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SkyGfx: PS2, Xbox and Mobile graphics for PC

The Hero
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Popular Posts

SkyGfx (Sky is name of Renderware for the PS2, any semblance to the actual sky is purely accidental) brings accurate PS2 and Xbox graphics to the PC version of San Andreas, Vice City and III  

Xbox-like code is implemented and seems to be working perfectly finally!!

Version 3.1 turned out to be bigger than I had thought. See OP for the link to the release. The first two inis are PS2 and PC like config as before. The third ini has some custom settings like the ne

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2 hours ago, LaDiDa said:

PS2 like behaviour is very CPU intensive. However this shouldn't matter too much if you run anything recent. Also dynamic "3D" shadows suck up a lot of GPU resources in certain parts of the map.

For some reason, that skygfx feature contains only 2 files (Skygfx.asi and Skygfx.ini) but the regular one contains few more files like skygfx1, skygfx2, skygfx3, etc.

Using the regular one causes the already mentioned texture bug but there are no issues with FPS though, hence using the one with 2 files results complete opposite.

I tried to turn off everything related to shadows in .ini file but it literally helped nothing. I've been struggling with this bullsh*ttery for a long period of time, I don't have any clue what to do anymore.

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Radiosity was originally set to Shader and that caused significant lose of FPS, by changing it to PS2 I got my FPS back and everything works clean now!



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I can't get the Xbox (neo) reflections to work in Vice City. I definitely did chose them in the ini file, have the mod along with d3d8to9 and Ultimate ASI Loader installed, but still only the PC reflections show up. What's going on? I have Windows 10 1909 64-bit and AMD RX Vega 8 GPU. Only other mods I have are widescreen fix and SilentPatch. I am using v1.0 of the game.

Edited by RyderNibba69
Forgot to finish sentence.
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Looking cool and decent, unlike many other similar stuff but nothing beats the almighty SkyGFX.

  • KEKW 3
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This is just like GTA V. It's not the same game any more

6 hours ago, ChengizVlad09 said:


Looking cool and decent, unlike many other similar stuff but nothing beats the almighty SkyGFX.

That's like V, it's not the same game anymore.

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It's a global GitHub problem: https://www.githubstatus.com/

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On 6/30/2020 at 9:31 PM, nkjellman said:

So I've noticed a bug with the Mobile and Env reflections.

At first, I felt like I was not seeing them. However, if I switch the reflection type to LCS/VCS reflections, and back, they seem to work.

BUT, they do not update. So if I do the switch, and start driving around, the reflection map will be biased off the area I was in. Minimizing my game will restore them back to no reflection. Then I have to switch them to LCS/VCS and back to update them.

Any idea how this could be fixed? It seems like they are generated on 1 frame, then they fail to continue updating. I wouldn't think this one would be all that hard to fix.

Has anyone experienced this issue I posted a few weeks back, or have any insight on it?

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10 hours ago, nkjellman said:

Has anyone experienced this issue I posted a few weeks back, or have any insight on it?

Was already answered by The Hero:


They need the building pipeline hooked, otherwise i'm pretty sure they work fine.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Hello, how to not have cars colors changed? To look like default (with no skygfx), not dark red etc.
timecycle24.asi fix this but my Skybox (Better Skybox from mixmods) will look different and I dont like it.

Any ideas?

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On 7/30/2020 at 3:41 PM, LaDiDa said:

Timecyc.dat related (post process fx to be specific). You'd have to adapt it to your liking if you want to use the post processing effects.

Anyone who can help me to adapt "Better Skybox" with SkyGfx? I let timcyc.data here: https://www.mediafire.com/file/uvjb3px9gsly04z/file

Skybox cleo: 



Edited by MBT
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Hello !


Great mod !

The Ambient Occlusion from the NVIDIA Control Panel conflicts with SkyGFX with a large loss of FPS, can you please fix this issue, if possible?



Edited by Budyy
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The game blacks out and crashes (silently, so I have no crash dump) when I try to start the mission "Explosive Situation". Tested on a clean game only with Skygfx installed. My INI :


; Custom configuration

;; If you leave the value empty (e.g. buildingPipe= ) or remove the line,
;; the default PC setting will be used, in some cases the game code will not
;; even be touched then. This might be useful should there be incompatibilities
;; with other mods.

;; Hotkeys for toggling in game
;;  The numbers below are VK keycodes, you can look them up on https://msdn.microsoft.com/de-de/library/windows/desktop/dd375731(v=vs.85).aspx
;;  I'm aware this is super sh*tty. Set to zero or remove the lines to disable.
;;  keySwitch=0x79          ; cycle through inis (0x79 = F10)
keyReload=0x7A          ; reload all inis (0x7A = F11)

;; Texture modulation:     ps2Modulate(Building|Grass)
;;   Emulates the PS2 way of texture modulation.
;;   In practice this means the world and grass will be brighter
;; Dual pass:              dualPass(Default|Ped|Building|Vehicle|Grass)
;;   Enables dual pass to fix alpha issues (emulates PS2 behaviour). This could affect performance
;;   NOTE: set TwoPassRendering=0 in SilentPatch when using dualPassBuilding=1
;; These are used as fallback if the fine tuned settings are not set:

