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[XOne/PS4] Learn how to make an attractive female character

Some feedback, please?  

282 members have voted

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Copyright. If you copy this guide totally or partially I'm going to hook your intestine to a roof fan, then I'm going to piss in your legs. Now seriously, you can copy this guide as you see it and use it as you wish as long as it serves its purpose: being a source of information.



(This is an updated version of the guide I made for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, you can find said thread here)


With the recent launch of GTA V for "next generation" consoles Rockstar gave us the chance to transfer our GTA Online data from Xbox 360/PS3 (a.k.a. "last generation") to Xbox One/Playstation 4 and even we have the chance to do a cross-platform transfer. This thread is dedicated to the possibly biggest change in GTA Online yet: the new and advanced character creator. With tons of new options and customization settings we have a chance to finally get decent characters that aren't clones or weird alien alike things.


However, people is reporting that using this new system is kinda complicated and some others confirm that making a good-looking character is even harder even with a more precise system. This guide is focused on the creation of female characters step by step. I'll try to explain in a detailed way every menu and its options, the way they change your character and advices on how to manipulate every stat to get an attractive/cute/good looking female character. This guide also contains pictures and links to other threads with outfits and different styles so you can use them in your character and get an original look.


The point of this thread is not only a bunch of setting you simply copy in order to get an attractive female character, the real point is to teach you how to do it by yourself. Of course, it would be easier if I just put a bunch of pictures with combinations and in case you're asking "why?" is because I don't have the same taste you have. Maybe you want a black character while I like asians or latins. Besides, I want to promote the creativity of using the tools the game give us. If I can help you out (even creating characters extremely attrocius) then I'll be achieving my purpose.


But even when I don't want to be a simple tutorial where you only copy without watching how it works, I'm including a few presets too. You can use them as you wish, you can copy them or use them as a base to make a character by yourself.


The guide is all in this thread in different posts due software limitations of GTA Forums, the posts will be linked below so you can find them easily and check an specific part. Before starting this guide please be sure to smash the sh*t out that like button and if you're new to my channel please subscribe because I upload twice a day. Pweeez I want to be clear in a few things and how you can contribute to this guide.



This guide is for:

~People wanting to learn more about the new creator system.

~People having problems while creating/editing their characters.

~People looking for a few tips at the hour of making a character.

~People making their character for the first time.


~The GTA community in general.


This guide is NOT for:



Try it if you want but I report every troll attemp and someone who isn't contributing to this thread. You spend more time typing insults than I clicking two times to report you. If you want to play like that, you're going to lose.


~People who isn't interested in making a female character.


Nothing for you here, sorry.


~People who think they can impose what people should do with their time.


Seriously... the way I spend my time is nothing you should care, same for me. I'm not selling you nothing or waking you up early in the morning, if you dislike people using female avatars in games and yet you came here it was because you wanted it, not me. I think the title is very clear about what is this thread about.




Alright, like I said, the guide is divided in the different menus on the Creator menu and after that, all with their respective links.


1. Heritage / Part 2

2. Features

3. Appearance

4. Apparel

5. Stats

6. Presets (in progress yet, have to upload/edit images)


Before starting...


Number one...

First of all, keep in mind what kind of character you want. Think about her style... a business girl? A party one? A casual? A beach girl? Something more slutty? A psycho? Believe it or not this is an important step, you can maybe think this doesn't matter and you'll decide it while in the creator, but this leads to troubles like having a character you won't like after a few hours because you couldn't decide what you expected.


Long short story... I wanted my first character to be a bit of all and resulted in a big fail because she looked too soft for a tough badass looking, she looked too tough when I tried a babydoll style, the suits never suited her and not even sporty clothes. Today I make my characters based in certain look/outfits and they all look fine because I had that image in my head while I created them.


You have to decide that because at the end of the day, you're going to stick to certain clothes. Not the same ones, but you're going to prefer some type of jackets over others or certain type of shoes over boots. Obviously, not every make-up look the same in every character (try the Chola make-up in a chinese character and you'll know what I'm saying). An average of 3-6 make-ups/haircuts fit perfectly to every character, it all depends on what you picked.



And number two...

