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.DFF exporting problem using 3ds Max and SketchUp

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Hello everyone.


First of all, I'm sorry if this problem was solved somewhere else, I did search but found no solution for this.

So I had a bit of interest with creating and adding new objects to GTA SA. I watched a few tutorials and already had success with self-made objects.

Since SketchUp has a site where people can share their creations I thought how could would it be just to convert those into SA? So I downloaded some of those, made minor fixes with SketchUp (where it was necessary) and was ready to convert them into .dff and get the .col file. But everytime I do "Export DFF" this message appears:


The .dff file was exported but it's completely unusable and has irreal size (2kb), while I opened the .col which is brilliant and displayed as it should. I tried "chopping" the object, making it the least poly possible, but the same kept happing.

By now, most of you have probably guessed that I'm pretty much a dummy with these programs, so sorry again if my question is dumb and can be solved in a very easy way.

Thanks in advance.

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James Holt

Did you select a DFF as a col file while exporting a dff? if so i think tis trigers he error since it cant read and write a dff at the sae time. So if you use a col file instead it should work

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you have to export with the same name that the file previously have.

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Once again, don't bump topics, especially when the OP isn't even active.

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