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SkyGfx: PS2, Xbox and Mobile graphics for PC

The Hero
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Popular Posts

SkyGfx (Sky is name of Renderware for the PS2, any semblance to the actual sky is purely accidental) brings accurate PS2 and Xbox graphics to the PC version of San Andreas, Vice City and III  

Xbox-like code is implemented and seems to be working perfectly finally!!

Version 3.1 turned out to be bigger than I had thought. See OP for the link to the release. The first two inis are PS2 and PC like config as before. The third ini has some custom settings like the ne

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As said in the other topics, love it :^:


These two are actually one of the only mods I got installed... and I rarely mod my modding semi-clean copy of SA ;)

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Well, it took us over 10 years to finally stop users to beg for PS2 features....

Finally a topic for those, everything in one nice place :)

And the "buggy" car lights, are actually nice looking!

I've made some screenshots with this and mods on the PS2 features topic...everything seems to be working fine!



Edited by MrMateczko
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Great job on these! I hope there will be fix in the reflection mod for the SAMP incompatibility and for the envmap texture move problem. :)

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Car doors flicker a bit for me with beta 4, and I hope you can fix that light projection issue on cars, other than that the mod is simply awesome, thank you so much!

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The Hero

I don't know what SAMP does that it's so buggy.

And the key is F6, I fixed the description (I used F5 previously).


Silent: what does /MD even do? What should I do instead?

Edited by THE HERO
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what does /MD even do? What should I do instead?

That means that your compiled project requires VC++ Runtime (msvcr***.dll). You can make it independent with /MT switch


To set this compiler option in the Visual Studio development environment
  1. Open the project's Property Pages dialog box.

  2. Expand the C/C++ folder.

  3. Select the Code Generation property page.

  4. Modify the Runtime Library property.

Edited by Alt
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The Hero

That's what I thought but someone (inadequate?) said it still needed the msvcr*.dll. I compiled a version with /MT, checked with OllyDbg and indeed I don't see the dll being loaded. Maybe he was confused by all the different versions because I always just replaced the old file.


I updated the zip, so please use this now.

Edited by THE HERO
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Using the ps2 reflection seems to make some objects(tires, license plate, etc) on the car brighter.


PC specular





PS2 Refl




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You still forget to mention the bug about the PS2 post-processing turning off when you speed in car due to blur causing some kind of collision :p

Edited by Blackbird88
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The motion blur stuff AFAIK, is because that the blurring uses the raw non post processed(not the original PC) stuff as a base for blurring. Maybe try redirecting into the PS2 post process as a base for the blur?

Edited by pwnedgod
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Hey man, that reflection is same with Original reflection.Headlight and taillight is pretty dark.Exploded car is not black.In beta3 custom part still dark,maybe is that model`s problem.Check out https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resid=3AFC5A77AC16DE8%21324



[sorry for my bad english :sui:]




Problem with reflections on Sadler. http://imgur.com/iaTs9eA





Make sure you guys don't include %C2%A0 in your links. (;

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The Hero

Yep, and the environment chunk is screwed as well (but exists). I think there are fixed versions of these vehicles for PC by Aztecas_5.

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Yes,i fixed the sadler

Check the first link in my signature if you want it or just pm me


Vehicles with no specular:

Dodo,Sadler,Sandking,Uranus,Super GT,Tugstairs




I just noticed that thee bonnet and the boot are totally black after detaching them while other parts keep the original color

Edited by Aztecas_5
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Hello THE HERO ! I have some very, VERY weird... emm... glitch here. I'll try to explain. When I press PrintScreen - I get 2 screenshots: one made by FRAPS, another made by game itself.

This is the shot made by game

Looks like everything is OK right?

GAME shot



NO !!! Because THIS is WHAT I actually SEE !!!

FRAPS shot



Looks like tiny difference in brightness, but ingame it really looks like all colors are "washed out" and it bothers me so much. I tried to solve this problem by myself from the very first publication of this mod. I posted that this mod lacks contrast and I am so sorry about that, because now I know there is something wrong on my side. But I do not know WHAT. I defaulted every single brightness setting on my hardware and software. I do not actually get original PS2 experience I was waiting for so long. It is not complaining, I just want to figure it out.

Please, maybe you have some ideas about possible reason of this... glitch.

some more shots





That may be even not the mod's fault, Even vanilla game looks like "washed out".



game's shot (vanilla)


fraps shot (vanilla)




P.S. I can kinda "mimic" the true effect of your mod with SweetFX increasing contrast. But nights will become too dark and places that are "in shadow" will also be too dark .

Edited by uncaged
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Is fault of the game, look at the perennial wheels on the first screenshots, is a little bit pixeliated. The quality of the image (with game screenshots, no fraps) is a little bit bad.

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But the shot made by game looks better and even more, shots of local users look just like my shot made with game.


inadequate, that is because this shots are made with lovely2 (I used it because of blur, I love it). But lovely3a shows EXACTLY the same glitch I am talking about.


By the way I also have shots made with WinSnap. And they are exactly the same as shots made by game.


EDIT the shot's resolution is 1280x1024 that is actually my monitor's res and maybe that is why they are bit bad :)

Edited by uncaged
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