I said it in the previous version of this guide and I'll say it again since it's vital while choosing the features: before customizing you have to remove hair, makeup and any other features so you can work the base of your character. To do that go to Appearance tab and set it like this:


Features Menu: Set all the options to "Standard"


Appearance Menu:

~Hair: Close Shaven
~Eyebrows: None
~Skin Blemishes: None
~Skin Aging: None

~Skin Complexion: None
~Moles & Freckles: None
~Skin Damage: None
~Eye Color: Dark Brown
~Eye Makeup: None
~Blusher: None
~Lipstick: None


Maybe you're asking why is this important... to answer that question let's say the face (Heritage and Features menus) are the base of your character while the style (Appearance, Apparel and Outfit menus) are the options that will highlight the base of your character. For example, if you want an asian character and you use only one make-up that gives you the impression of curvy eyes but as you not selected the features for said eyes then the next time you change the look of your character it won't look like you want. In order to make your character unique you need to keep in mind what certain features you want.


Previously I said that you need to focus in the type of character you want. Can be a goth girl, a classic blonde one, a biker, a latin, asian... whatever is your choice, said kind of character is different from another because it has different color of skin, size of eyes, nose, lips and/or the face in one is roundy while the other works better with sharp features. It matters also because your character can be young or mature, a rounded face won't look good on a mature character, it looks anti-natural.


This is why you need to set your character like that before starting to customize. Trust me, it really works... if you don't believe me, check the version of this guide for last generation made by some smug douchebag.


Now that you're ready, let's start browsing the menus...



|| Click HERE to go to the next part ||

Edited by Zhake

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The heritage system is back and this time it give us 22 Mom options and 24 Dad options while the old system had 14 Mom and Dad options (15 Dad options including John Marston or 17 including Niko and Claude), giving us 196 different combinations with 100 or so being horrible (210 for Social Club members and 238 combinations for Special Edition/Collectors edition owners + Social Club members). This new system indeed promise us a lot of variety with 528 different combinations.

The pair you use will be the base of your character and what you're going to use to customize her facial featues. The last system was a pain since you couldn't change the skin color without altering all you had. Now with the Features menu we can stop worrying about that but it is important to get the closest you can to the base character you're aiming. My reccomendation is to have an order to preference for the base of your character. Skin is the most important, first of all: focus on the skin color. Once you have the skin desired then you can play with with combinations and get close to the type of eyes/nose/lips/chin you want. If you can't get something but the skin then it will be fine for now.

In order to help you out and not play randomly with that menu, here is a list of every Mom/Dad option and how it affects your character (having the Resemblance bar always in one side to show the full features they give).


Mom (Images have all resemblance to the left to change the full impact every one has, no makeup or haircut either)
~Hannah: Average good, a nice base for white characters. No special features, reccomended if you want to completely edit the facial features.





~Isabella: Rough features and tired look. Reccomended only for mature black characters.





~Brianna: A base for black characters, specially mature ones due the wrinkles under the nose. The cheekbones are very pronounced.





~Evelyn: Yellowish skin and horrible eyes, look very tired or like if she was possessed. Her nose is wide.





~Violet: Red skinned, width lips and a big chin.





~Nicole: One of my favorite ones since she gives you white clean skin and her features are tiny and roundy. Reccomended for young characters.





~Emma: Much better than Violet. The face in general is rounded almost like a potato. Has a boring look with those half-moon eyes, her nose is kinda width.





~Sophia: A very nice feature if you want a red-skinned character. Similar to Nicole. Her ears are a bit bigger and has a natural smile which looks great in my opinion.





~Elizabeth: Base for young japanese characters since her skin is more pale than yellowish. Of course, has curvy sharp eyes and her cheekbones are width.





~Natalie: A bit darker than Sophia. Her eyes are deeper and doesn't have that natural smile that Sophia gives you. A negative point is her eyes-bags.





~Camila: Reddish skin. Her nose is long and ugly. The eyes are tiny and look with little life. Reccomended for depressed characters in her 30s...



~Giselle: One of the worst for good-looking. The features are ugly, rough and very aggressive, giant nose and an assassin look.





~Grace: Not as aggressive as Giselle, certainly her features are more passive but has the same nose. Not so reccomended.





~Jasmine: A way to go if you're looking for a black serious business-girl. Her nose is a bit width and tiny.





~Ashley: A weird one. Pale skin ghostly style, the face is way too rounded, big cheeks, tiny nose and sad eyes. Look great if manipulated properly.





~Charlotte: Using her gives you an embittered expression, the skin is kinda ginger and yellowish, it also gives you a frown. Reccomended for young characters.





~Zoe: Base for mature chinese characters. The nose is very up while her chin and jaw are a slighty big and squared.



~Olivia: She gives you giant lips, snub ugly nose, tiny chin and depressed eyes.





