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There should be some type of option for male & female characters to have offspring if they should want to. Then, once the child is born each character has to pay a certain amount of money per month/week/whatever in order to provide for the child's needs.


This would be billed like the mechanic & utility bill payments. There should be some type of consequences to going broke, like a 1-star wanted level or something until you can make those payments. I say only 1 star because just like IRL, child support is not something that is readily enforced, at least in my experience, and a 1-star wanted level is easy enough to evade, but in this case the 1-star would stay permanently until payments are being made again.


When the child reaches 18 years it would then be playable as an additional character, starting at say, level 8-ish.


Also, lets say for example that a male character visits one of the *ahem* ladies of the night in Los Santos. There should be the chance/danger of impregnating said lady. At that point the character should have the option to meet the child support payments or decide to be a deadbeat parent. If you decide to be a deadbeat parent you should get a permanent 2-star wanted level that would disappear when the child turns 18. However, you would still owe the back child support & a percentage would be taken out of all jobs, car sales, etc. They could also make it to where you could only buy certain types of ammo like pistol ammo & you can't buy any RPGs if your payments are in arrears.


There could also be "day after" options or medical offices that you could visit in Los Santos to address the issue. It would be even more realistic if there were protesters there and what if one of them sticky bombed the entrance to the building?!


The player could also demand a DNA test to prove he is responsible for the child support.



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Or.... You could drop a grenade in the crib, no child support.

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What would be the benefit? Everything you listed is a detriment and would just cost us GTA $. The only positive I read was having the character start out at level 8 which I would take a free character at lvl 0 over an expensive lvl 8.


If this isn't a troll thread, bad idea imo.

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Hell, I'd pay to see a GTA version of the Maury show.

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