicles_vc.7z

Add these 2 lines to the top of default.dat:




Also, use skygfx and make sure disableBackfaceCulling is set to 1. Or some things won't render properly with this map mod. And even if you don't like the trails stuff, you can just disable it in the ingame menu so it still looks like the PC version, everything will then work flawlessly. 

broken links

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7 hours ago, JackGamer said:

broken links

Yeah, just tried them as well. That's inconvenient. 

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I just tried this mod and after Installing there is a strange glitch with some fences and interiors walls that are only textured on one side and the other side they are just invisible, it has happened on some fences on some bridges and in interiors like the ocean view hotel and the malibu club 

Edited by Precursors Fun World
bad spelling
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On 3/13/2021 at 3:04 PM, Gonney said:

Guys I need help the palm trees in the game now look like peace of paper after I install gta3.img folder from PS2 Feels Vice City Edition file
Is there any fix?



EDIT: I fixed it

how did you fix it?

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3 hours ago, tommy95 said:


but in this pack weapon textures are broken, also doesn't work with old saves

As far as I know old saves won't work as soon as you mod a game a lot (like changing a map etc), as for textures not sure. There's a readme.txt with instructions, did you check it?


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Please make a mod of vice city stories weather for gta vc

Edited by YareYareDazeOra
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10 hours ago, YareYareDazeOra said:

Please make a mod of vice city stories weather for gta vc

That mod already exists: https://www.gtagarage.com/mods/show.php?id=7683

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  • 2 weeks later...
On 1/29/2021 at 9:50 PM, B_Smiles said:


Washington Heights apartment

- fixed missing textures, matches appearance in VCS (but texture can be changed to preference)

  Reveal hidden contents



Fixed UV mapping on mansion boundary walls (both sides)

  Reveal hidden contents



Fixed baton

  Reveal hidden contents



Fixed depot LOD

  Reveal hidden contents



Tarbrush Café back office

- fixed walls / tables

  Reveal hidden contents



Kaufman Cabs

  Reveal hidden contents



Washington Beach VCPD HQ

  Reveal hidden contents



Washington beach house

- fixed exterior

- additional version with hedge to match LOD

  Reveal hidden contents



1st one doesn't work for me. I tried it multiple times but stairs are still without a texture (white).


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2 hours ago, ChubbyB0b said:

1st one doesn't work for me. I tried it multiple times but stairs are still without a texture (white).


Have you checked your modloader folder if it contains another txd of the same name?

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17 hours ago, B_Smiles said:

Have you checked your modloader folder if it contains another txd of the same name?

Yep, I tried that fix only, removed everything from modloader and only put txt. and .dff but nothing. I tried putting it into LF Mod to gta3 where other fixes are but it's still same. Other fixes work fine.

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On 5/8/2021 at 7:03 AM, JackGamer said:

I fixed this by turning off backface cuilling in skygfx (set it to 0) but problem with this is that if you set that to 0 it breaks other parts of the map, meaning they become bugged. It's kinda lose-lose situation, you fix something but other things break.

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The doontoon21.dff file from "ps2 feel..." is all white when i put it

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10 hours ago, JackGamer said:

The floor is fixed but not the building.

"You fix something but other things break" what things??




For me it fixed mall floor but breaks skumole shack safehouse, textures disappear completely and renders fences invisible from one side, and missing window stuff from ammu-nations etc.

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