~Misty: One of the bests, too. Pale, tiny features but has the expression of someone who wants to kill you. The lips have an oval form, almost circled.







|| Click HERE to go to the previous part ||Click HERE to go back to the Index || Click HERE to go to the next part ||

Edited by Zhake

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Heritage (P2)



Dad (Images have all resemblance to the right to show the full impact every one has, no makeup or haircut either)
~Alex: As a compliment it suits really good, specially for white characters. Certain features like the nose are rough.







~Ethan: Very similar to Alex, the lips are plain and the eyes offers a hazelnut form which looks good in many cases.







~Joshua: The features of Joshua are smaller and has a worried look. Good if you're aiming for a serious character.







~Anthony: Stronger features, the nose and lips are really width. Same for the jaw and chin.







~Louis: The jaw size of this option is simply huge. Not something I'd pick for a female character.







~Vincent: This one is a good choice for characters with small heads. Sadly the eyes come very spaced.







~Evan: Very similar to Vincent. The difference is that the eyes aren't that spaced but they're deeper.







~John: One of your best choices, generally works good. Average features and wide eyes. The nose is a bit longer.







~Andrew: Not reccomended for females, the facial features are better for males. Rough and big features.







~Daniel: Use it for roundy faces, the jaw given can be manipulated for aesthetic characters, better if they're a bit old.







~Claude: Rude features. The nose is a bit big but isn't a problem if you complement it with a skinny Mom.







~Kevin: Similar to Claude, the face isn't that long, the nose and lips are smaller but the jaw is squared and huge.







~Adrian: Another good compliment. Extra points for not having that ugly jaw, sadly that worried look doesn't look fine.







~Benjamin: The shape in the face turns squared, the mouth and wrinkles doesn't work good with that embittered look.







~Angel: A good compliment for females, specially the shape of the head. The only problem is the big-ass forehead.







~Diego: Similar to Angel, the head and nose isn't that width, plus the eyes have the form of a crescent moon.







~Noah: The form of the head is more straight than curved, tiny lips and the brows/eyes have a serious expression.







~Samuel: The alter form of Noah. Curved facial features, big lips and a live expression. Reccomended.







~Santiago: This one gives you a long face. The pronounced brows give you a deep look in the crescent moon eyes.







~Niko: As you can guess, Niko is for tough characters. Serious expression and strongly straight features.







~Michael: Similiar to Niko in the shape of the head. A bit big jaw which compensates with the passive eyes and lips.







~Gabriel: Contrary to Michael. The jaw is more similar to Niko, the wrinkled mouth, lips and eyes are very serious.







~Juan: Reccomended specially for aged characters. Skinnier than the rest and with more wrinkles.







~Isaac: Another option for aged characters, but this one is more for males. Passive expression and the width jaw.








Like the previous version of the character creator, the resemblance bar is back. Dragging the bar to the left is resemblance to the Mom option while dragging the bar to the right is resemblance to the Dad option. The best you can do is to keep the bar in the middle but slighty more in the Mom's side (in my experience is better having more resemblance to Mom for females and Dad for males) although sometimes is better to have a bit more resemblance to Dad. Both are ok, whatever you use, don't drag the slidder totally to one side.


The reason is simple, having resemblance of only one of the parents side makes that the parent without resemblance has no major impact in your character. I think this is one of the reasons of why many characters in last generations were twins: people used to drag the bar only in one side. Having it in a middle point is having the best of two worlds instead of just one.


Skin Tone

Maybe this sounds new, but it isn't. This option was in last generation as well but dressed as the second resemblance for your character (first on male characters). Maybe you remember this option as the one who did almost nothing but changing the skin a bit. Well, this is the same option. This one you can adjust it the way you prefer, however, if both of your parents have the same skin tone then your best choice will be putting the slidder at the middle. If you want a white character and your Mom (for example) is black then you just simply drag the slidder to Dad's (right) side.


With this part done we have completed the first part of the Base for your character. Be sure she has the skin/certain features you want before continuing. You can change something if you don't like it, of course, but then you're going to adjust another few things before.







This option is what the creator needed and which I consider the most important one. Lot of options to customize your character and define what I call the Base. By now you have the skin and (with some luck) the main features, no more no less. This step will give you the base of the character, which will be highlighted with the next menus. There's 11 options that can be changed, every one has presets and a Standard option, my choice is... of course, using the Custom setting for every single feature.