;; Render Pipelines
buildingPipe=Xbox       ; Select the building pipeline settings to be used, they only differ in reflection and lighting
                        ;  values: "PS2", "Xbox"
                        ;  otherwise the pipeline will not be hooked (in this case this setting cannot be changed at runtime)
detailMaps=1            ; Enable mobile detail maps (needs texdb files)
vehiclePipe=Env         ; Select the vehicle pipeline to be used
                        ;  values: "PS2", "PC", "Xbox", "Spec" (like PS2 but with specular lighting), "Neo" (like III/VC Xbox), "LCS", "VCS", "Mobile", "Env"
                        ;  otherwise the pipeline will not be hooked (in this case this setting cannot be changed at runtime)
envMapSize=512          ; Size of the reflection map used for Neo and Mobile car reflections (rounded up to next power of 2).
leedsShininessMult=1.0  ; Leeds reflection intensity multiplier
neoShininessMult=1.0    ; Neo reflection intensity multiplier
neoSpecularityMult=1.0  ; Neo specular light intensity multiplier
envShininessMult=5.0   ; Env reflection intensity multiplier
envSpecularityMult=1.0  ; Env specular light intensity multiplier
envPower=100.0          ; Env specular light power (the higher the smaller the highlight)
envFresnel=1.0          ; Env fresnel strength
sunGlare=1              ; Sun glare on cars like in VC

;; Grass
grassAddAmbient=1       ; Add current ambient light to grass color like on the PS2
grassFixPlacement=1     ; Fix the grass placement bug in the PC version. There is hardly a reason to disable this
grassBackfaceCull=0     ; Enable or disable backface culling for grass. PS2 has it disabled, PC has it enabled. This could affect performance

;; Shadows (if unset game settings will be used)
pedShadows=1            ; Enable dynamic ped shadows
stencilShadows=1        ; Enable stencil shadows (vehicles and poles)

;; Color filter
colorFilter=Mobile        ; Select the color filter
                        ; Values: "PS2", "PC", "Mobile", (needs colorcycle.dat), "None"
usePCTimecyc=1          ; Uncomment this if you use a PC timecyc.dat instead of a PS2 timecyc.dat or any timecycp.dat
blurLeft=   0           ; Override PS2 color filter blur offset from stream.ini (comment out to use values from stream.ini)
blurTop=    0           ; To disable blur set these to 0
blurRight=  0
blurBottom= 0
;; Radiosity
doRadiosity=1           ; Enable or disable radiosity (comment out to use pe_bRadiosity from stream.ini)
radiosity=Shader        ; Select implementation. values: "Shader", "PS2"
;; Misc
disableClouds=0         ; Disable the far clouds on the horizon. They're bugged on the PS2. (cannot be toggled at runtime)
disableGamma=1          ; Brightness slider doesn't change gamma (cannot be toggled at runtime)
neoWaterDrops=0         ; Use Neo water drops on screen (cannot be toggled at runtime)
neoBloodDrops=0         ; Use Neo water drops on screen (requires neoWaterDrops)
transparentLockon=1     ; Use transparent rocket lock on like on PS2 (cannot be toggled at runtime)
lightningIlluminatesWorld=1    ; Lightning flash only illuminates the sky on PS2 but world geometry too on PC
fixPcCarLight=1            ; removes fixed PC car diffuse and ambient light (cannot be toggled at runtime)
coronaZtest=1            ; sets z-test on coronas. 0 to disable (PS2), 1 to enable (PC) (overrides SilentPatch)
fixShadows=0            ; fix z-problems with shadows as on PS2. tends to break with high far clip plane (cannot be toggled at runtime)

;; Modify final colors in YCbCr space
; YCbCrCorrection=1    ; turns this on or off (default 0)
; lumaScale=0.8588    ; multiplier for Y (default 0.8588)
; lumaOffset=0.0627    ; this is added to Y (default 0.0627)
; CbScale=1.22        ; like above with Cb and Cr (default 1.22)
; CbOffset=0.0        ; (default 0.0)
; CrScale=1.22        ; (default 1.22)
; CrOffset=0.0        ; (default 0.0)

;;;;; Advanced fine tuning

; When disabled, don't hook. Attach building pipe on all models with two sets of vertex colours (this breaks the parachute animation)
; When 0, like above but don't override explicitly set pipelines
; When 1, only attach building pipe when explicitly set by dff (like Xbox and PS2)
;; PS2 texture modulation, these override ps2Modulate
; ps2ModulateBuilding=1
; ps2ModulateGrass=1
;; Dual pass, these override dualPass
; dualPassBuilding=1
; dualPassVehicle=1
; dualPassGrass=1
; dualPassPed=1
; dualPassDefault=1       ; everything else
;; This value controls the threshold of the dual pass below which Z is not written
; zwriteThreshold=128        ; Set to 255 to get Silent's dual pass effect (default 128)

;; PostFX
; These three are tied to colorFilter if not explicitly set:
; infraredVision=PS2      ; Select the infrared vision
;                         ;  values: "PS2", "PC"
; nightVision=PS2         ; Select the night vision
;                         ;  values: "PS2", "PC"
; grainFilter=PS2         ; Select the grain filter for infrared, night vision and rain
;                         ;  values: "PS2", "PC"

;; Radiosity settings
; radiosityFilterPasses=2      ; How often the frame will be downsampled (dimensions are halved each time) (default 2)
radiosityRenderPasses=1      ; How often the radiosity effect will be applied to the frame (default 1)
radiosityIntensity=15        ; Multiplier for radiosity intensity (default 35)


Need you @The Hero


Edited by The Lucky Mole
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  • 2 weeks later...

