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George Costanza

Vice City - The Leftovers Fix

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is anyone else getting heavy stuttering when using ps2 feels?

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\for some reason i lack the weapon name and texture changes from ps2 edition in your mod 


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On 5/2/2018 at 1:06 AM, Nicky_T said:

None of the mods you listed seems to be incompatible with VCLF but if I was you, I'll try to re-install the whole game again, then install everything on it again as 1.0 EXE, modloader, all of the mods etc BUT now test one by one to find out which one is crashing. I'm suspecting of VC GFX colliding with SkyGfx but that has nothing to do with VCLF since both are just plugins but who knows. Also what is Rage Italic? Some fonts mod?



Right, so after re-installing the whole game I ran a few tests and I can conclude that the prob definitely comes from the VCLF mod as the game runs perfectly normal with all the rest listed mods when VCLF is not included. I can also conclude on the exact spot where the game crashes - it's the no-name-hotel right behind the Marina Sands Hotel with red carpet at the entrance, golden HOTEL letters and a pool place beside it.


Could it be that this hotel's files are corrupted in any way?


If I knew the names of the files themselves I would have either reported them by now or simply removed them from the gta3.img folder. :(

Hello there.


Remember that thread? I finally figured out which is the corrupt file: that would be washbuild021.dff


Without it, the VCLF runs with no issues in the aforementioned area of the map.


Let's hope we get a fixed version of the file some day.


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On 12/24/2018 at 4:18 AM, hlennarz said:



Can someone please re-up this?  I can't find it anywhere else.


Many thanks.

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Hello! Can you please tell me which files are responsible for the reflection of water in the Docks? Is it possible to somehow pull out the files that are responsible for this fix? I want to install separately from all fixes. Please who knows, help me.




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I recommend you not remove anything from the mod, some of them are embedded to IDE/IPL stuff as those puddles in the docks, if you do so, your game will crash forever lol.

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