The 11 options I mentioned are the following ones (in that order) and my personal advice on how you should set them (based mainly in getting an attractive character).


While using the Custom setting you'll have a 5x5 grid like this one:




The options can be different in each so below you have how every side of the grid affects the character and how I reccomend to use it in different cases.


Here you got 4 options: Up, Down, In and Out. While moving the dot to Up will pronounce the eyes of your character giving a permanent surprised expression, moving it to Down remarks a serious look, this has to be combined with the Eyes feature in order to stand out the look or the eyes itself (e.g. it's pointless to use shiny eyes if the brows are really down).

Squint and Wide. Only two options that like I said, have to be combined wisely with the Brow feature. Squint put tugether the eye lids, something that works better in asian characters. The other one is Wide, an option that mantains the eye lids separated. Drag the point to this side if you want the eyes to be remarked and be highlighted.

Up, Down, Narrow and Wide; the 4 options you'll see. Up and Down change the size of the nose, Up puts the nose closer to the eyes and Down puts the nose closer to the lips. Narrow reduced the width of the nose making it more aesthetic and tiny, Wide on the other side increases the width of the nose, so be careful if one of your options in the Heritage menu has a Rocky Balboa nose.

~Nose Profile:
Crooked, Curved, Long and Short. Crooked side defines a hawk nose while Curved makes the nose angled and pointy. My advice is to keep a mid-point unless you want a character from a special place (another country maybe).
For Long and Short use RB/R1 when you're about to change that, as their names say they define how long the nose is gonna be, I suggest to keep it as long as the Brows and Chin.

~Nose Tip:
Tin Up, Tin Down, Broken Left and Broken Right. This only deforms your nose, so if I were you, I wouldn't change it unless the nostrils are visible while watching your character up-front. Tin Up and Tin Down manipulate how high the tip of the nose is going to be, Broken Left and Broken Right manipulate the direction of the nose. Like I said, I don't reccomend to change the last two.

Up, Down, In and Out. Up move the cheekboes in direction to the eyes, Down does the opposite moving the cheekbones in direction to the cheeks. In and Out are the ones who define how pronounced the cheekbones are. My advice is to use them in Out with puffed cheeks and In for gaunted cheeks.

Gaunt and Puffed. Gaunt reduce the cheeks (skinny characters with straight face) while Puffed increase them (chubby characters or roundy faces).

Thin and Fat. Thin reduce the height of the lips and Fat do the opposite increasing the height (only height, volume is the same). Whatever you use, don't move one side to its extreme or it will look bad.

Round, Square, Narrow and Wide. As the name says, Round gives ecliptic form and Square gives more volume. Round works better for females while Square is for males. Narrow side is reccomended for females because the aesthetic look you get, Wide side to its extreme gives the impression of your character having swollen buds.

~Chin Profile:
Up, Down, In and Out. Up reduce the size of the head, reccomended for rounded faces. Down do the opposite obviously. In and Out work similar to Long/Short on Nose Profile, so keep both in similar heights to get a natural look. Whatever is your choice, don't put them in one side only.

~Chin Shape:
Rounded, Burn, Square and Pointed. In rounded you get a smooth chin while Burn is to get a cleft chin. Square and Pointed are the ones who decide the form the head ends, Pointed makes the chin pointy and straight, Square is its counterpart giving a more open look and not so aggressive.


Once this is done you have the Base for your character. In the version of this guide for last generation this step can be done in the Heritage menu only, but at the same time it was harder and most of the times inaccurate. Now it's time to work in defining and highlighting the main features using the correct hairstyles/make-ups.







At first I was listing every option but quickly I noticed this isn't a wiki and is a guide, besides that would be pointless to list everything when you're watching it yourself, so I'm going to write what steps you should follow to pick the correct option based on the character/style you're looking for.


If you're following this guide as I suggest, your character should be bald, without facial details and not looking good precisely, but the important thing is that now you have achieved the part that really cares. Now it's just matter of give it form to get the best look you can get. This menu is to give form to that Base you already created.



Since there's no new haircuts and this is mere personal preference I won't list them. As a personal advice, you might prefer to leave this option as the last one and keep the Close Shaven haircut until you finish customizing the rest of the settings. This way you won't get distracted while changing facial features, I did it this way in my other guide and was easier choosing a make-up first.



Believe it or not the most important thing about the eyebrows is how they define the expression of your character. A simple change of the eyebrows represent a total mood change. Of course, you need to match them well with your eyes or the general expression you got in the Base. For example, if your character has the Brows very remarked and a deep serious look, then you're going to need eyebrows that follow your character's expression. Straight eyebrows works fine, but according of what kind of character you have then the ones you need may be different.