New release for VC: fixed mobile VC trails



Lukcy Mole: urgh...maybe another time. at least give me a save game to test this.

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On 3/19/2018 at 11:15 PM, LaDiDa said:

You put it in mss folder. Just drop it in root directory or scripts folder.

I put dinput8.dll where it is supposed to go but I still get the same error message.

Edited by Schwibber1
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48 minutes ago, Schwibber1 said:

I put dinput8.dll where it is supposed to go but I still get the same error message.

uhhh, wow that was long ago, dinput8.dll goes in root folder.

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Yeah, I put it in the root folder but I still get the same error.


I already had this mod earlier where I also got the error even though I did everything correct and somehow I fixed it but I don't know how anymore so I'm asking here.

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It tells me that SkyGfx cannot be loaded with the default Mss32 ASI loader and that I should Ultimate ASI loader or Simple ASI loader.

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7 hours ago, Schwibber1 said:

It tells me that SkyGfx cannot be loaded with the default Mss32 ASI loader and that I should Ultimate ASI loader or Simple ASI loader.

Maybe get it?

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10 hours ago, Schwibber1 said:

It tells me that SkyGfx cannot be loaded with the default Mss32 ASI loader and that I should Ultimate ASI loader or Simple ASI loader.

So you install ultimate ASI loader & put skygfx.asi in either scripts or root folder along with the skygfx.ini?


Don't put it in mss folder since it'll load too late.

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Let me explain my problem very carefully:


I bought and downloaded GTA 3, Vice City and San Andreas from Steam.


I downgraded each game to version 1.0


I installed the following mods:

- Silent Patch and ddraw.dll

- Widescreen Fix and Widescreen Frontend

- GInput

- Project2DFX

- SkyGfx

- Ultimate ASI Loader

(I put everything where it is supposed to go, including dinput8.dll)


GTA San Andreas works perfectly fine


Whenever I launch GTA 3 or Vice City I get this error message:"SkyGfx cannot be loaded by the default Mss32 ASI loader. Use another ASI loader". I have the Ultimate ASI loader and I have put dinput8.dll in the root directory. I also put in the scripts folder to see if it works but it still doesn't.


I think this should be understandable now.


Edit: I fixed it by putting vorbisFile.dll and vorbisHooked.dll into the folder.

Edited by Schwibber1
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When using YCbCrCorrection with disableGamma = 1 and you Alt+Tab the game - the dynamic shadows of peds and player are disappear.

Edited by Philips_27
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hi, i have a problem on gta vc with this mod, i even had it in gta 3, but then i resolved it moving some files from official gtamods wiki for skygfx, on gta vc it dosen't load even with the moved files and the ultimate asi loader, can someone reply to me? thanks

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I have this crappy Full HD monitor that however, serves its purpose nicely though and I will be stuck with it for a period to come. Anyways, it is radiating this blue light like crazy and is putting a lot of eye strain. Interestingly, I found out about this program called the " f.lux ", that blocks the blue light radiation, saving you the eye strain trouble. Interestingly enough, since my favorite mod is SkyGfx, I discovered that by using this program, colors and the feel of that PS2 visual experience SkyGfx gives is enhanced even further, so to say. It's nothing major in the sense of PS2 fidelity, SkyGfx does its job flawlessly and spot on, but it kinda provides even mellower and more color rich experience, almost CRT alike. 

Edited by ChengizVlad09
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My SA is crashing in specific points on the map, and I check that the SkyGfx 4.0 is the cause of my problem, and idk why, It's not the first time.

Btw, I try with the Open Limit Adjuser and fix my problem but is there another solution?

I have installed only: 

ASI Loader

Silent's Patch




Crash Log: 


Current process ID: 7144
Current thread ID: 13384
Last file to be loaded: C:\Users\LucasSlavv\Desktop\GTA San Andreas\audio/sfx/pain_a
Last library loaded: C:\WINDOWS\system32\QuickTime.qts
Exception address: 0x00542721 ("gta_sa.exe"+0x142721)
Exception code: 0xC0000005
Inaccessible memory address: 0xC

General registers:
EAX: 0x00000000 (0)
EBX: 0x00B99CCC (12164300)
ECX: 0x061CD288 (102552200)
EDX: 0x000001F4 (500)
ESI: 0x062B185C (103487580)
EDI: 0x00B99CD0 (12164304)
EBP: 0x0A95273C (177547068)
ESP: 0x0177F7F0 (24639472)
EIP: 0x00542721 (5515041)
EFL: 0x00010246 (66118)


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