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[WIP|SA] Futurama Map mod


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Hi All ,This is my progress of my mod for for grand theft auto san andreas bringing the world of futurama into a open world game, i plan to make a whole map with memorable locations from the cartoon, suggestions are welcome and appreciated

I plan to have a open map with lots of fun things to do, plenty of interiors and vehicles and lots of Easter eggs


P.S I'm watching through all the episodes and creating the map as i go along, what you see in the video is the very first building he wakes up in on the very first episode.

Disclaimer- I did not model fry i found the mod on the internet search for fry gta sa mod and you will find it.

Edited by Cautious
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Sounds really great! Are you using Ink n' Paint material?


It lacks only one thing: The draw lines on the borders do'nt appear properly on some objects, you have to paint it on the texture.

Edited by MenuET
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I'm using the flip method to get the outlines, i agree, i'm going to work more on this mod today and hope to get some corner draw lines, and some more buildings done, thanks all for the comments.

Also everyone, what was your favorite/funniest scene of futurama ? Link images maybe even videos so i can get some more ideas :D

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You could use a third party mod from dk and implement a cell shading shader or an edge border shader-sort-of-type to ease the hassle if it's an option.

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No, I'm creating everything from scratch, Hence why i'm not updating every hour or so. Though i will take that as a compliment, being a fan of the game and all...

Edit- Aside from the fry model, which i stated that in the first post when i first made this to.

Edited by Cautious
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Cautious, if you're online here in 40 mins then i'll be able to show some stuff i have to contribute. 3d modeling, texturing, mapping, also gta-specific stuff like ped + vehicle path exporting and radar/frontend/overall appearance, quality control (so many mods have key stuff missing). I'll explain what the hell i'm talking about when i get back. :)

Edited by Frank.s
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Great idea for a mod.


Helpful tip for designing the map. Try and keep the same geography as New York.


Personally, I think it would be neat to have this on IV. Basically, LC is destroyed, and New New York is built on top. But I would actuality of brought it to V. The height limit would be in the way otherwise as the city would be on top of a city, and I imagine that New New York has much taller skyscrapers.


As for vehicle controls for flying cars. I would design it so their identical to the submarine controls in GTA V.

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i will create the vehicles from the futurama series, but not yet, i want a proportion of the map done before i start making vehicles, working on some buildings right now :)

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Hey, I think for mod, you can use The Simpsons: Hit and run vehicles.They had same layout I suppose, and fit well to that project :D


Problem is, you aren't allowed to use assets from non T2 games I think.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Here is the first vehicle, Textures will be added soon, Don't worry more of the map has been done since the last update, so i will show that soon as its all in game, I want to say thanks to Frank.s for the suggestions and the support he has gave so far.


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Keeping a lot under wraps right now, we want to make more than just 1 building before showing pictures of the map to keep it interesting. :)


Here's a boring dev picture for the sake of posting one.



Edited by Frank.s
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Keeping a lot under wraps right now, we want to make more than just 1 building before showing pictures of the map to keep it interesting. :)

Are you folks basing your buildings directly off ones in Futurama or just going for a general future-ey style?

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we are using futurama episodes as references, all building designs are designed to look like ones from the episodes :)

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Pretty cool mod, I gotta say. Very original for GTA standards. The only thing that bothers me is size of interiors shown in the video. They seem to be too small - especially doors. I'd fix that, definitely.

The vehicle looks good, considering it's a low poly model. I like its style and looking forward to see it in action, in-game.

Good luck with the project!

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Appreciate the comments guys. :)


Hey it's the original futurama_freak! glad to see you here, your NNY mod is a little bit of an inspiration for why i contribute to this one: i liked the idea of a proper futurama map TC ever since seeing your LC-edited NNY mod waay back.


About the size of the map: it will be a bit larger than portland, small enough so that it doesn't take forever to finish creating but large enough that it's not boring to drive around. :^: The layout looks like a very slimmed-down version of midtown/lower manhattan based on top-down images inside the show but we'll cram as many futurama locations into the map as we can.


We would appreciate the futurama fan community's help to assign where each building/location should go to make sure we don't mis-place any buildings (which may happen if we guessed our self's).

What would be the best place for each of the districts and locations mentioned here http://theinfosphere.org/New_New_York ? Would it be worth posting on a futurama forum to get those guys helping with the mapping plans?



Edited by Frank.s
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Looking good! Gonna' make the New New Beetle? (And perhaps the VW Microbus as a bonus car?)


Really looking forward to playing this one! Gives me inspiration to finally do that street racing centric mod set in 1999 I keep getting ideas for but never making because it shows full conversions CAN be done. :p

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