For a street gang-banger you don't need defined eyebrows, a "hitgirl" neither. Maybe it looks good in a classy character who gives the impression of someone who spend hours doing makeup before going to the grocery store, and that's the point. In general, we can resume that messy eyebrows are better for street busters while aesthetic eyebrows are for pros and classy characters. About the color, always pick two or three colors darker than the hair color.


Skin Blemishes:

An extra detail that I don't consider neccesary. Maybe the first two/three options are a realistic detail for a criminal when used correctly (like in dark skinned characters). Leave this in None if you're creating a white character, I tried but no-one looks good. Next thing you have to know is that the rest of the options only affect negatively to the appearance, specially yo young ones, if you're making an aesthetic character then don't change nothing here. The cases when it can work is with aged/old characters using the scar options, with the Aging option the combo can look realisticly fine.

Skin Aging:

Base this option on the type of life you think your character has at this point. For aesthetic/young characters is better not picking something here, but for older ones (late 30's, 40's and middle age) is almost a must one option to mark the difference with someone young. The names are self-explanatory so there's not much to say besides the fact you need to match it with the style of your character. It doesn't have to look good, but indeed badass.


Skin Complexion:

This is a menu you have to manipulate with caution. My advice is to keep the opacity low in white characters and high in black ones. The reason is simple, the point of the complexion is to add some life to your character, remarking the zone of the cheeks properly adds realism. There's different choices, the first options are basics and the others are more advanced. As I've been saying, use one option that fits what your character does, a country girl won't have the same complexion of one who never leaves the city or the beach.

Another word of caution is to not use Pale and Ghostly since the skin dismatch completely, just in case you managed to get an extremely white parent combination can be an option, otherwise I don't see much use to that (beside cosplays).


Moles & Freckles:

This little detail is a good welcome add-on that you shouldn't miss the chance to use, specially for the beauty spot options you have. Not much impact so in this one is up to you, however if you're aiming for a clean skin then you don't want to change something here. Having full opacity here is reccomended, the reason is because if you're adding a little detail then you might wanna show it completely, there's no point in adding a beauty spot if it becomes invisible.


Skin Damage:

Only touch this for old characters. This is more like a texture, having it in None is better for aesthetic characters but as always, it depends pretty much in the kind of character you're aiming. Keep it in none if what you want is a smooth skin, otherwise you can play with the options until you get something you like.


Eye Color:

This is up to you. However, a few thing you have to consider is the shape you gave to the eyes in the past menus. If the eyes are wide then a bright color works better, on the other side if the look is deep or empty a darker color fits better. For natural looks make sure to fit the eyes of the color with the color of the hair and the eyebrows.


Eye Makeup:

They're about personal preference and most are from last generation. My advice is to keep it in No Makeup for now. Once you finished with all the options, then pick a make-up and then the hairstyle. What you got to do in this part is to pick a make-up that highlights the eyes of your character as you want. If you want to give the impression of curvy eyes then make-ups such as Cat Eyes are the ones you may want to use, always keep in mind what about your character you want to show and highlight.



A secondary make-up. You can consider it also a pearlescent color for the facial skin. Low oppacity in white characters and high oppacity on black characters is my advice. Something that works in general is to use a tone of pink/red for the blusher as it works generally good and the results look natural. The stronger the tone you're going to use has to match with the natural skin tone of your character. Another thing you have to keep in mind is that blushers with forms (like the Sweetheart one) cannot be used for this and aren't reccomended.


The options here are a few and very self-explanatory. For conservative characters the matte options are good while the party ladies can prefer something shiny and with tons of gloss. If you're using bright eyes or colors in general then the gloss options work fine. Something that I reccomend is using Color Matte and a red/pink soft tone with mid oppacity, this way it will look natural and can be matched with the blush option.


Now your female is ready to go. You have the features you wanted and now they're highlighted according with the style you selected. The next step is easier but not less important: outfits.



|| Click HERE to go to the previous part ||Click HERE to go back to the Index || Click HERE to go to the next part ||

Edited by Zhake

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Not much to say, you can use a base outfit according to your character here. There's 8 different styles, every one of them with different outfits. Listing them would pointless so my reccomendation is simply to choice one that fits your character according with what have you done in the previous parts of this guide. Personally, I don't like very much the outfits you can find here or in the stores, however here you got a few threads of the forums with lots of outfits you can use.


