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San Andreas: PS2 Features To PC


Recommended Posts

There is also cleo script somewhere by LINK that disables the grain on NVG/TVG just like on PS2 version. No idea where he posted it though.




It's not compiled though.

Ah compiled link was posted later


Edited by Blackbird88
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It should also be noted that the PS2 atmosphere mod will break if you drive too fast cause for some reason the blur collides with it. IIRC using some mod to disable blur works.

Also I'm not sure if this was in PS2, but I recall someone using it with the mod


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Yeah I'm not sure about that one myself. I'm playing PS2 version on my PS3 and I don't see it yet I recall someone said it is. I dunno :p

Edited by Blackbird88
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Yeah I'm not sure about that one myself. I'm playing PS2 version on my PS3 and I don't see it yet I recall someone said it is. I dunno :p













The motion blur advanced mod is stronger than the PS2 blur, that's correct. But still nobody can deny that on the PS2 motion blur is always enabled independent from the speed:


You can see it best while looking at palms and lamp posts. There's a doubler effect always enabled. It was done to hide graphical issues on the PS2, I guess. However, Motion Blur Advanced does add features to it that were not on the PS2. But these are actually good features. You get speed blur in planes and that sort of stuff. It's really realistic because I don't think I could ever see everything clearly at 200mph....



Edited by Nights744
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PS2 reflections beta by The Hero, quote from him:

Ok, here's a first release, it's not completely finished. The movement of the environment texture is still missing, but it should be easy to implement once the texture offset and scale are found. I've also noticed a weird effect that apparently has to do with the stencil buffer. vehicle shadows are drawn *over* the vehicle for some reason, I hope I'll figure out what's the problem.

The code is based on Dexx's programs as I said above, without them I would have been completely lost.

Here is the binary and the shader (I'll upload the source later), put both in your SA dir.


Have fun with it :D (and maybe post some pretty screenshots, I'm too lazy for that now).


EDIT: Source code: http://aap.papnet.eu/gta/ps2_refl/ps2refl_src.zip












Added download to the main post.

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Done. Remember is a beta version.

IMPORTANT: Actually only works with a new game, sadly with a loaded save game have a lot of bugs (like black, red, green or blue cars).


I don't have any issues with savegames. Works really good. Still I need to find out if it causes bugs with twopass rendering because my fences are now invisible at times. Maybe it's caused by this mod. But otherwise. Looks awesome. Even the tires aren't as reflective anymore as with SAGFX, which is very good and also realistic. Otherwise people needed to fix the models.


I also found out that this one seems to actually change the reflection according to the sun and the rotation of the vehicle while Dexx version only changes the reflection according to the camera position (which is not realistic because that solution would assume that the camera is the sun itself).

Edited by Nights744
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