Outfits thread of BonnieMacFarlane

For female avatars thread of Judicious 7


In the spoiler tab there are a bunch of random outfits I made on Xbox 360 so you can copy them or get ideas to design your own combinations.




















I consider this an important part while creating an attractive female character because the way she looks will match with the look you created in the Creator menus. Like I said with the make-up and haircut, not every one will look the same on each character.




This doesn't affect the look of your character as it was with the Lifestyle option in last generation. Whatever you choose doesn't matter (MAX FLY FOR f*CK'S SAKE!!).



|| Click HERE to go to the previous part ||Click HERE to go back to the Index || Click HERE to go to the next part ||

Edited by Zhake

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You forgot Amelia on the mother's side


I got the Xb1 version ... maybe it's different or something


anyway here is my character and some steps




Amelia and Benjamin (all female slider towards mom) all skin tone slider to dad


Her default jaw line , nose , eyes are pretty good so you can play around if you like


puffed cheeks, fat lips etc , she looks good with any cheekbone size but I put it somewhere southeast of the default


no blemishes, skin problems , and she has the natural look eye makeup with high opacity

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Coltrane III

Great job! Great guide. I already made my character before and I never read your last gen guide but I love the detail you put into how the creation process works. The process I went to creating my character was pretty similar to this. Great job!

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Awesome guide. I know it will help me a lot, I'm really bad at making a character in videogames that allow it (and I'm having a hard time getting the hang of this character creator). I'll try and see what can I do with your tips and advices, though I'd like to see your presets before editing my character. Thanks for your time writing this guide 👍

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I created this character a few days ago. Thought I'd share a picture since I got quite happy with how she turned out.




I used a mom not listed in your guide called Ava. I have the Collectors Edition of the the game.

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Here's my female in current gen. I transferred her from last gen.





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Have they fixed the random aging or what?


Because my female character is on the second slot and I can't use the glitch to fix her.

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Well, I managed to edit my character. Here's a before and after from when I first created her and now.












I'm quite happy how she turned out :) Although I know there's always room for improvement. What do you think? And thank you again for your guide ^^


Edit: Ups, I just realized the second pic is way too dark. Oh bother

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Useful guide






PS4 without editing





PS4 Natalie Portman first attempt




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Mr. Bond





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Yeah BABY!

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just created this one last night, happy with the end result




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Here's my babe :p





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GTA Master 007

Mine looks like Scarlett Johannesen

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Thanks very much, great guide. Well done.

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Heres mine...



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Tried to make T'pol or some dragon age inquisition character not bad.

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Phoenix Girl

I'd like to know the presets used for the first cosplay one

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DNABURPGUN. Hi, can you tell me your character's presets please!! Shes beautiful :)

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Here's my female character. Turned out pretty well I think.



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I don't remember the exact present on my character anymore, but what i do remember is that one is Asian and the other Caucasian.

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As someone who has taken a real liking to the new creator I think making a decent looking female character depends largely on the heritage. Personally I think the best options are Misty, Sophia and Natalie with honorable mentions to Hannah, Zoe and Camilla. There are a couple of others that are workable but I would mostly stick with those 6.


Setting the parent bar to fell female and then sliding it over a little bit to male and then cycling through the fathers can give your character's face noticeable changes but it runs the risk of them having slightly more masculine features, but that's only if you go too far over, otherwise you can retain father facial traits while still looking feminine.

Edited by cswood

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DNABURPGUN. Hi, can you tell me your character's presets please!! Shes beautiful :)

hello it is me again, i found this on youtube you can change your character with this trick. i seen some comments on youtube saying it still works. if you can try it that would be awesome. that way you can tell me your character presets. if not then try to remember parents name please and thank u.

As someone who has taken a real liking to the new creator I think making a decent looking female character depends largely on the heritage. Personally I think the best options are Misty, Sophia and Natalie with honorable mentions to Hannah, Zoe and Camilla. There are a couple of others that are workable but I would mostly stick with those 6.


Setting the parent bar to fell female and then sliding it over a little bit to male and then cycling through the fathers came give you your character's face noticeable changes but it runs of the risk of them having slightly more masculine features so I tend to stick with full female and only use the fathers for skin color.

thanks i will give it a try :) what console do you play on?

I'd like to know the presets used for the first cosplay one

on what console to ou play? im looking for some friends to play with :)

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You tell me what that ninja is doing.. :p



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Yeah BABY!


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